Qanon 3/12/19 Difficult Truths coming to Light

Here we have some information from Lisa Page is transcript for her testimony where she explicitly says that President Obama wanted to be kept abreast of every detail of the Spy operation against President Trump, then Kennedy Trump and his campaign team, the things that we will find out how government were doing will shake us to our core but they need to be exposed and I cannot wait until it is.

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  1. Oh Mhe Ghosh! We all knew O'illery was dirty, why'l the dem's "plausibly denied". Now, let's get back to that tarmac with the AG and WillyJayC and continue the exec. Next, cook the Rice; Bhillery's bringing the sweets from Paupau New Guinea along with Umuh's tasty weiners. Entertainment's still on the hard drives; could be some "sweet" music and home movies there….well, maybe not so sweet; maybe sickening as ..barf!

  2. Nothing gonna happen. Another stall is coming becuz nothing will happen. They will go after the kids to get him to resign…watch.

  3. I believe killery will be one of the last to fall she has the FBI keys all the dirt etc on Washington plus obuuumba was really the deflection act Clinton was the real weaponized NWO Kill switch with uranium 1 and Iran all set up as WW3 fire starters ready to go billions dead trillions made.

  4. Obama was in Gitmo. He will be executed. The deal he cut is he gets a year to tell on himself!!  He will start with a "I am not perfect speech". It will progress from there. Trump's perfect chess play! Let them expose/tell on themselves. Optics are important. Q

  5. I did my own research ! I have seen evidence of a coup against President Trump and the USA by the obama administration DOJ and FBI including the DNC ! Where are the indictments ! What is AG Barr waiting for ? The big story is the Trump family indictments coming by Barr and Mueller ? What ? And the beat goes on and on and on and on ! Abolish the socialist communist ideology of the left ! NEVER vote for a democrat NEVER !
    God bless America and President Trump !!!!!!!

  6. Indicting His Children will be the worst move they have ever tried in their life. POTUS will have them arrested ASAP! Not to mention what many in this country will do to them, and I hate violence, I'm just stating facts. God bless.

  7. I really would love for someone to help me understand where they think we are biblically right now? Trump is not the savior of the world and he’s not the Antichrist so where are we actually headed? Nobody in any of the Qanon group have ever been able to answer that….. all I’ve ever heard is trust the plan and here come the pain….

  8. I see we have 34 anti-americans with thumbs down. They could be worthless welfare socialist Democratic freak Show party members, that are paid by the Deep state. However you see it they are an enemy to the American people these people must be verified and put on the list

  9. Been with you since the beginning. You're still the BEST. Never miss a video! Like I've said before, you truly feel like family, lol. You've stayed humble and sincere and true to the movement, and I feel that why you have a dedicated audience. Way to go my man, this video was exciting! We're SO close! God bless, and until the next video, PEACE!

  10. So will we be able to rid our country of all the ILLEGAL ALIENS who suck our system dry and STEAL programs meant for CITIZENS (VETS, elderly etc.) ? I mean how will we correct THIS HORRIBLE PROBLEM? #CUT THE MONEY OFF!!!!

  11. Spaceshot76 ,could you be the first and only Q& Donald Trump supporter to answer 1very important question?

    FASAB 56 is crushing to our constitutional republic! Why would our president pass fascist legislation with such destructive power and threat to our constitutional rights and freedoms?
    Thank you !

  12. Back in october 2017 I said is this real an I losing my mind? am I being taken for A ride?
    Not knowing I decided To keep watching and take it in like an old time radio serial show and hope the good guys win. I hope it comes to fruition in the real world. WWG1WGA.

  13. Raised and schooled in PA, we were taught to be free thinkers back in the 70's……the education system has to be changed…..out here on the west coast, only liberal teachers, staff and beaurocrats are on the school boards……..and DRUM THIER BELIEFS INTO THE HEADS OF THESE CHILDREN FROM THE FIRST YEAR OF SCHOOL.

  14. Spaceshot I just want to let you know what a great job you do on your vids. I know you would like to do more but like you said, there just aren't enough hours in a day. I've been limiting the amount of time I do research because if I don't…I look at the clock and most of the day is gone! You do a wonderful job. Besides, you still work and that takes up 1/3 of your day. Do not sweat it, we all love your work you do on Q. Thanks and God Bless

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