QANON 3/13/19 DOJ [LL] told FBI [JC]Not to prosecute HRC

Perr Lisa pages testimony, the DOJ told the FBI that they are the prosecutors and they will not be prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her email, obviously this was a result of the time when Attorney General Lynch met with former president Bill Clinton when they jusy happened to bump into each other at an airport in Arizona 😉 also we were shown that the authorization came from the top, President Barack Obama, and more talk about the Epstein case and whether the records will be unsealed and who that will implicate, thanks for watching.

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  1. How did Mr. Mueller wind up with 8 million in his account – likewise Comye andĀ Manafort – it was all by mistake – its was no intent – THREE CARD MONTE – got it.

  2. Orwellian 1984. Written in 1948, so the 1984 title isn't necessarily a predicted time, just that it might come true in the future if we're not vigilant. Written as political satire. Not so much seen as satire these days seeing what's coming to pass. We'd better all wake up now before it's too late…

  3. LOL. Really really good vid sir! Spot on dude – her servers weren't hacked, Hillary willing gave the Chinese government the intel. That would be a very globalist femocrat thing to do, wouldn't it. At least Trump is on top of this, fixing the mess. And yep, we need the question about citizenship on the census…. it's simple like that.

  4. The question about citizenship on the 2020 census might be able to change the way the representatives are apportioned if they only use citizenship to apportion them out rather than just residency, which is totally unfair to citizens who live in areas of low immigration / "refugee" areas.

  5. For the question of citizenship to have been removed in 1960, it would have been in DDE's term, but I can't imagine that he would have done it. He was warning people about the Deep State if I remember right, and JFK definitely did before the Deep State assassinated him.

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