Do you Believe?

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  1. Wait… what did I do? O____O

  2. Alexis 3 years ago

    QAnon was invented on 4chan, originally, to troll the far-right with perfectly-crafted bait and then laugh at them and anyone investigating it. The problem is, 4chan underestimated conspiracy wingnuts and they didn't even question its validity, and now it's mutated into a genuine conspiracy theory.

    There is literally nothing to QAnon. It was invented from nothing by bad actors, anyone who believes it has been fooled by them, and that's all there is to say about that.

  3. Working Prole 3 years ago

    If you think that is an thing!
    Remember When the right called Obama Communist?!

  4. Big Brother 3 years ago

    Actually pizza-gate is separate to QAnon. Pizza-gate specifically references a child sex trafficking ring in a pizza parlor but QAnon says there is just a massive child sex trafficking ring run by people on the left in general. Interestingly both were posted on 4chan by 'a government agent with a high level security clearance' so there is some speculation that it was created by the same person or perhaps just a copy cat. Speaking of child sex trafficking rings though (

    I like what you said near the end that the conspiracy is the 'excuse' for why people are suffering. People are suffering not due to a broken system but due to (insert cultural boogeyman here). I view it as a kind of antidote to chaos(read in JBPs voice lol), where people try to find some kind of narrative that disproves a truly terrifying reality. Bad things happen to good people and bad people are rewarded with good things and that the fundamental system we have structured the entire world on is broken and fragile.

    Look at what is happening in Nebraska with the flooding, I was reading that the only potable water some towns had was just what they had in their water towers and that supplying them was difficult due to damaged roads. I heard a local saying that the floods were 'part of gods plan' and that they would be 'saved' in this life or the next, same kind of delusion imo. The question then becomes how do you convince people to act when they are willing to simply accept death?

  5. SurplusCornbread 3 years ago

    The fucked up thing is that QAnon fans make up all kinds of bullshit…WHEN THERE WAS AN ACTUAL CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING RING INVOLVING PEOPLE IN POWER (including Bill Clinton…but also Donald Trump) THAT WAS ACTUALLY COVERED UP:

    It's just the Jeffrey Epstein case involves Republicans as much as it involves Democrats because you're right, it's about unaccountable hierarchy not whatever "democrat bad" thing that drives the QAnon ideology.

  6. Caye Daws 3 years ago

    Steven Crowder even made a video on how the left are sexualizing children.

  7. Magentica 3 years ago

    My dad is into this. Hes addicted to alt right youtube. His world view depends on the idea that all the bad stuff in the world is connected and its all one antagonistic force. Our society cant just be flawed, there cant be shades of gray, capitalism is definitely good, theres just a secret society that oppresses him from the shadows. He also believes in atlantis and got mad at us when we wouldnt agree with him that he found it on google maps

  8. Nicholas Carlough 3 years ago

    Thats not what comunism means.
    you described an anarcho socialist
    a communist is one who works for the abolition of states class and private financial capital (money)


  9. JacatackLP 3 years ago

    Hello comrade, I’m relatively new to your channel and I’m enjoying a lot of your content, but, being a Marxist Leninist, we of course have differences of opinion. Would you be open to having a chat and/or debate on stream?

  10. fkujakedmyname 3 years ago

    right wingers are the most involved with child sex rings they have the church

  11. Temper R. Haring 3 years ago

    Qanon is in the title and immediatly I get multiple videos of the following channels as recommendations: Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad, No Bullshit, Steven Crowder, Stefan Molyneux. I guess no further comment is necessary.

  12. Laura Ligon 3 years ago

    I prefer disillusioned as opposed to woke. “It’s called the American Dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it.” RIP George Carlin, my white rabbit.

  13. Grumpy Kitty 3 years ago

    Your world is under quarantine for your protection as well as for our own.

    The quarantine exists to keep you from being over-harvested, to provide a lasting manageable medium for a workspace and a secure containment area for biohazards.

    What would you like to hear, an explanation as to what ultimately caused all this?

    Fine then.

    We never realized what prolonged effects sterilizing our environments or limiting our genetic mutations to what those we ourselves approved of would do to us.

    Nature refuses to be mocked…
    Sometimes, what occurs in nature which we in our arrogance think is a mistake, often winds up being the key piece to a puzzle that hasn't even come into being yet.

    The reasons we haven't revealed ourselves to you is because you're needed for processing those things we drop upon your world.

    You are the containment fields of viral and bacterial contagions which afflict other humanoid species.

    Your existence saves lives though it costs you your own.
    That is the reason for your abductions.

    To prove our existence to you would serve no purpose but to make access to your world more difficult for all concerned.

    Such knowledge would trouble both our economies and lead to more insistent measures from those who control the coin amongst ourselves.

    It is better this way.

    The Assembly allows "Limited Harvesting" of the human element so long as it falls into established legal criteria.
    Your species genetics is like the O+ of humanoids.

    You were modified as product to be versatile and accommodating to research into diseases afflicting humanoid species more advanced than your own.
    Put bluntly, you are still considered lab rats.

    You just aren't harvested anymore en masse for a life extension industry which operated for thousands of years outside the Assembly's interposition.

    Look, you asked for the truth and I gave it to you…

    And you fellows were actually friendly to me, till you took what I said out of context and now the effects of all that negative propaganda is bubbling to the surface. Sorry I had to be so blunt about it, but it was the only way to get you to emotionally comprehend humanity's situation.

    Now do you understand why you've been led to believe that you are alone in the universe?
    Can you imagine the panic worldwide if people had irrefutable proof of this?

    And of course there is hesitation on our parts to assist, because Big Brother will simply convince you to turn on us like you just did with me a few moments ago.
    Don't think that way, it's not productive. Hope is one of the greatest strengths anyone can draw upon.

    But hope must be combined with positive action.

    Realizing that your species has essentially been sabotaged to self-destruct is the beginning of understanding.

    It took my species over ten times as long to evolve and develop as yours.

    In fact, it takes most known species longer than it takes primates like you. The fact that your evolution was accelerated makes it even more worrisome.
    Your cognitive functions are ahead of your emotional and psychological development.

    You never had a normal childhood in the evolutionary sense of the word, because you were constantly being traumatized and manipulated.

    These are some of the reasons why when you look up at the stars you hear only silence.
    You're the new kid in the classroom that everyone has heard about–a species that came from a broken home, and lives in the planetary version of the projects.

    Yet, one that with the right hidden guidance could raise the grade curve and force everyone else to have to work harder.

    You have to be able to take credit for your own discoveries. You're like little brothers playing a game of pool with the eldest, who need to let you win once and a while without you knowing it, so you can have confidence and do great things.

    In order to do that, you need your freedom.

  14. Eve A 3 years ago

    I saw a video yesterday that, so I think, named this properly. The author of the video called it false consciousness and he specifically called out Tucker Carlson for deploying this tactic. You can watch it here

    Like you said, it's the elites in general and not only one group of elites. It seems that QAnon wants their "believers" to look in the wrong direction, so they don't see what's happening under their noses committed by their elites.

  15. james williams 3 years ago

    Hillary Clinton IS NOT a conservative. She`s so left it`s satanic. NO conservative idolizes people like Margaret Sanger and Saul Alinsky.

  16. pashlyn 3 years ago

    It's amazing how much the underpants gnomes thing has come back to shape how I view a lot of things

  17. Ming Mongo 3 years ago

    Nobody goes to all the hassle of hoarding millions or billions of dollars, so they can do normal people shit. The bullshit of Q-anon is in thinking there's a political divide involved.

  18. Hysterical you didn't even research it. You got a talking point and blew it. Do your own research is the theme #TheGreatAwakening

  19. The expressions you make when you get flustered make me chuckle. Thanks, Aaron! 😀

  20. Stacy Mack 3 years ago

    you are a complete fucking dip shit!

  21. Django Fett 3 years ago

    Pizzagate was a distraction from actual pedogate that is going on in Hollywood, Religious Organizations and Jeffrey Epsteins Plane.

  22. Jason Burleigh 3 years ago

    You ever consider streaming at all?

  23. Solarint 3 years ago

    You capture exactly how I feel about all the right wing conspiracies that people believe. It's all a bit silly.

  24. INSTALL GENTOO 3 years ago

    Stalin was better than FDR though.

  25. Jules Black 3 years ago

    Loving your channel my dude!

  26. theory pleeb 3 years ago

    I was hoping this is something I could send some QANON ppl I know but it really just felt like some preaching to the choir. I agree with your points but this take doesn't require or use argumentation or research. We need a video that could really bust people out of their QANON delirium.

  27. CzarPeppers 3 years ago

    5:02 When I was young many moons ago (16 I think) I almost went down that path too, mainly because of the book 'Fraud, Famine and Fascism'. Although I think there might be some truth in that book on some topics, I certainly cannot get behind the holodomor denial that taints everything else in it. Of course this was still during the time I was trying to figure out where I fit politically and I quickly ditched any of those thoughts. Because Stalin was a fuckwit! And although I don't think that the USSR was the "empire of evil" the west made it out to be, it certainly wasn't good. Personally I see the Cold War as a conflict between two equally morally repugnant nations.

  28. 78 3 years ago

    Q is David Hayes (praying medic) and James Coleman Rogers (pamphlet anon) u want the actual true story of this in detail with evidence that it's a LARP live action role-playing phenomena msg me. We have it all. Been trying to debunk it for ages and finally it's imploding g big time with irs fec and FBI. And geezer don't be an arsewipe. Patronising as hell u sound mate.

  29. Trump is reportedly involved in a sex trafficking ring (long history of relations with the Clintons) involving all the targets of the conspiracy theory. The one involving Jeffrey Epstein.

  30. A. S. Hole 3 years ago

    It's a PR campaign for Boomers. Kinda like the front row audience of a Gallagher concert, they feel like they're engaged and a part of something special.

  31. Supreme Snek 3 years ago

    Everyone completely misses the point of 4chan.
    Members of 4chan are just agents of chaos, they do what they do for the keks.

    As far as Qanon goes, its just wishful thinking. Trump isn't giving out secret messages to the masses to expose child exploitation. Sounds more like a action movie script.

  32. The Podunk Punks 3 years ago

    Write a boooooook

  33. Tito 3 years ago


  34. Joe Finberg 3 years ago

    Q clearance is for the department of energy.

  35. April Kester 3 years ago

    Hi my name is R, I am one level of clearance higher than Q, Q is lying. That is all.

  36. Flux M-M-Mix 3 years ago

    No pen or glass's today, you need to look smarter. The talking part isn't working.

  37. Stinky McCheese 3 years ago

    Pedophilia is also an accusation that people will knee jerk to without much evidence.

  38. geekgroupie42 3 years ago

    i thought Q was a Star Trek reference lol

  39. Oh, you did something on Q anon and the conspiracy nuttiness…
    When Alex Jones or any of these other big, for-profit, conspiracy theory profiteers makes up a child trafficking conspiracy among the elite?

    It makes actual child trafficking victims like me look less believable, because it makes pedophiles and child trafficking seem like it's a thing that happens far away.

    Child sex abuse and even child trafficking happens in a lot more pedestrian ways, all the time, usually right under people's noses.

    It's not people way over there, it's your neighbors, or just your ordinary citizens, and you wouldn't guess they like passing around a few 6 year olds.

    Edited to add: Epstein was actually trafficking children, and it is documented in legitimate sources.
    I'm not talking about the Epstein case, as that's real.

  40. gary mullins 2 years ago

    Everyone will know the truth very soon. Hope you can handle it.

  41. mprice177 2 years ago

    One name, Jeffrey Epstein… not saying that the whole conspiracy is true, but that fact that this all is coming out now makes this video sound stupid

  42. Ken Shostad 2 years ago

    what a fool…

  43. D Mer 2 years ago

    I own 4 reticulated pythons. I feed them live mexican children.

  44. Eric Matt 2 years ago

    incorrect, uninformed and obnoxious overall

  45. Usuario Deyoutube 2 years ago

    When the river sounds …

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