Qanon 7/21/19 “Thank You For Playing”

As the Mueller testimony approaches Q is asking us while holding over the DS the threat of Declassification of all the FISA material, will Barr have to declas to refute what the Dems or the media say about Muellers testimony. Also the story of the Staten Island man who shot a mob boss, they now say the lawyer said that this guy shot the mob boss to help Trump , and of course pin it to Q anon all while never asking him the Question.

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  1. Virginia Preston 3 years ago

    That was a total life threat to all dems n reps by the DS who they have blackmail on!!! Q these people are stupid!!!

  2. TUFF LOVE Jehu 3 years ago

    Comey and the Entire sewer swamp are going down……. Redpill78 🙂

  3. TUFF LOVE Jehu 3 years ago

    I hope all CAMERAS are on MULLER when Republicans are questioning him……..
    my guess he will be shaking, sweating, and his voice will be cracking…….LOL

  4. Christine Hanchey 3 years ago

    The Vatican has NEVER been a HOLY place. This POPE believes in abortions ( in killing babies)!!!!

  5. TUFF LOVE Jehu 3 years ago

    This Satanic sacrifices has been going on for SO long………just imagine for a second HOW many BORNS from death children are buried at the Vatican, Epstein's Island and MANSIONS around this ENTIRE WORLD belonging to these sick demented DEMONS!

    Epstein had an incinerator…..WHY THE H*LL would he need that?

  6. Ozzy Osbourn 3 years ago

    Trump should go pay a friendly caring visit to RBG and see if she's OK? mmmmm I'm betting she's dead

  7. Nancy Miller 3 years ago

    Don't worry, they have never been GODLY, NEVER!!!
    Filled w/all kinds of sinful acts! Greed, Xex, Power!!

  8. levon synclr 3 years ago

    in ed butowski's law suit and in an interview he states unequivocally the JA told Ms. Ratner that Seth and his brother were the source of the DNC leak/hack, and wanted her to tell Seth's parents the truth about Seth's murder, look it up, check it out.

  9. beo wulf 3 years ago


  10. Jerry Davis 3 years ago

    Got my popcorn,start the show!

  11. Lorene Brown 3 years ago

    You are right about the mob boss

  12. Yeshua Saves 3 years ago

    I hope we get the results of testing. Also I hope they find the young woman. Very Sad. I'm not surprised on anything anymore. Peace and Love.❣

  13. dannette peters 3 years ago

    What a hideous dilemma, Mueller has. He knows that he can not get away with lying about Trump, yet, if he doesn't give the Democrats something, anything to put wind in their sails; he very well may be a dead man.

  14. dannette peters 3 years ago

    Screwed the pooch? EWWWW. SpaceShot, that's disgusting!

  15. Pj Cramer 3 years ago

    Got a question, I’ve been locked out of my twitter account how do you get your account restored?

  16. nzbirdsong 3 years ago

    Who were the FISA judges and when will/can they testify?

  17. blueeyedbull67 3 years ago

    The Vatican has always been Sodom and Gomorrah. There is a long history of sexual deviants. The papacy was originally passed down via generations like a monarchy, priests were allowed to marry and have sex. There were orgies, centuries of pedophilia, beastiality and homosexuality prior to the Second Lateran Council held in 1139, when a rule was approved forbidding priests to marry. In 1563, the Council of Trent reaffirmed the tradition of celibacy because the priests and leaders of the church were still using their positions of power to rape and pillage. If you can imagine, the catholic church was much worse historically than it is today. It is nothing new. Read the history of the Catholic church and you will understand just how evil this institution has been for centuries, almost from the beginning.

  18. Chris G 3 years ago

    Guys (Prayingmedic, Spaceshot76)… I've been a big fan of yours, but I'm really struggling to follow your posts. Do you remember the movie scene when Bruce Lee pointed to the sky and asked the little boy what he sees? The little boy looked at his finger. Lee told him, "don't look at the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory." Similarly, there is no need to constantly prove Q's legitimacy. If we didn't believe in that, we wouldn't be listening. Time is short. I have to cycle between you guys, Alex Jones, Mark Levin, X22, Black Conservative Patriot, Stixhammer, White House briefings, and more. THE QUALITY OF Q'S MESSAGE WILL PROVE THE CHARACTER AND VALIDITY OF Q. Please stop spending time proving to us who Q is. Q has taken a path that's very hard to prove credibility (since he/ they are unknown.) . Thereby, the consistency, accuracy and patriotism of his/their posts prove Q. We need to focus on the heavenly glory please. Not the messenger. Respectfully. A follower.

  19. geeder 3 years ago

    Mr. Mob Boss killer — look at what he's looking at at his trial. Do you think he's hoping his lawyer will lend him his pen again?

  20. geeder 3 years ago

    Comello lives with his parents — so he's a natural for the "Qanon conspiracy theory" narrative.

  21. geeder 3 years ago

    It would really be ironic if Comello's lawyer's HUGE TACTICAL ERROR of providing the wrong date for Comello's discovery of Q lead to the world finding out proof of Q's existence. I hope the prosecution brings the true existence of Q to light.

  22. Susie Stogsdill 3 years ago

    Apparently, one or some of us needs to begin smear campaigns on _______(pick one) the lefty media…..damn, I really wanna!

  23. Rebecca Farley 3 years ago

    There is no telling how many children, women, and men are buried in the grounds of the vatican. People that have been sacrificed to their god, satan. Nuns killing their own children to hide the fact that they had sex with the so called priests. The bones of children that would have been able to tell about their abuse. Murderers, pedophiles, gays both sexes, every kind of sin you can imagine has been committed by these so called "people of God".

  24. jkinal85 3 years ago

    Could you all not petition the white house to have social media outlets or reporters to have face time q and a with president or so? Ask then. But better to see dark to light as it plays out by there mistakes

  25. T. M 3 years ago

    @7:06 does the woman cop have a sleeve of tats too?

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