Qanon 7/26/19 (Audio Fixed) Once apon a Time in PeDQWooD

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Someone had taken over billboards to expose Jeffrey Epstein and they linked him to Roman Polanski the infamous director who admitted to drugging an under age girl and having sexual relations with her i.e. he raped her. Dan Coates the Director of National Intelligence on the way out soon? Looks so. Democrats are going forward with their silent impeachment proceedings that further demonstrate their Panic, 6e material will not help them. ✌🏼

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  1. Bat Lover 2 years ago

    DIdnt hear the audio.

  2. PottedJam 2 years ago

    Obummer utilized "mine craft" ….however…clearing fields is old hat now. WWG1WGA

  3. Dadio Burner 2 years ago

    I respectfully disagree. I think Mueller was an actor playing a role. Q

  4. Joe Russo 2 years ago

    Little st. James Island was like the Disneyland pedophiles!!! sick

  5. Richard Hendrix 2 years ago

    judgement coming to these criminals……..may God have mercy on their souls.

  6. KittyGirl79 2 years ago



  8. R Roulette 2 years ago

    Dershowitz gives off guilty vibes

  9. Jeanette Silvis 2 years ago

    I watched the entire commercial…you best get paid!

  10. Lee Shields 2 years ago

    What do you think KitKatKlub means?

  11. sullyz girl89 2 years ago

    Or suddenly another mass shoting

  12. sullyz girl89 2 years ago

    Cause then all grand jury info could be seen ALL

  13. dlc 000 2 years ago

    So set up a patreon account and link your PayPal account to see if enough comes in for you to do it full time. I've seen many channels get demonetized, discouraged and then wide wide smiles as the funds flow in. Try it. And many have far fewer subs than you! Just do it.

  14. patti jesinoski 2 years ago

    I'm finding Ghislaine moved to USA in 1992, the year after her father's death.

  15. JustJess 2 years ago

    You don't have to explain yourself to these peons who work for their damn paychecks or sit around collecting from the gov. and dying with envy bc they aren't capable of doing what you do and what many other Patriots do to keep us informed!!! So as far as these complainers go, how many of them actually work for free??? And who here knows what all it takes to do what y'all do??? Do they have any idea what all goes into the production of these videos… hello, research thorough responsible research cause you guys are doing this precisely bc we can no longer trust the msm to report facts and real stories…so you gotta read articles watch videos go thru Q drops, serial brain 2 posts, Twitter feeds FB feeds then you gotta put it all together record video edit video then upload video etc etc then you have to deal with censorship, demonetization, attacks from the trolls, and from people who decide to cross into your lane to question how you run your channel, wrongly accusing you of collecting too much money and or from too many different sources or whatever he was trying to imply. To that I say take your a ss es somewhere else with that stupid ignorant, s***!!! Mind your business, cause I'm sure you got some business that needs some tending to! Then id block them cause you don't need that! The nerve some of these people have! Its unbelievable!
    and how much or why you
    goes into the

  16. 9words2fear FTG 2 years ago

    I saw 2 commercials prior to the video

  17. Douglas Brunt 2 years ago

    Your a good patriot

  18. 9words2fear FTG 2 years ago

    What’s the connection Polanski and the murder of his GF and baby. Was that a sacrifice?

  19. Anna Lewis 2 years ago

    This has 17k views, and was posted 17 hours ago as I'm watching this 🙂

  20. Wil Adams 2 years ago

    You said you think all these people are coming forward now to talk to the IG, because they fear Durham, but I remember when Q posted NO DEALS, and so, with that in mind, isn't it at least possible that they are coming forward with the intent of doing nothing more than to delay the IG report? After all, when the IG report was about to drop and then suddenly it was delayed by someone coming forward.

  21. Anna Lewis 2 years ago

    Minecraft creator did tweet that pizzagate is real…

  22. MommaD* * 2 years ago

    Dog id

  23. MommaD* * 2 years ago

    Rolling stone… Your source!?

  24. The group that we are up against have been working this plan, their plan, for a very long time. We watch, but see very little of what they are doing. What we do know, and what we understand is a fragment of their overall plan. If this is how we feel with what we do know, then it's going to get much worse. Stay strong brothers and sisters and band together wherever we are.
    Location, location location.
    Information, information information.
    Audacity audacity audacity.
    Fortune favors the bold.
    Q the orchestra!

  25. Pj Cramer 2 years ago

    I was kicked off twitter last week, for tweeting to Adam schiff to choke on his words. They said I violated the rule of promoting suicide.

  26. Sibyl Brown 2 years ago

    Mueller absolutely was a phony act! A very bad act at that! The BS of "u can't remember" and that crap was to waste time an cut into the Republicans time! All bullshite!

  27. Allen Lichner 2 years ago

    Bill Clinton must be the biggest scum bag in US history. He married Hillary. I mean what on earth could any man find attractive about her. Look at photos of her back when they got married. All the booze on the planet could not make her look good.

  28. Allen Lichner 2 years ago

    Agreed Alan Derchawitiz is a creepy pedo too

  29. debra jorge 2 years ago

    There was a commercial at the beginning

  30. Shirley Coffman 2 years ago

    Im kinda of thinking Muller was acting….Muller trying to save himself?….. I'm thinking that he's doing what the patriots told him to do…. just what i think

  31. Nancy Miller 2 years ago

    U R The Best!!! Thanks!! You are more appreciated than you know!! Dont get down, stay safe, prayers!

  32. Dr. Wick Daddy 2 years ago

    Well whadayaknow? This vid is monetized!

  33. Diane Streett 2 years ago

    Wow wow wow. Can't wait till they are all exposed!

  34. Diane Streett 2 years ago

    Amazing. How do you get all this info!

  35. JoeGunPye 2 years ago

    Voter Id Coming, Investigations Deep & Wide, Watch The News

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