Qanon 7/26/19 Once Apon a Time in PeDQwood

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Someone had taken over billboards to expose Jeffrey Epstein and they linked him to Roman Polanski the infamous director who admitted to drugging an under age girl and having sexual relations with her i.e. he raped her. Dan Coates the Director of National Intelligence on the way out soon? Looks so. Democrats are going forward with their silent impeachment proceedings that further demonstrate their Panic, 6e material will not help them. ✌🏼

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  1. Rann Rann 2 years ago

    Chuck Todd another puppet in the shit has been going on for hundreds of years and it gets worse as time goes on Trump is trying to take this cabal down thank God

  2. No Name 2 years ago

    Hillary claimed her deleted emails were Chelsea's wedding and "yoga".

  3. Aleciaspicks 2 years ago

    Really bad sound

  4. OM Winter 2 years ago

    I totally appreciate your work and look forward to it everyday !!!

  5. OM Winter 2 years ago

    These Dems are dreaming !!!

  6. Freomood 2 years ago

    The Imam is 100% Legit and solid, he is fantastic… follow him

  7. Wing Commander 2 years ago

    “Let me be perfectly clear, I did not have sexual relations with hundreds of underage girls and toddlers on Pedophile Island”…

  8. Kath P 2 years ago


  9. Laura Prince 2 years ago

    That BO was someone's puppet was pretty obvious (reference old joke about turtle on a fencepost, you know he didn't get there by himself). My question was always as to whose hand was up BO's skirt. And the Saudi's were my first guess…but why then the Iran deal? Those people hate each other. Any ideas?

  10. Pamela Johnson 2 years ago

    You must watch Amazing Polly's video Epstein's Puzzle Pieces! She talks about the Disney Cruises and children 10 and up being listed as adults. Plus, she makes some VERY interesting connections! MUST SEE!

  11. Winter White 2 years ago

    VOLUME is SO LOW I can't hear it….Boo….too bad…looks like a good one…!

  12. Brenda J 2 years ago

    The volume is terrible I can hear you without putting the phone up to my ear….

  13. Karl Morrison 2 years ago

    there will always be stones along the path bro, just keep doing what you do. you are one of the best at this i am subscribed to dozens but when i see you have posted um there!!!!! thanx.

  14. RiverRat RVR 2 years ago

    I think the billboards are fake news

  15. oz_trump WWG1WGA 2 years ago

    Sound is really quiet, but great video, thank you.

  16. Mr G 2 years ago

    @33:32 – what happened to the clip of Joe D that you were going to play, but there was nothing, you just kept talking – wierd

  17. practicaltheory 2 years ago

    Hey man…you're a God send. I'm an entrepreneur who's built a few companies. Maybe we can team up and find a way to make this a full-time gig for you. Please let me know if you'd like to chat. I have a couple products and solutions you could leverage. Regardless, you're doing good work and we appreciate it.

  18. Mary Moore 2 years ago

    Our family took the Disney Cruise years ago. We stopped at an island and they called it Disney’s private island”. It was in the Bahamas, but I cannot remember exactly where it was at. We were only on a small area of the island. It was decorated in Disney decor. I was very naive back then.

  19. jerry mcclure 2 years ago

    Roswell alien spacecraft was shot down to capture alien tech. MIC decided to quiet any evidence. Ike caught wind of rumers and was told he (the President of The US) didn't have a need to know… He mobilized military assets against this group and reminded them who was in charge. He was shocked by what was being hidden and kept his silence. He later gave his famous speech that warned us all of the growing power of the MIT but since then, no amount of evidence given will open the Peoples eyes because we are programmed to label this unholy or conspiracy.

    They have made it too easy to walk through life with our head down in technological subservience never really doing anything that might change or correct any evil revealed using that technology. It's like watching an endless train wreck…

  20. Creative 2 years ago

    I’m not getting your notifications again at all. FYI

  21. Melinda Neves 2 years ago

    I’m with you, Dershowitz gives me the creeps too! Something is up with this be fair to Trump diatribe. It’s like he’s trying to brown nose his way out of his own sick misdeeds.

  22. sharyn spence 2 years ago

    I have heard from some of the popular channels you watch yourself saying, Miller was a black hat, he is now working to save himself. Now she is called a gray hat trying to get to be a white hat LOL. Just trying to save himself so obviously it is been planned out by Trump to be executed by molar and the group. No lies… Truth only.

  23. Gilbert Jones 2 years ago

    One of the last journalistic standards is to seek comment from a party involved in a report in order that the publishing company is not sue for defamation publishing a report without asking them for a response.

  24. Phyllis Teel 2 years ago

    The only cover up that is the fact that declassification will reveal the pedophiles in the House…

  25. Kim Griffith 2 years ago

    I didn't hear the DiGenova clip…

  26. ALTRIGHT MEDIA 2 years ago

    Can you not pronounce the letter "T"? POO-EN??? Makes you sound stupid. PUTIN has a hard T in it so try pronouncing it!!!

  27. Red5StandingBy 2 years ago

    why are we reading stories from leftist mouthpiece outlets like rolling stone. It's annoying how all these idiots keep dropping Trumps name in relation to Epstein over and over as if there is actually something there.

  28. ahamatmabrahman 2 years ago

    I can't hear this hardly

  29. Charlotte Windlow 2 years ago

    Low VOLUME.

  30. tammi bellew 2 years ago

    Cant hear a thing.

  31. I used to watch Just Informed religiously, but when he was demonitized before, he got on sobbing and such. I'm sorry, but when you choose to make your only monetary living from making videos like this, you set yourself up for failure. It's great to make money making videos I suppose, but have a regular job and do this type of stuff as a side deal. Just MO.

  32. lamebrainiac 2 years ago

    The people in Hussein's administration were shielded by him from the 3-leter agencies which were supposed to vet them! That should have been the green light for impeachment right then and there, but Congress wasn't interested in political clichés at that time such as, "No one is above the law including the President of the United States!"

    With FaceBook fighting a multi-million dollar lawsuit, I suspect that YouTube will make some effort to give you just enough to keep you quiet. If I were you, SpaceShot 76, I'd be keeping detailed notes with dates, times, and names for any future litigation you may feel is necessary. It's much easier to keep notes daily than to scramble to put it all together later.

    Thanks for the informative video.

  33. ls wallace 2 years ago

    NO ONE works for free except our POTUS! Ignore those trolls, they're doing nothing & trying to disparage you & others for making a living. It's just a load of crap & something for them to do in their Grandma's basement. You're just right, never change. WWG1WGA! TRUMP2020!

  34. Karl Snoeberger 2 years ago

    Hey kiddo your sound is way down. I enjoy your show thanks for having readable.

  35. Moira Baker 2 years ago

    If you DO get bothered by Ads, just download Adblock

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