Qanon 7/27/19 “Corn Ready for to be Cut”

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We are shown Obama’s own words that he was in fact from another country. Google trying to change the word Patriot from a good thing to a bad, Patriot defines and Renegade defined. Why would Obummer make his Secret Service code name Renegade? Devin Nunes says “corn is ready for to be cut” is that a nod to Comey and his previous corn Pictures? Declas next week? Is that what Nunes has received? Can’t wait to find out.

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  1. @SpaceShot76 I watch most of your videos on a smart tv youtube ap. Every single episode from demonetized (interesting word) have unavoidable commercials, its been this way for last couple years. You may be unaware on your end that this is happening but it surely is. To me this suggest that we your audience and you are being taken advantage of. Personally this does not make me want to invest in any of the commercials being presented it actually inspires me to make a list of products I will purposefully avoid in the future. Anyways just tryin to bring this to light for you and others this is the same with all other channels like this one which I enjoy watching.

  2. Seems as though the googled definition of patriot has gone back to its original meaning, however when you search for patriot, you have to spell out the whole word (there are no suggestions)

  3. So ex pres obama truly cheated American people of his birthplace so his legacies / Nobel prize goes to swamp you mean tosay America had a Fake President ??where are we patriots on that time of obama ? Thank you for info .Q

  4. These videos and ones that prove far worse are the reason Obama started talking about the existence of the technology to create videos that “show people saying things they never said.”

  5. This appeared in my suggested first time in a while something like this is in my suggested. I think I found a way around the algorithm just clear out all the main stream crap by clicking on not interested then stuff you are interested in should start to pop up.

  6. Now you know why I call him the Kenyan. He must not have known that each 4 year term as President is a Count of Treason, and we have been at war since 2002.

    Add another 8 counts of Treason for other crimes and you can see that this one will swing from a Rope in the very near future. I've only met one person who said they voted for him so Soros voting machines more than likely were used to put the Kenyan in charge. A fitting end for a c_a flunky.

  7. It’s all a big fake show watch the fake fireworks folks remember we only see what they allow us to see and by the way q. Is a artificial intelligence developed by ibm systems or more properly known a Q systems.

  8. You don’t like this country? You can go back home? When are you ignorant bastards going to give the country back to the Native Americans and take your ass over to Europe. Total hipócritas!

  9. Is anyone investigating goggles? Fakebook or tweeker? I love truth. No more exemptions for these schemers…. I also am scratching my head over Assange… he is arrested for conspiracy and classified documents… potential death penalty… and government officials doing the same thing aren't arrested… am I missing something?

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