QAnon 8.29.18 Not exactly wedding material but great when in the action.

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  1. Concerning a post around "no names" supposed passing Q said, What are bridges for? 1963. I youtubed, 1963 Bridge. It popped up an old movie. OCCURRENCE ON OWL CREEK BRIDGE! Check it out! Could that have been NO NAMES FATE? In some way? Was he given a choice of being put down or being exposed, defamed and prosecuted? Watch that short little movie. It gets to the message in the first minute!!

  2. Michael, where does this corruption go….So many people have been killed and the shooters go free. HRC sold out our country and still walks the streets. I am very worried about foreign assets having our military secrets……it could be devastating.

  3. I understand that the American people are shocked by these acts of treason and you view other countries as enemies who wish to destroy you,
    I suggest to you,that you are in fact exactly the same those you accuse,in fat you are in reality worse.These others no doubt are guilty but the thing that sets you apart from them is the whole sale slaughter of millions and your endless intereference in others affairs with the ultimate goal of TOTAL submission to you every whim.

  4. I swear to Zicam curing my common cold; the Zicam in the long "snap-open" tubes that hold the medicine and qtips in them. Read the label; it feels awkward when applying the first few times. Always cuts "having a cold time" within a day. (I haven't tried any other Zicam products and don't know if they are effective, or not.)
    I also think of the term, "zee row our" when I see Brooce Or's name in those bracketty things and say out loud.

  5. How much MB does one need to make a pretty big orange jumpsuit?
    because the greed of the old disgusting crooked evil witch was immense

  6. what we need to ask Q is why is Pres Trump backing the Kurds in Syria? The Kurds are prosecuting Christians and locking them out of their churches! Why is he backing this?

  7. some one tell me why you never hear Hannity, Rush, Breitbart News or Levin mention Q or this following. You have Sara Carter as one of the best investigative journalists there is uncovering so much wrong doing but they never mention what millions of us are reading and watching on YouTube on a daily basis. I want to believe this is all true and the hammer is going to fall. But how is it possible that the biggest show hosts and news sources in the country don't make a mention of it.

    I start my day listening to Breitbart on XM every morning, followed by Rush, then Hannity and I've yet to hear a single Q reference uttered by any of them. I don't think i've even heard them speak of the MSM trying to debunk Q

  8. God Bless all you anons but sometimes you rush to stay up to date with the posts, but miss much of the possible deeper meanings below the surface. For example, the words to the song Q mentioned TWICE (giving obvious importance) said, "John K" with many references to going underground. Also, the song was written the same year as JFK Jr's "George" magazine began. Also why did Q drop the R in server. Now he did say it was not intentional, but he also has said, "disinformation is necessary"–and that goes for us too at times. I believe that these drops about JFK Jr, very veiled at this time, are meant to set up a "future proves past" scenario. This may be planned to bring in a higher level of Intel we are not currently ready for-like the secret space program. Remember, phase 1 is to "red-pill" as many as possible, and higher level stuff at this time would alienate too many.


  10. I have been watching Q news through many different sites for 5 months, but now i want to go to the 8ch board, but keep getting sent everywhere but there. I tried qanon.app/ but cannot get there. How can i get to see all the q drops?
    Please help

  11. Dont worried about dead because it not end of life.what you need worried you dead not in right way or wrong way.heaven and hell exist. You have more than you know.some people need to find…you know we the people. Stand up.dont wait for someone do for you…understand about religion.everything exist has a reason. See behind that.when you sleep where you go.try combaine all religion and put in one body.maybe people will know why have this religion, that religion.see behind that.every path remind to something you love.about him.and they misunderstand and misguided many people. And he choose islam and also christian have reason. Every word you say is pray. And the way they pray it a same.every path in prayer remind something about someone you love….

  12. A wedding material game how about a gigolo game you never gather Who I Am by way of sound not you not a computer not a you never gather who I am by way of sound not you not a computer not a not a frog not a hair not a dog not a this is not a created a fair

  13. I believe the key to that wedding song reference is the band DINK is from Kent Ohio. Home of Kent State. Q is revealing they have captured info that the Deep State intends to provoke US troops to fire upon Americans, basically trying to turn the Trump momentum around prior to elections.

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