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An insidious claim floats around much of the QAnon community, that the blame for humanity’s religious and racial tribalism lies primarily on the shoulders of the elites, who have “engineered us” into hate, and disconnection.
This is a simplistic; outside in way to breakdown the most complicated parts of human nature.
And has elements of a kind of boomer hope porn. It’s false, and it wrongly aims the arrow of responsibility, and change, away from us.


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  1. Edit non-stop for 10 days. Obsessing. Making sure everything is perfect.

    Misspell word in the first 2 min.


    Other than that, I hope you enjoy the message in this video.

    Take care!

  2. thats a nice story… but thats all it is. Whos to say that Q is what he/she is portraying to be. Ill admit ive not really heard of Q before this, but this whole thing smells suspicious to me.

    First of all, has no one else noticed the disappearance of anonymous activity ever since the occupy movement? Im not so sure the original group hasnt been compromised, taken over even. Messages have been mixed, some even against what the original group stood for. Values like freedom, and a rebellion against the so called "NWO", but then flashy anons which seem tailored like an ad with all the shinny additions included, silver mask, silver tongue, new bells and whistles.

    4:49 THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!! Exactly one of the things I was worried about. Engineering people against wealthy individuals as the culprits of all conspiracy. As if we would ever know the real perpetrators.

  3. I think the Q stuff is just Dan Scavino Jr being a troll granted I haven't looked into anything that is Q related but from mostly critiques of Q but it seems to me the only Boomer who would even have the ability to know of 4chan and 8chan is Dan Scavino the President's social media advisor and the guy who Tweets for Trump when he's not tweeting himself.

  4. Q posts are the modern versions of Nostradamus quatrains.

    Vague and broad enough to be (re)interpreted as really specific in hind sight, but utterly useless to actually predict anything.
    As with Nostradamus, those crumbs that doesn't pan out are simply ignored.

    Those who doesn't know history are doomed to repeat it.

  5. PLEASE do a follow-up video or addendum to this one; since mid-2018 there are lots of "Q Proofs" beyond photo speculations or magic numbers; and much of the convo in the #QAnon community is not about being passive victims of elite Cabal waiting for a magical savior event(s), BUT instead about staying alert and skeptical about establishment liars and being self-empowered and UNITED with others instead of letting those with power divide the masses and keep everyone busy in-fighting (aka the people now using natural "tribalism" for a positive end goal).

  6. Not having heard of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (at least not by that name), I'd have guessed it to be something like "every so often, a bomb goes off"…

  7. From the first article you linked:

    On November 6, 2017 at 5:07 p.m. Eastern, Q posts on 4Chan:

    Nothing is random.

    Everything has meaning.



    Reflected in the same timezone, Trump’s “+++” tweet from that day was actually posted at 4:15 p.m. Eastern — almost a full hour before Q’s. Q was referencing Trump after the fact, which literally anyone can do.

  8. American project was a syncretic european country, and to create a syncretic white european ethnicity.
    Only in 1965 with the subversion of the judeo-marxists did this change to "different people finding a way to coexist" and it was absolutely a top-down betrayal. Muh country of immigrants n shiet. I think we have different goals to fixing the problem.

  9. I think Q is a clever P.R stunt used to manipulate specific types of Trump supporters. P.R conpanies have a long history of manipulating perception for politicians and corporations.

  10. I only started looking into Q recently. I had heard about it, watched a few decoding videos on other channels.
    If Rachael Chandler gets arrested next week, i'm going to say it's legitimate.
    Until then, as far as i've gone down the rabbit hole, i'm still no 90% sold, but Q is at least a portal for boomers and normies to start down that hole with me

  11. But, what about the now 1000+ "Q Proofs" that have come out? All those times Q predicated something and then it came true. Look at how the Pope decided to reword the Lord's Prayer. Q posted that about a month before the "news" started talking about it…

  12. in my opinion this is the start of using big data to social engeneer ,qanon is a psyop (my reasons for believeing that his cabbinet is full of the people you think hes fighting against all of them representing big companies,and lobbies/he is so tied with them that he got saved by bankruptcy by a Rothschild representative,that Jared Kushner is one.)

    they build credibility by using Trump's tweeter posts ,then they elaborate the same information that was presented in conspiracy circles such as "behold a pale horse" etc with the next step either to make you believe false things about the future ,or so they can gather as many people as possible and tag conspiracists from among populations

  13. If Q is not real America is phuck it's been 2 years Hilary is still free the RUSSIAN STORY WAS TO GET OUR ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE REAL CRIME WHICH WAS SANDERS TOOK A DIVE FOR HILARY THE REAL CRIME

  14. anyone know how to get to the Q posts? looks like google and youtube have completely buried it to the point i can't even look.

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