QAnon and Project Looking Glass: The Extraterrestrial Technology that can See Past and Future Events

Dr. Michael Salla from explolitics.org came on to the show to discuss his latest article published November 13 titled Project Looking Glass – The Q Anon and Deep State Temporal War.

We started off the conversation talking about the latest Q Drop on the newly created 8kun channel. He went on to talk about the history regarding project looking glass. He stated how both sides (the good guys and bad guys) are using this technology to help for see into the past and future events.

He mentioned how Bob Lazar back in 1989 was the first one to actually start talking about Project Looking Glass and it was one of four extraterrestrial related projects that were happening at a Area 51’s S-4 facility. He also stated how Project Looking Glass was predicated on extraterrestrial technology.

This technology was possibly from one of the chairs from the Roswell UFO that was captured in 1947 and Michael stated when one would sit in one of these chairs it would give them an enchantment in their psychic abilities. He said that when “you put a psychic in one of those chairs, incredible things would happen”. And once these psychics would sit in these chairs their minds through the extraterrestrial technologies would warp time and space and open up a portal to where you could view past or future events.

Michael went on to talk about the Montauk Project and that they were working with extraterrestrials and they have given them even more advanced technologies like the montauk chair that is similar to the chair from the Roswell Craft. He stated how the Montauk Project were given this technology from extraterrestrials from the Sirius Star System. Michael also mention how George Van Tassel one of the earlier contactees has stated that the Navy had gotten there hands on this technology and were experimenting with it as well. He stated how that was going on back in the 1960s.

Michael goes on to talk about Project Looking Glass, Q Anon and how the Deep State are using Project Looking Glass technologies in a temporal war that is going on over the minds and thoughts of the human race. Michael covers many more areas regarding Project Looking Glass and its ramifications. Please watch the entire interview to get a better understanding of this secret clandestine technological warfare that is going on behind the scenes!

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  1. Gotta to love the patronising Wikipedia info I got at the top of the post telling me what to think and what to look at… Wikipedia itself is one of the biggest shams out there – some good content but a lot of questionable BS and self-appointed bureaucracy too.

  2. I am always watching movies and shows I've seen before yet it's the day of their release. I honestly think someone is playing with time. Also, I've known when a major event was going to happen yet not know what that even is until it happens. For example, a major event will happen 27dec2019 and I feel hillary clinton is involved but other than that I can't remember what that even in the other timeline (or this one if it's not changed) is.

  3. John Titor stated that the further back you travel, the greater percentage of changes to outcomes of the timeline you jump into, from the one you left. He stated that his jump of 5 decades had approximately a 15% change.

  4. Q did say “wait till you find out who’s been talking to you here” in drop 918 . So At least one of the Q team members will come forward with Trumps endorsement I’m sure .

  5. Mike, had a tow truck driver tell me that space x here in Texas by waco area has a time machine. It shakes our ground for 30 miles circle. They tell us it's rocket testing. He had to pull off 7 government workers suv's be they got lost in the future. That shit blew my mind

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