Qanon August 1 2019 – August is a Hot Month

James Comey is not going to escape prosecution. Declassification of spygate documents in August will reveal the truth to the public.

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  1. JosephPaul 2 years ago

    Arrest a pedophile …. have a mass shooting or two. Anyone seen Ruth Bader since 2018? What does Q say about her

  2. Keep speaking truth ,in the super natural world ,of Gods predictions . Gods election being able to share Gods word ,as witness .to all mankind in the dialogue ,of their own county they grew up in.

  3. mr whizz 2 years ago

    Is it true that the marines caught people smuggling were really smuggling an ISIS hit squad into America in order for them to Assassinate POTUS???

  4. FBI covered up the El Paso shooting and Q says "trust Wray". Seriously? How long you gonna listen to this bullshit?

  5. rallu zion 2 years ago

    The introduction of sex education for school kids,,at a very young was carefully planned by elites,with the purpose of promoting sexual immorality,pedophilia and more abortions to please Moloch….whereas even in most developing countries they have the basic common sense, that sex education corresponds with puberty or just before that….sad.

  6. While 8Chan is down, Lets band together to make the Q movie trilogy (it takes that much to tell the whole story) Imagine an audience participation movie like “the Rocky Horror Picture Show” without the depravity.  Show only Q’s most thought-provoking questions on the screen with the corresponding answers and commentaries made by those who deciphered Q. TRU Reporting, Tracy Beanz, Lionel Nation, Isaac Green, Stroppy Me, and all conservatives censored by Mockingbird Media..  The audience can tango dance to that tune. Lighters held up to sing GOD bless America when a Q post gets to “WWG1WGA” or “For God and Country”.   We could invite our families and friends, the most effective red-pill served!  I can see a great revival of the drive-in theaters (using wifi or radio) across the nation with people dancing and singing in participation.  Let's COMPLETELY censor Hollywood, and all media companies that participated in censorship.  Make separate contracts with local theaters.  WE CANNOT BE STOPPED!

  7. iamisaiah4523 2 years ago

    Are you going to address the 8chan issue and where to look for Q now that that is shut down?

  8. Mike Littlejohn 2 years ago

    I just love the naysaying and denying by schills. It'll never happen. It's taking to long. Blah blah blah. If you're one of those please don't take up my time telling me about how it'll never happen or Trump will never beat the cabal or they're just to powerful. Hope is a virtue, belief is a virtue PATIENCE is a virtue. If you haven't been following Potus and Q since the beginning there's no hope for you.

  9. Teresa Sisson 2 years ago

    So sad! Praying for our President and our country! Thank you prayingmedic and Q. This is the 7th of August and the Q posts make COMPLETE sense. We all need to be praying!

  10. John Doe 2 years ago

    Why not face the facts prayingmedic….this whole thing except maybe pedophiles. Nothing else will happen its just republican talking points. democrats are Satanic and corrupt but nothing will happen they always get away with it. Yes lets just keep waiting until Trump runs and loses the presidency in nov. 2020. All republicans are also retiring does not look promising for 2020. God never claimed to have a worldwide revival before he returns.

  11. Stevie Wonder 2 years ago

    We need to hear from you soon. Please.

  12. Bruce D'Amico 2 years ago

    Wow, just saw an old posting on Utube from you, or, someone hacked your account and went back a took one from your library? Is this the new Censorsh*p? I just don’t know?

  13. One Card Short 2 years ago

    "You may have gotten a false notification" hahahaha

  14. Chosen _Few 2 years ago

    The El Paso shooter was already caught last week 4 blocks away from where the shooting occurred but he wasn’t an MK Ultra patient like the rest of the shooters have been. The reason that they are screaming about impeachment is because the president that we see on tv isn’t the real president, it’s a clone of him. The president is actually in a bunker and has been since the election. Everyone in politics right now are all really clones of the people and they are all currently being programmed using the MK Ultra program by the United States military. But it’s not the same Untied States military that we all think of when we hear about them. In the 1950s the United States was infiltrated by the Nazis and they installed a government within our government and they have been at war with the actual government since it happened. The general public is unaware that this has even happened but half of the population is aware of it because they have also installed a second society inside of our current society that only the people who are part of the cabal know about. In order to join the cabal you have to agree to have sex with a child in front of everyone and let them film it. That’s how you join the cabal, once your in the cabal and both parents agree to sacrifice their first born child then they get to join the Ninth Circle. The Ninth Circle is like the upper club of the cabal. If you’re parents are in the Ninth Circle then they have sex with their own children or they switch the identities of their children and only do this to one of them so the other one doesn’t ever find out about what has actually happened

  15. Batphink Reynolds 2 years ago

    Praying medic-I saw a picture of Trump on Air Force One the other day and I'm a fan of him and Q.I saw him with some of his closest aides and Jared Kushner his son in law who lives at 666 Manhattan Blvd and his company makes the RFID microchip was in the pic.I then thought 'omg just WHAT if Q was Kushner? Then it would all be lies.

  16. Richard Macleery 2 years ago

    Q is a great musician. Quite possibly the greatest musician of all time. Every person who has followed this shite for any substantial amount of time have been played like Mozart plays the piano. You can go all the way back to the very beginning of this Q-anon stuff and see how these promises of things going down, people missing from public eye being arrested, etc etc etc. The constant call for patience, and the goal posts being moved on a constant basis. Q is a person or persons sitting at a keyboard playing the greatest RPG of their life and you are all the game generated characters. Insanity = Repeating same behaviors, expecting a different outcome. You all are insane according the the webster definition. You keep coming back here broken promise after broken promise expecting a promise to be kept eventually. Then said promise turns out to be unanswered Q disappears for a few days, Q shows back up giving vague at best excuse for disappearance and makes all new promises just to be unfulfilled AGAIN. And you all come back here expecting something to change. The only punishments being doled out for crimes by politicians are you people being tortured by this hoax of a conspiracy.

  17. Perry Zafiris 2 years ago

    …hard to find your videos….

  18. Dirty Curty 2 years ago

    Ready for more Praying Medic….I know you have a life outside these postings….but we've gotten hooked…more please…thanks

  19. Jake S. 2 years ago

    There’s someone calling themselves you and reposting your old content as new.

  20. Jean Wissinger 2 years ago

    Just a heads up if you don't know already. There is a person masquerading as you. His YouTube is "Praying Medic."

  21. Edson Tan 2 years ago

    Maybe 100/day… couple of months to catch up… Stormy weather…

  22. Suziq darlin 2 years ago

    NO Q POST ON YOU TUBE 8/8/19!!!!

  23. Suziq darlin 2 years ago


  24. Christos 2 years ago

    Historical. Qanon was shut down this week. Time will tell if it comes back. It's Shutdown would suggest it was an outsider, but not so fast. There's mounds of evidence that it was a real psyop. It's just not clear whose it belonged to. It may have been used to mislead Trump supporters to make them appear foolish and become disheartened. However, it also has all the marks of a legit psyop designed to keep militia and military special ops informed to initiate secret ops and simultaneously keeping trigger happy patriots from doing anything that might mess up the plans being carried out. As Qanon correctly predicted, the spygate situation is being declassified this week as reported in this news clip. After this Qanon says the responsible people will be prosecuted. Mainstream media has reported Qanon made a lot of bogus claims. One of the more ridiculous ones being that JFK is alive and well. However, while I'm not a Qanon supporter because I don't trust it, I have been researching it and can report that Q clearly stated that was not true. So, if Qanon doesn't return it very well could be because it's served its purpose and isn't needed. It's not like spies in history to reveal themselves and tell their stories voluntarily in history. I will continue monitoring the situation because it's very interesting. I am open minded to consider things from multiple angles, but I maintain a healthy dose of skepticism about it all.

  25. MG MG 2 years ago

    Attention praying medic ,My twitter account was shut down,,was following you there,,not sure why,,never emailed me a reason,,but if any odd activity goes on with my account ,you'll know its twitter messing around,,, my twitter was Patriot Qanon

  26. Triple G 2 years ago

    In the Hamptons Trump said –
    “……makes Steve Ross hotter you will figure that out in about a week.” About 1:35 mark.
    Inside the Mansion of Trump's Hamptons Fundraiser – YouTube

  27. StrongandWomanly 2 years ago

    Guys, pls remember Obama did most of his damage to this country in his 2nd term. So will Trump do his best to get our country back in HIS second term. If he doesn't , we still have our guns. We are not Europe, thank God.

  28. Bob Seaworthy 2 years ago

    You’ve abandon your constituents

  29. Anastasia Atwill 2 years ago

    Hello prayingmedic. Not sure if its correct but JE kill him self in jail the Fake news rrported this Morning, so someone got to him (Massad killed his own spy"s). Greeting from LA.

  30. Lorraine Flaherty 2 years ago

    MJ Cat is still your best friend. Give me a 5:5 if that was you on Twitter. This is Raine MJ Cat's mommy. I am in Boston and it sucks. Love Jesus. My dreams I have, are prophecy. I saw children being saved by our first responders. I wish I could Talk. All media sucks. I am with 2 people. That's all. please respond.

  31. Lorraine Flaherty 2 years ago

    Looking for Aok. meow. q

  32. Servabo_Fidem 2 years ago

    What are some Q apps for iPhone? Thanks!

  33. Dave Ess 2 years ago

    All quiet on the Jeffrey Epstein front, even the Pres a bit quiet, guess the 'deep state' is terrified and on the back foot, and the patriots are in charge.

  34. Dave Ess 2 years ago

    I see AG Barr has started two investigations into the Epstein 'suicide', the second being thru' the Office of the IG presumably to look at staff & procedures at the MCC facility, remember AG Sessions was always starting investigations none of which was actually completed, for example former Director of the FBI James Comey was 'under investigation' and probably still is, prepared to be corrected if someone could point me in the direction of a completed investigation by the D0J that has led to an actual outcome.

  35. Jennyblake Blake 2 years ago

    i really wanna now what q says but i find this guy way to slow boring and frankly painful to listen to. does anyone know anyone else that reads q?#

  36. John Doe 2 years ago

    Not a computer guy, P'medic. Don't know where to go to ask about this, so I'm posting on your video here to ask. Hope I'm not breeching any computer protocol by doing so, Sorry if I have. The meme that depicts Deep State folks behind bars, perhaps, is a look into the future. Missing one very important persons image, could possibly mean that the person is deceased….? Maybe?

  37. Craig Rosson 2 years ago

    Just around the corner, Son, It's coming, any day now, Real soon, Be patient,DAMN WHEN WILL THIS BOOK END?

  38. John Christopher 2 years ago

    HOT As in HOT-1 HOT-2 means open mikes. Q is listening. Google an airline cockpit voice recorder transcript.

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