QAnon Breaks The MSM & The MSM Coordinates Media Blitz

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  1. Global Research has been a site I have read for years and they are usually onspot. Austin Fitts is one of the smartest around when you are discussing the dark money etc. I do not always agree with either, but opinion is different than facts.

  2. Oh Mhe GhaD! Is the left starting to feel the quiver of the "Q" up their …glass? (It's not a "+"!) Of course, that tickle is psycho-somatic brought on/about by the "optics" (WYSIWYG), as well as the LIGHT someone is leaking. If I was that dirty, I too would be paranoid. Justice works/comes in many ways; watch for the flying "ship", or should I say "'ship' flying"? MAGA…PLS!

  3. Great Job Brother B.!!!! You are always on the same track of thinking that I'm on! The FED is sinking. Too many holes now to plug and not enough money(DEBT) or time to BAIL them out!!!! Lol!! IRS will directly follow suit! The IRS is the cesspool of the FEDERAL RESERVE. NO FEDERAL RESERVE, NO IRS!!!? Boom!!! Might as well call the Coast Guard…… Mayday, mayday, mayday…. The USS FEDERAL RESERVE IS GOING DOWN!!!!!!

  4. When YouTube users sign on, they should click immediately on "subscription." It eliminates wasted time. You can always check recommended viewing after, but this now is predominantly very old posts.

  5. I usually don't watch live streams because there are to many interruptions for live chats and the vids are to long. I don't get my notifications all the time and sometimes never for some channels. Often my subscribed don't come up and so I check the channels myself. You tube is censoring channels.

  6. Another banger, Patriot. Keep bringing the truth the masses. They are thirsty and yearning for it and God has appointed you for just this time in history to complete just this task. God Speed Patriot, this is important work, The Lords work!

  7. If Q knows all this information and keeps saying all this shit is going to happen, then when? q says 10 days, 22 days, civil war? blah blah blah, this is getting dumb, the people have the the power and the deep state knows this as well as the Republicans, globalist dont own shit

  8. I woke up this morning to a request for a FB survey, I said you, sure! Then I told them how they silence us, and if you don't think we won't create our OWN platform, YOU will be the new, MySpace. I also told them that I am pissed about my information out there. Also mentioned Zuck is f%%ked . I said, I am considering CREATING other options….. And Zuckie looks like a douche while being questioned by congress….

  9. My Honest opinion is the FAKE MAIN STREAM MEDIA and their agenda is backfiring on them. They are actually WAKING UP AMERICAN'S! By there continuous attacks on the President, the Hatred they spew and on and on etc. Most of AMERICANS are open minded and care about our Country. The Far left will NEVER see EVEN when its right in front of their eyes! These people those that want a better life raise their Children and care about our Country are waking up because of how far to the Left their party is going. Infanticide, socialism, and the hatred! Not to mention open borders? These are the ones who are waking up…. anyhow that is my opinion.

  10. Trump & Kim are chuckling right now. One day soon, during prime time when nothing's going on, and not telling the MSM ahead what he's doing, Trump will go on TV with a Special Announcement about the deal with NK. and everyone will be watching that. NK is no longer a CIA puppet state. Kim looks up to Trump, is in awe of him. "Great things are going to happen for your country and I'm going to do everything I can to make it happen" said President Trump.

  11. They've got their hands full if they know all plum down to the small counties and the corruption at the smallest towns GOD be with them I hope they get the coverage for all to see as good as the fake junk

  12. Where is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? No official press release on SCOTUS website since December 21st, which says updates will be provided as they become available. Nothing posted since then.

  13. If you're tired of being lured on by this show and same apathetic message across all Patriot forums following digital breadcrumbs down a rabbithole [Q]

    While the weather slowly spells c-r-e-e-p-i-n-g d-o-o-m. . .

    Then I have a different message for you.

    It's unconventional but might fulfill many prophecies, and it would solve many problems in a simply way.

    I'm a student of science & occult physics, and I want to share all I know. Our answer lies in both.



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