QAnon Coincidences

A number of notable and independently verifiable QAnon-related coincidences are highlighted in this video.

At the 5:48 mark I slightly misspoke, and meant to say: “because there’s a seven minute difference between Q’s post and President Trump’s retweet as well as a seven minute difference between two of President Trump’s tweets from later that day.”

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  1. I wish the best for America, and I do not stand in her way, if the people want it then the people should have it…I believe that it is time to gather criminals all around America and rid the country of them, if it is not done, then life in America will never be with peace…….If you are a member of a Gang you should be deported from the country, If you sell drugs on our streets you should be deported, all these crimes should carry a deportation punishment. Where do you send them? Put them on a plane to Iran or Saudi Arabia let them put them to death for crimes in their country….

  2. Q Anon is real. I was contacted by him on my FB 2 weeks before he started posting. He explained then that he needed citizen journalist to share his postings. At the time, I didn’t realize how blessed I was to have made contact with him on that day!!!

    I have continued to share his posts ever since, and in his words, I, “Trust the Plan.” There have been too many coincidences throughout his posts, and I figured out a long time ago that Q+ was our GREAT President!!!

    This is the most military intel ever given to the American people! I remember all of the gems we have received regarding N. Korea, the Saudi’s and the pyramid structure of power, the election fraud, the pedophelia, etc.

    President Trump with his many brilliant moves and his Executive Orders have brought the deep state to “checkmate.”

    I look forward to 2019 and JUSTICE, and I pray every day for our GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! May God Bless America!!!

  3. Here we are… 4 months later… Still no storm. Eventually people would get tired of being wrong about whatever mass disasterend of the worldcivil warwhatever. I'm actually glad they don't. Because it's hilarious and very entertaining.

  4. You Americans are very lucky..you have fantastic NSA..and Military Intel..plus Q himself..Pres.Trump! How we Boers,here in South Africa envy you..wow..Give Pres.Trump the respect he deserves..and Salute!!..fellow soldiers in Mil Intel and NSA..we here salute you!!

  5. Have you noticed when the president speaks he raises one of his hands and his fingers, his thumb and index finger forms a??? Its a common hand gesture to make a point ill agree however could it be a Q?

  6. Here are some interesting coincidences..
    Donald Trump’s hebrew value of 424 also gives us me’umad ra
    (40+70+40+4+200+70), “a bad candidate” and shed-lets (300+4+30+90),
    “clown-demon.” And Hillary Clinton? Well, t’hi malkah
    (400+5+10+40+30+20+5), “She will be queen,” adds up to the combined 510
    of her first and last names

  7. "interestingly enough its turned into a movement" wtf doesn't turn into a  movement? pathetic fucking sheep mentality lol. about the only thing that didn't turn into a movement was pizzagate…that got hushed the fuck up quick lol.

  8. So this was his whole trigger about our Military! He talked about the military so much it made it sound fake, to me anyway? And now that I have stumbled onto the Q this all makes sense! Thank you Mr. TRUMP! I am so happy and hopefully, we can see all these criminals hung!

  9. That version of the Lord's prayer is pre mandela effect… it no longer exists in any bible. Now it reads debts and debtors instead of trespass and trespasses.

  10. Wouldnt it be funny if Trump was Q… just fucking with you all? Such a stable genius… he uses distractions to make shit slide right off him

  11. Trump creeps me out …but they ALL do actually, why do I have to be lead by anyone? I do not is the answer to that rhetorical question. Wake up to that suggestion maybe.

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