QAnon Confirmed? No Name (John McCain) Put To Death?!?

Looking at prior Q post related to No Name (John McCain), the eulogies given at No Name’s services, and then the fine words of one Governor John Kasich’s seemingly deliberate wording on Cuomo.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Can we tally this up as ANOTHER QProof to add to the over 150 we already have?

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  1. I've looked at this every which way, and can't see how it could be anything other than McCain was executed. Interesting that Michael Flynn's photo was flashed…I'm sure he has good friends in high places that didn't take kindly to his getting railroaded by Mueller. I can only conclude that McCain was spared public shame by a military tribunal in honor of his military service. Other swamp rats won't be shown the same mercy. I hope the trials will be televised. I'm stocking up on popcorn.

  2. men 57000 indictment and probably more America will be in shock for years…if he was put to death for treason that means there were tons of evidence link him to 9/11 Afghanistan war,syria Isis along with the Bush family.this people are pure evil and had plans of killing innocent people in this country with fema and Obama behind the scenes

  3. My question is, why Cuomo never caught that, I alway know the liberals are never really listening to anyone their just waiting to start talking nonsense themselves.

  4. If, " no name" was put to death, why is he considered the only traitor? According to what we've been seeing and hearing there are at least fifty more walking the earth and creating traiterous acts against the country daily and they seem to be immune to the laws of justice!

  5. "We know McCain was executed"- commenters on several sites.

    No we do not! This is all an insane game being played.
    Do you really think it was possible to take JFK out by assassination?
    And these same folks are afraid of Trump? Come let us reason. The "Q" is a game. "John John" was a Tranny.Don't doubt that! Trump is one of them. Dont cherry pick the scriptures unless you choose the great delusion God has sent to the world. The world is in death rattles, not salvation.get woke!

  6. Trump knew No Name was a traitor since before the election. That's probably why No Name did everything he could to stop Trump. No Name knew it was game over the day Trump was elected. I hope it's true. I've believed No Name was a traitor for a couple of decades.

  7. U dumbasses just now realized that after the fact ???? Look at mccains track record he sang like a canary to avoid being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton ask any Vietnam Veteran …. he should never of been aloud to hold office in the first place due to the fact he can't be trusted Rot in Hell John McCain you traitor ….. Should of shamed him and his family cuz he didn't get caught up in treason not once not twice but 5 times that is public knoledge…. closed casket mother fucker

  8. Forget holding their integrity, dignity in place for McCain and George HW Bush. May the world know the horrors these men helped to create! From the assassination from JFK, and RFK, to the international pedophile ring to satisfy their perverted sexual desires as well as the harvest of ADRENOCHROME for all the Elite. This is why they live so long. The FREEMASONS help with this.

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