Qanon Connections to Recent FISA and FLYNN News

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  1. Wow… Lisa Page and the other globalist traitors did to the 302 forms what the IPCC does to the climate data… and for the same damn reasons. What a bunch of corrupt, criminal, disgusting, self-serving, deceptive, nasty pieces of shiiit we have in positions of authority. We really do need to get rid of all of them.

  2. Hey Schiffy you have to prosecute the criminals. Doesn't matter which side they are on. Otherwise you wind up with the situatiin we have now. Way over 50% of Congress is bribed and/or blackmailed. We are very close to not having a country.

  3. Top of list of women I admire most, my Mama, Katie G, Sydney Powell, Amazing Polly, Rosanne, Tiffany FitzHenry, Ellen for Mayor of San Fran! But by no means in any order. Thank you Katie G for sharing your research. Incredible put togethers.

  4. I really do hope and demand the MSM are held complicit and responsible for their continuous actions in this treasonous conspiracy to mislead the American public in their efforts to destroy the POTUS .

  5. Does shift know there are facts out there that show it is the demoRats who weaponizes federal agencies, that him telling untruths can be fact checked, not by MSM who are in on this hoax, but not all who report are corrupt and the truth will get out!

  6. Katie G I love your work! I follow you from Canada, have for a almost 2 years! Thanks for all you do! Great work as always! My uncle would be of Flynn's rank equivalence here in Canada. I detest what's happened to his reputation but he will have his standing once again <3

  7. ? odd thought flynn timeline? why was he looking for bodies , ok so now several know the same… ok !? why and how long was that process before the hits upon him… why look for bodies ..could it be tied back to 9 11? the other plane or 370? or just children in the ritual sacrificial stuff//? how long and onto who's trail .. there must be other info to discover… pre that.. strange no one has asked that… most just get stopped at he knows where the bodies are .. and seem to assume it is child traffic bad stuff. was it a coincidence he found????? no way …could not be.. the hitters seem relentless. on any ..even yt channels.. ~ by the way we all have LIBRARY sections. googgoie has to be concerned of the libraries issue……. !digital and books.. that interview with Trump on 9 11 and the mayor … both of them seem to be attacked since back then~? was it somethingthey said that got the military complex =deepstate in a bind?that those have panicked ever since then…

  8. What I found is an un-utilized source of info on the ARRESTS, YouTube Kip SIMPSON is killing it! There really are arrests habbening! Almost ALL are corrupted Democrats in local places. Great to see this info eking out. I followed him for info that the corrupt MSM will not report.

  9. Katie, your use of animation/overlay in this presentation is fun and attractive. If you've utilized such enhancements with previous programs we apologize for having missed same as this house tries to catch all of your work.

  10. From the first time I heard Clapper speak, I felt he is weak and could be one of the first to roll with a certain amount of pressure. Brennan would have to be waterboarded.

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