QAnon debunked by Jack Posobiec

OAN video illustrating in part why QAnon is fake

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  1. Can't say Q is legit or not but this is a very poor and pathetic attempt to patch together several clips into one to discredit Qanon..
    Better luck next time CJ Miro..

  2. Jack posobiec is a zionists shill. He knows nothing, says nothing. Except lies. He's even afraid to debate Dustin Nemos. Doxx anyone else lately Jack???????

  3. One fact remains: As long as Trump continues to bring prosperity, no stone will be left untouched in the attempts to bring him down.
    Whether Q exists or not, we now know that the dark side exists, and we better pray for Trump's continuous success.

  4. Muahhahahaha.. Seriously, it doesn't take an IQ of 20 to see beyond this desperate attempt of a "Navy Information Dominance Warfare Officer", Yep folks go check it out..That's Jacks real job.. to see how this sham of a show talks it self out of any form of believability. Umm, just watch and see how many times he spits in the wind with his own lies… pretty funny, actually. NICE try JACK and Anonymous, voice corrected Dude 🙂 Hey Jack, you promised to tell us his name.. but you promise A LOT and deliver only swill. Thanks for wrecking your deep state pals!! You make Q's job so much easier!

  5. ALOT of these boomers do not understand how the intetnet works and are too new. I know the word has been tarnished and made to look cringe, but they dont have as much skepticism in tech as the younger conservatives/ part of the right do.
    (NaXaLT implied, so no NaXalT arguments, or at least people on our side should realize that angle is stupid and futile anyway)

    Also the generally younger generations are usually the ones messing with chan tier stuff anyway.

    Its too easy for older people to get had.

    Why do none of the younger right wingers follow Q?
    Why is it almost in a correlation with how tech savvy and discerning they are ?
    Do they know something these older people cant see?
    1. Because we've/younger right wingers been doing this on the internet far longer
    2. Alot of them are set in their ways, and most of their echo chambers stroke that part of their ego(which is kind of a weird catch 22/creates a weird cognitive dissonance in older people because of the subject matter itself, so they dont understand the reasoning and arguments their own side is making from the start.

    30 year old boomer and helper memes have become prevalent for a reason.

    Were the majority of these older people active on these boards before then? Doubt it.

    Were they doing the type of thing they do in their newly formed chatrooms before this phenomenon started? Doubt it.

    Is there still good takes / good info in Q? Yes.

    Sadly, the way leftists get had by their alt media is VERY similar to how older people get had.

    Why do leftist opposition voices cover Q so much? Unirock, and those types.

    Also, why aren't they using their normal discrediting tactics if they're simply there to discredit?

    I think its deeper than them discrediting. I think they've infiltrated it/ had some of their guys in there from the start. This is all remote, its how the internet works. No matter how well these newly formed chat rooms are vetting people.

    I think Q boomers, since there's no getting the big picture through to them. Should look at that angle a little more. Look at who the leftist opposition voices are. Learn their patterns. Learn how to fight them (in the realm of ideas)
    (So stupid how we have to put disclaimers on everything now)

    But the main takeaway is, is there good stuff in Q for the demographic it targets? Yes.

    Unless it's slowly building mental attachment to left wing issues. Read up on JTRIG for a thing like building a mental attachment to issues. Everything now is narrative based. So that's important.

  6. What a pleasure it is to be watching as you get your fucking head blown off like buckshot through a watermelon , better start spending all thatmoney fast on a mausoleum, they will not forget

  7. 00:55 We spoke to Microchip, they said, then followed that, in this digital age, by a very poor audio clip.
    Any body with image editing software and the required skills could reproduce those chat logs. Not solid evidence. They must try harder, and why are they so concerned about Q anyway?

  8. Well, just like Glenn Beck, there will be absolute proof of weather or not Q is a fraud just due to the passage of time. If these people are giving The Right the runaround, the evidence will be no mass arrests of Leftists in The State by the end of the year. If by 1/1/19 it does not happen, I think we can say we been bunked. Still getting the comic. Great idea even if it's fake.

  9. No Red Wave, No 11/11/11, Jeff Sessions is fired by Trump so he’s definitely not on any Q team.

    What is it gonna take for you Q-tards to figure out it’s a hoax? Literally none of this guys predictions come true.

  10. The biggest problem with being a liar is that no honest person believes you after you have been caught in a lie. If you lie to me 1 out of 10 times, I find you untrustworthy. Jack boy here has done nothing but expose the fact that "Microchip" lies 50% of the time  he communicates.Which time am I expected to believe him: The time he told me he was Q, or the time he told me he wasn't?

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