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Q tells us D-day is approaching for corrupt people in Washington.

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  1. Tom Thomas 2 years ago

    SAD …what ever odd stuff..there are always followers ..not me

  2. Farrier 4Life 2 years ago

    What is D5?

  3. Don't worry, the Federation is coming on Jan. 14th at the stroke of midnight with Baby Jesus to save us all from the Sleesaks. Then they will transform the entire island of Cuba to "Gitmo" and imprison everyone in California and New York on it. Think of all the new beachside real estate that will then be available to the Righteous. Keep the Faith and start planning the furniture for your new ocean front homes.!

  4. Elizabeth Adams 2 years ago

    I am so grateful that President Trump didn't forget about our Troops. It's time for them to come home.

  5. Star Gazer 2 years ago

    when is this going to happen. this all seems like a fake news keeping guessing bs show.
    i see a bunch of arrogant demons out running around. as if it’s all ok.
    they don’t seem afraid of anything. no ones in jail. you’ll be figured out just like the rest of the fake news.
    get those likes and cash in from u tube right. How much money you making from u tube for repeating the same ol thing with no actions or results just to keep people watching this phonie site.
    i honestly don’t believe you folks. everyone knows what what q is about q is everywhere how many q’s are there?
    you all know everything ,yet nothing is happening. bs.

  6. XtremeZone 2 years ago

    Q keeps on making predictions but nothing ever happens. Then people say it's all happening behind the scenes and all that crap. And when something seems like it's going wrong people automatically say it's all na part of the plan again. Even when Q was off on some predictions people say it's still part of the plan. How convenient…. im all up for everything Q is saying but I highly doubt it's anyone special behind Q. Q is just a regular person or people who are just guessing and trying to put together the pieces with many assumptions and that is why not everything Q says happens. As of now I believe Q is a regular person who is just guessing and predicting just like the rest of us do.

  7. Queer Anon 2 years ago

    Hi. Can You Follow me on Twitter? Twitter.com/Queer_Anon and QueerAnon.com Also Follow me on YouTube I am Going to be Presenting Q Videos and Posts #QANON

  8. David Caudell 2 years ago

    Q is fake, a distraction. Wake up people.

  9. :WAR-CASTLES. 2 years ago


  10. Jimmy Catalina 2 years ago

    May our servants burn in Hell. Truth? Justice? No such thing. Anarchy is the way. Until we see a return to true self-governance, we have no reason to believe in anything the so-called plan is anything other than big gov't BS.

  11. Apogee02UK 2 years ago

    Holy shit…You Q morons are genuinely ludicrously off the scale. What a bunch of gullible twits.

  12. Craig Luchin 2 years ago

    Is it true that Afghanistan grows 90% of the Poppy for drugs worldwide? Don't they call Bush senior, who just died, Poppy Bush?

  13. Richard Wolfe 2 years ago

    What most people don't realize is this cute guy has to be fake because if he ever posted anything that was linked to confidential information he would be investigated by the FBI and shut down by Secret Service immediately and it's amazing that none of you are aware of this or acknowledge this fact so we obviously can't be giving out any important information it's all bullshit
    This guy Q has made 416 predictions in the last 2 years and not one of them has ever come true and he is never addressed why none of them has come true he just keeps making more

  14. Thanks for yr info, hope all goes well thumbs up!

  15. Dana Stinson 2 years ago


    This is an interesting video linking Britney Murphy to pedos/Hollywood and suicide/murder.

  16. S S 2 years ago

    Praying Medic, do you think Trump is bringing Troops home, so they are not caught up in what is lying ahead when the world will be disrupted by all these arrests predicted?

  17. Jamie Macaulay 2 years ago

    Still waiting on these "mass arrests" that were promised months ago. Every day we get a new video by someone who claims to have secret info, telling us that it's just around the corner. Yet, nothing ever happens! What a load of garbage!

  18. Senchay 2 years ago

    Still rumbling i see, not bad 🙂 You should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone here in this channel, posting pro about this crap.

    I usually dont say something like this but the point comes where i nearly wait for the day you fools wake up when you see how your leader turns against you or how your nice country falls to pieces, day by day more. Like its happening already. USA, once loved by everyone and seen as the country of dreams ruined and turned into a funny "thing" where the whole world laughs about. And you here, especially you all, will one day suffer the most from it. If your not some ultra rich who has enough for his live anyway. Well done, really. Just continue to defend this more.

    …. defending a person like Trump, who does exactly NOTHING for the good, only for his personal benefit and destroying countries and lives by it, nature and basically everything and everyone against his weird and hilarious ideas is not something to protect and praise.

    Whats wrong with you all? Are you that stupid and blind that you dont see this? Maybe someone has to live outside the US to be able to understand the real Trump, i dont know…. i wish you wake up one day and realize the real deal….

    Us Germans are already stupid while looking how our leader ruins us but you guys are far worse…. Trump is so much worse as a Merkel can ever be, he has so much criminality in him its enough for 50 Merkels. You build your own grave and dont realize it.

    And praying medic lol, better check your brain maybe if you have that many weir dreams…. Are you even serious with this? And ppl believe this lol? Its so funny…. Well, go on and dream little boy, go on and dream….

  19. Chris Leaver 2 years ago

    People actually watch and believe this garbage? Pathetic.

  20. Mark Daniel 2 years ago

    The establishment watched during the Bush years, and especially during the Obama years, the general growth of what some refer to as a truth community – call it what you will. Q is their answer to co-opt that movement in general – which has grown to a majority in many respects. Trump is a false separatist from the establishment. Trump was designed to win from the beginning – there are a ton of advantages to the establishment to have not only polarization but one that reaches into the truth community and gains our loyalty. They now once again, through a control op, have sway over the people disillusioned with the establishment who are also moreso on the right – the pro-gun types, the types in militias, oath takers etc.

  21. Echo Mitsvah 2 years ago

    As a "praying" medic how can you promote Q? With the talk of wizards and warlocks, and numerous other things spoken from Q and Q+. I suggest you head to the word of Yahshua and stop misleading the public. A little truth mixed with error is very dangerous.
    Few be that find the truth.

  22. I AM GOD 2 years ago

    Qanon enjoys stinky butt sex with Sean Hannity. Hannity is the pitcher!

  23. jsnschltz 2 years ago


  24. tim 2 years ago

    I’ve heard on several u tube channels, dec 26 was d day, I’m waiting to be exonerated by my family!

  25. Julia Pierce 2 years ago

    Hey Praying Medic: The Lord told me JFK Jr is alive.

    11 When Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she proceeded to destroy the whole royal family. 2 But Jehosheba, the daughter of King Jehoram[a]and sister of Ahaziah, took Joash son of Ahaziah and stole him away from among the royal princes, who were about to be murdered. She put him and his nurse in a bedroom to hide him from Athaliah; so he was not killed. 3 He remained hidden with his nurse at the temple of the Lord for six years while Athaliah ruled the land.

    12 Jehoiada brought out the king’s son and put the crown on him; he presented him with a copy of the covenant and proclaimed him king. They anointed him, and the people clapped their hands and shouted, “Long live the king!”

  26. Marco Joan Caiani 2 years ago

    been beating this dead horse for more than a year. so far they are just laughing at us all the way to the bank. The promised red wave never happened, where are the hundredthousands of sealed indictments? I foresee a bunch of nothing! Nothing will change in this country,nothing! The people in this country are too stupid, ignorant and too many freaking socialists!

  27. Susan Byers 2 years ago

    [D] could be Democrats in kill box. FISA brings down the House.

  28. Sandra Blythe 2 years ago

    I am amazed at how many people are still asleep. They are glued to the MSM and believe every thing they say. Total Sheeple!!! Not everyone has FOX news.

  29. Sandra Blythe 2 years ago

    Has Q ever mentioned martial law?

  30. Sandra Blythe 2 years ago

    Jonxarmy and marfoogle think Q is advocating martial law . What's with that?

  31. Marlene Smith 2 years ago

    You sir, are about the only one I have heard that I would trust. Some can't decipher Q's shorthand. Some turn his msg into an immediate catastrophe. It seems some are just talking to hear themselves sound like they have the latest breaking news. And it's already been said yesterday. Kinda like the fake news with their own spin. After a while I began to think Q was a hoax. I don't want to grasp at straws. If something is going on, I want to know. But I am more interested in truth than anything else. The prayers of a righteous man availeth much. I truly only trust GOD. You might be 2nd to him in getting any trust from me. I come a lot closer to trusting a man that says "I don't know" something than one that will make up an answer. God bless you. Stay true to the Lord. All is well.

  32. Mary Howard 2 years ago

    I'm new to all this..can someone tell me who or what is Q? I want to understand what is happening in our country. I love our President and see he's full filling his promises. Please someone answer.

  33. Lin ro 2 years ago

    Global Economic Warning has a video on January 2, 1919 that is done by you. If they have permission, great, but I don't believe this to be the case. You may want to check it out as you don't need people that are posting your videos to their channels. God bless!

  34. Gary Roach 2 years ago

    Q Anon is the Deep state, what has come true ? What about Session he did nothing Q is just giving the impression there is things in the pipe but nothing is really happening..

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