Qanon December 21 – The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America

Qanon asked if we know about the deep state’s 16-year plan to destroy America. In this update, I explain their failed plan.

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  1. God expose and defeat your enemies and what they are doing inside and outside the churches, Vatican, nations and America and restore your people now. Amen.

  2. If you call yourself a Christian or Catholic, and you do not support OUR USA duly elected President of the United States Donald John Trump, then you are OUT of God's WILL!! It is specifically addressed by Jesus and written in both Old and New Testaments of the Bible and used in EVERY CHRISTIAN RELIGION – You are to follow the leader that God has allowed to be appointed! It does not mean that you have to go out and raise money for or like that Leader, but you are to OBEY the LAWS of the LAND – particularly in the United States of America! Laws of this land can be changed so it's up to you to vote and run for office to change!! DO NOT OBSTRUCT! You either believe in Jesus the Christ in the Bible, or you do not! There is no gray area. That is your choice and that will be your judgment. You do not get to pick and choose what commandment you like. It's all or ZIP – NADA – ZILCH. ZERO. WWG1WGA

  3. now are you ever going to offer a CORRECTION? you know the photoshopped image was fake… do you not? please fix the error you made… we can't be having more people misleading others into this fire pit you built.

  4. Are you kidding Isis didn't have any power until 2014? Is that a joke? We've been there since 2003 Iraq's always been very tribal, and very hard to get all them people to come together under one government. These people don't mind dying. Just take a look at the service men that died each year from 2003 onward in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This was a republican that got us involved in this in the first place. Not that there's really much difference between a Republican or Democrat nowadays anyway. O Mortal man is there anything you cannot be made to believe. Adam weisshaupt. Makes a lot of sense from a scumbag but people are very gullible even Nixon set Americans don't believe anything until they see it on TV. Be careful what you believe and always challenge your own beliefs and ideas.

  5. According to embattled New Zealand Journalist Susie Dawson:

    "I referred to #QAnon today as a ‘Pied Piper’ operation. What I meant by this, is that the operation exists to round up people that are otherwise dangerous to the Deep State (because they are genuinely opposed to it) usurp time & attention, & trick them into serving its aims."

  6. As I write this, it is January 4, 2019 and it seems like the crazies have coopted the Q narrative. Where are you, PM, with the voice of reason, decoding Q-drops and preaching a thoughtful approach to Q interpretation?

  7. Bill Still destroys the Q hoax: "Beth and I agree on this: Q is a deep-state disinformation operation – and not a particularly elaborate one at that. What has been the basic “Q” agenda in the past. Don’t worry, the good guys are preparing a massive trap for the deep state and any day now, their mighty jaws are going to snap shut and throw all the bums in the slammer. Has any of this happened? We were told that Jeff Sessions was about to do his job as Attorney General any day now. But Sessions did absolutely nothing in regards to sweeping away the Trump/Russia cloud which was deliberately created by the same disinformation operations group to hide the real Russia collusion crime of the century – the Uranium One deal. No, Sessions was cowed by this group – and I don’t pretend to know how – into dealing with anything but any matter touching on the Clintons or the group of FBI and Justice Department conspirators who have now fled or been fired from government service.
    Have any of those folks been subject to the abuses of the Mueller probe? No, not one. Instead, we have been treated to a chorus of Mueller conveniently losing emails, only to have DOJ IG or Judicial Watch find them again. Have any of that 7-floor group been indicted? With the possible exception of McCabe……"

  8. You've been exposed, kid. You are making a name off of INTERNET culture, no? INTERNET CULTURE has produced an amazing phenomenon over the past 4 years — FLAT EARTH & FAKE SPACE & FAKE NASA. EITHER, "YOU" are too "obtuse" to even know WTF is going on on the "inter-webs", or, YOU are part of the problem. IT IS THAT FUCKING SIMPLE THESE DAYS!! "WE" won't be lied to ANYMORE. So, "Mr-Playing-It-Safe-&-Slow_To_Catch_On-Information-Guy", Show your fucking hand so the rest of us REALISTS & CHRISTIANS can make a determination categorizing you, please?
    The Management

  9. Many of us anons were left hanging after Q's last post on Dec 22nd. On Jan 1st many of us were following other conservative commentators who thought something big was going to happen on the 1st or at least on the 3rd. Some channels were reporting that the Military Tribunals began on Jan 2nd and that because we haven't heard a word from Hillary, Comey, Brennan, the Bushes, etc. since Dec 21st that they were arrested and are taken to GITMO with Gen Mattis in charge of the tribunals and Jeff Sessions is in charge of the miltary tribunals in South Carolina in some secret location. Jan 1st came and went, nothing. Jan 3rd came and went, nothing. It appears that everything is biz as usual unless they've been really good at hiding this from the public. BTW, where are the Clintons, the Bushes, Obamas, etc.? Haven't heard anything from them since Dec 21st. G. W Bush's Twitter was made private, nothing new since Dec 21st, Hillary and Obama's Twitter page has old xmas pics and nothing from them either since Dec 21st. Has anyone heard anything new on this? I live in San Diego and have hardly heard anything on what's going on at the border, but I know of several people who have contracted the H1N1 virus (Swine flu) and died, one of them was my friend's brother who lives in TJ and came to SD to visit parents, now they are sick. Learned that the migrants are sick with Swine flu, TB, Scabies, etc., but heard nothing on the news to warn folks not to go to TJ. Heard anything on this either? Please share.

  10. There was a video on YT last night that is now closed. I went to Vimeo to see it, but it is not there. Where can we view it? (Jan. 6th 2019)

  11. Your straightforward look into the history we have witnessed is now easier to comprehend. Your analysis is nearly impossible to contend against. Any person with open eyes, ears, and mind should be able to grasp how dire our situation is. So many things we patriots have suspected now come into sharper focus. Absolutely brilliant!!! Can't thank Q and you and all the anons enough.

  12. Hey I just saw how much money you make from spreading your hateful fascist crap. You’re followers should really wake the fuck up. God hates frauds and liars. Good luck on judgement day you scum bag

  13. I watched a yt video posted by Ms.Anonmous Biggs showing (with narration) hrc , at the cereminy for 9/11, being helped to the vehicle with her hands cuffed behind her back.! Ms. Biggs also said she was sure hrc was wearing shackles on her legs, well, in the sound I did hear chains rattle as she stepped (fell) off the curb, but I never saw them…….but, gosh darn, I saw her hands (unmoving) behind her back during the whole walk/drag/trip to the vehicle. I guess we were all too busy watching her usual staggering around to notice. I verified this by watching the same scene on a CNN clip and saw the same thing.

  14. That's what HRC ment by making it an equal playing field " By giving away our military secrets. That's probably why Russia flu by our Navy without warning and made their ICBM s 5× the speed of they based on what Intel she gave them. Under Obama all the Russian service workers were given 5 days to leave the country, Turkey Pesident wasn't happy, Philippeans President wasn't happy, Russia lost an Ambassador, Russia lost a plane with choir boys on it to sing for Russian troops for ×mas, so it look like in Obama wanted to stop the election and draw Russia into a war. And remain in Power to finish us off.

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