QAnon DESTROYED By David Icke – EXPOSING Faceless Movements & Distractions!

Josh Sigurdson sits down with David Icke, world famous researcher and theorist to talk about the absurdity of QAnon, an obvious psyop meant to distract people and keep them apathetic to Trump regardless of what he does. The idea is that everyone should “trust the plan” and lay back. No one should take action because some so-called “white hats” are working behind the scenes to save them.
Now we know here at WAM that we won’t win any points by making this video, but this is about consistency and not allowing the populace to be distracted by faceless movements there to confuse people and misdirect millions of people.
David Icke also breaks down his thoughts on the recent coup in Venezuela as Trump declares Juan Guaido the “legitimate” president of the country as Maduro ends whatever relationship remained with the United States.
David Icke talks about the history of movements meant to distract, divide and destroy.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

David Icke
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  2. First of all Q never gave a date to when arrests will happen. 2nd john McCain's death was long foretold by Q. Anons already knew what happened. Again, Q NEVER gives dates. You are disingenuous.

  3. Palestine IS Israel, this moron. My grandfather was born there, there were no Arab citizens, it’s the biblical holy land and the Arabs have no tie to it, never did. The Arabs who did not leave when the 5 Arab states attacked the fledging state became citizens and they’re on the Supreme Court and in the Knesset and make up 37% of Israel’s universities.

  4. "Every now and then we get given a date"……Like when Q gave us not just the date…..but the exact MINUTE of McCains death. How did Q know this? McCain HAD TO HAVE BEEN EXECUTED for this to have happened…..The "Good Guys" are in fact exposing and executing the "Bad guys"….they are doing this slowly and meticulously by first cleaning out the corrupt justice system and then using the system against the Cabal. The whole corrupt system is being exposed like it has never been in history. David debunks nothing in this video. He obviously hasn't fully researched Q….he's made his mind up and that's that.

  5. Sorry sir, I disagree with you. I trust the PLAN, which is being implemented slowly but surely! Where We Go One We Go All, including you gentlemen.

  6. One thing everyone Has to agree on is that Q has produced NO actual results…except FOR the deep state. He/she/they/it has successfully delayed, distracted and quite probably identified and located the real patriots (ie trouble makers) for the deep state. Q is most likely an NSA personality or algorithm designed for just this purpose, there is absolutely no evidence to the contrary.

  7. Don't like the Q drops? Oh well. They are exposing Epstein Island. So I don't give a crapola who Q is. They get my thumbs up right now and David can dine on crow (me thinks he doth protest too much…no one is just sitting back…the anons on the chans are in overdrive exposing the Clinton Foundation…)

  8. The overarching discussion here is pretty good. But it's clear that they don't really know what Q Anon is or have a substantive understanding of the whole operation, which is understandable. A cursory examination of QANON will produce the kind of thinking you see in this video. A comprehensive view with eclectic critical thinking yields a much richer understanding. To say that Q is endorsing passivity is untrue. There's plenty of posts where he encourages "patriots" to keep fighting, keep thinking, keep researching. I hope they give this situation a fair day in court.

  9. Yes..I think the invisible 'Q' is a crock of shit. We are told we must take the 'word' of 'someone' who can't even be interviewed. I don't see that 'Q' has written anything that already isn't well known to many. Like it's not obvious the government is corrupt. What's next Q, going to tell us that the sky is blue?!.. To me it is far more likely that Q is a psyop to distract people into just 'waiting a little bit longer'..but don't worry..invisible things are happening in 'secret trials' but no-one is allowed to see or hear any of it. Well what's the point in having them then if no-one learns what went on?!.. All that is doing is buying them more time while people stand back and 'wait'. Year, after year, after year, after year..

    At the same time this supposed 'disclosure' is happening they are bringing in the fascist 'biometric I.D system' and bringing in microchipping more and more – which is hardly being questioned AT ALL by the 'disclosure' movement. Almost like it's taboo.

    Mark Passio talks about when he was previously involved in Satanism, he was told about the beliefs that would be put out through the 'new age' movement to get people to stand down and 'wait'. Basically do nothing while the new world order moves forward unchallenged by people that might otherwise question it. A major program of pacification.

    He explains this in his 'New Age Bullshit' presentation on youtube. There's also another great video, 'Mark Passio – Morality & Disclosure' which explains why disclosure won't happen until the basis for it changes – and that is our blind obedience to authority and government. Trying to change things through the same corrupt 'legal' system that was designed to enslave us is ridiculous..

  10. Perhaps the Clinton illusion had lost it`s magic and a new magician was needed to proceed.Still hope in trump but not blindly.It`s seems as though he is going after the bad guys but until concrete moves are made against the main players best to hold judgement.He does talk a good game but hasn`t taken the killshot.Venezuela,appointment of fmr bush people,goldman sachs guys etc.Not exactly draining the swamp.Still better than killary though. I think.

  11. This is probably the 5th or 6th video I have seen where Icke “exposes” Trump. He’s Reptilian; he’s an Elitist; he’s Illuminati; he’s a puppet; one with his Queen Elizabeth affiliation. Now this bullshit (not actually fully viewed, nor did I even search any; they were suggestions).

    Yeah, look, I’ll be honest… Not once have I questioned Trump, nor Q; however, I’m sure as fuck finding it increasingly difficult to understand you, Icke. DEFINITELY very wary of you. You’re either purposefully lying, motivated by something untoward; or you’re a fucking idiot, with piss-poor investigative ability.

    Suss piece of shit!

  12. Do not trust David icke! Ever! And you are a smug little turd!!!!!!! You have no idea what the hell is really going on, do you? Can't even fathom it, can you? Forget q-you don't even know who the hell q is, do you? It is clear icke has not gotten off his backside to research the subject properly! Fuck off! What is he going to do when something really important happens? Not saying what, not to you! cannot be bothered! Kak himself? I have seen a photo of this bastard doing the one eye thing and the big-case-of-money with wifey!

  13. sad to see such a smart guy hit such a hurdle at the end of the road… maybe he enjoys knowing all about the evil but never really having a clear way out of it? Q is that clarity, without a shadow of a doubt. They use typical closed mind tactics of using one general presumption that 'we just sit back… bla bla' and blow it out the water without looking at the evidence or any other info for that matter. All you gotta do on Q is spend time researching it and you'll see that no other movement offers such depth of info

  14. Much respect and love for David Icke, but he's wrong this time. Q is called a movement for something. Check yellow vests in france and europe. Do you think people is "waiting" for something?. We are all Q, we are the change, (like this channel), In one way or another.
    David, this time, you, are, wrong!. 😉
    Best wishes for you both. Great job!

  15. Is Q controlled opposition or is David Icke, or both, or neither?
    I suppose time will tell, or perhaps it won't.

    The best we can do either way is THINK for OURSELVES and DO what is RIGHT. Thats the bottom line and thats what matters most.

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