Qanon dig UN NWO /_ United Nations Luciferian Communism

Using several Qanon drops I go over the roots of the United Nations and many of their sub-organizations to take you on the Soviet/Communist and Occult tour of the people involved in bringing us into our current paradigm

I briefly talk about POTUS’s efforts to re-order the world by looking at his visits to Saudi Arabia and China.

Next I go over the leaders & architects of the United Nations & sub-orgs to show you their associations with communism or the Occult.

It gets weirder as it goes along.
The UN is not at all what people think it is.
I talk about Trudeau’s Globalism vs Trumps refusal to go along with it.

I wrap up with something CREEPY but interesting I discovered and give you a warning about an upcoming event.

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(oddly doesn’t list his World Core Curriculum)

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  1. T Young 3 years ago

    As much as I like the idea of Russia and China working with Trump to take down the New World Order, I think the only reason they are doing so is because they (Russia & China) expect to be the ones in CONTROL and to dominate all aspects of this world once the opposition is gone. Just look at what China is. I don't even think we should be involved in trade with China let alone involved with them in becoming the NEW World Controllers. Right now, Aug 12, 2019 China is violently trying to crush its own people, its Military Police are violently trying to stop the Hong Kong protestors. The people of Hong Kong have taken to carrying huge American Flags and carrying signs that say they "Wish They had a First Amendment" I'm sure they wish they had never given up their guns or allowed the promises of Communism to fool them into thinking they could have one country but two separate states and ideologies. Anyone old enough to Remember Tienanmen (sp?) Square?
    I realize this is an older video, but I just recently became aware of Polly. I think she is "amazing" and I have decided to go back and watch most every one of her videos. It is like the education I never got in school! Thank you, Ms Polly!!

  2. Gary Rayner 3 years ago

    Dissipating glamour indeed.

  3. Horses7878 3 years ago

    Satan is behind all evil! He wants to be worshipped

  4. Horses7878 3 years ago

    Cabal has stared most wars!

  5. George Roberts 3 years ago

    The failure is not the fault of the UN but the fault of the participants manipulated by nationalism and special interests. The sentences you attribute to trump are beyond his capability and from his speech writers. Regardless, it's partisan nonsense. Your seeming depth of investigation proves nonsensical in lite of your inability to see trump for who he is nor see the special interests and bomb throwers that washed into the white house with him. Bannon the bomb thrower was thrown into the mix by Bob Mercer who's another bomb thrower that wants to tear it all down and rebuild things in a fascist utopia. You this is what the UN is doing? Idiot. It's big money that's heading us that way. As with most, you see what you want to see and ignore anything that doesn't support it.

  6. George Roberts 3 years ago

    Ha, you think when trump gets the royal treatment it's because they respect him? No….they know if you blow smoke up his ass he eats it up.

  7. Peter 3 years ago

    Thanks for yet another great video Polly. You're like a walking talking encyclopedia on exposing the truth behind the lies, and your work is very much appreciated.

  8. Dusty Gallagher 3 years ago

    Findhorn sponsored New Age offshoots, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars …the current equivalent is likely in the billions.

  9. Dusty Gallagher 3 years ago

    Muller's comments echoe Blavatsky.

  10. Bette Byrd 3 years ago

    No not too long!

  11. Gemma Gemini 3 years ago

    Juan O Savin says the CFA is the new name for the Illuminati

  12. Mary kai 3 years ago

    30.25 – priceless comment –when he joined the un he was apparently a rational man, however…….

  13. Mary kai 3 years ago

    Don't worry — I came back here to continue working , but soon saw that THEY have strayed so far off plan, off path, that I have no intention of contacting ANY of them.

  14. Steel on Steel 3 years ago

    No you are never too long. Amazing Polly really fits your talks. Thank you for sharing your research with us.

  15. bill atwood 3 years ago

    Not everybody was in favor of that damned UN even back in 48 when treacherous Wreckefellar donated the land for that abomination to be set up here in America. The religion of the UN is and always has been Luciferian. Research Lucifer Trust and see how the UN promotes theosophy.

  16. Allen Marlin 3 years ago

    Rothschilds arent anywhere near the top 10…. They work for very old money that goes back 6000-7000 yrs ago. Yep they are wealthy but not anywhere near the Chinese Li Family or Middle Eastern Sennachariv Family or a slew of others. Your looking in the wrong places…

  17. truth seeker 3 years ago

    This is a rumor I heard so take it with a grain of salt!!!
    The rumor is….with the building of the temple in Jerusalem sacrificing etc. Netanyahu has been inviting heads of countries there and getting them to sign documents….sign for what??? If you've been paying attention yo the treatment of Isreal by the current UN..TRUMP BASHING THE UN FOR IT'S EXCESSIVE COSTS TO AMERICA… USELESSNESS FOR PREVENTING WARS AS IT WAS SET UP TO BE…the rumor us.. NETANYAHU WANTS TO MOVE THE UN..MAKE IT ANEW…TO JERUSALEM.
    The signing may be to get the leaders to commit to this plan!!! That's it..keep an eye on Jerusalem! Three religions are joining on this temple effort. Islam wants them to rebuild the new temple on top of the dome of the rock. This could also be the globalist move to start a one world religion and globalism at the same time! What good a temple without a god!
    2 Thessalonians chapter 2 could be coming soon! Read it here…it's never taught in churches:

  18. truth seeker 3 years ago

    Why did you leave out how Churchill worked hand in hand with Lord Balfore on the Balfore Declaration which gave so called Jews, Palestine?
    For more on this listen to a former Zionist Bengamin Freedman exposing it. He quit the movement once he realised what they were doing and was in on the negotiations for the US who pushed it: https://youtu.be/HhFRGDyX48c

  19. George Crossley 3 years ago

    Has anyone told you that I love you today,you are beautiful ,intelligent and truly amazing.

  20. TheAvolicia 3 years ago

    Education is never too long, very grateful for you. Thank you

  21. Ayup Meduck 3 years ago

    For a copy of the framework for media blah blah, an address is supplied at the bottom of this page http://www.theschoolofagelesswisdom.org/rms/rmltr.html

  22. the tie in of names to words in Genesis would only make the case that God is for the UN. Not against it. Theilhard de Chardin wrote his first book while a stretcher bearer in France during WW1. That is when he began forming his ideas. I read most of his work & studied them with a Cistercean priest friend of mine. We came away with much different ideas than you revealed in this. (in the Piltdown man scandal, he was framed to be dismissed as a fraud)
    the UN in theory is a positive move if only absolute power would not corrupt so absolutely. Because those who experience war want there to be war no more because having some entity prevent it means no one will bomb your family and home and culture.
    Now we know better

  23. Anne Bauld 3 years ago

    Thank you Polly. I feel sick to the stomach, I knew the u.n was evil about 30 years ago /How it has developed and furthered it's purpose so forcefully, insidiously .It's globalist plan runs parallel with Biblical belief and the 2nd coming of Jesus . Satan has big plans for himself and this realm of his . Praise our Almighty God to goes all Honour and Glory .Trump was annointed by God to put a STOP to this ungodly plan >So I put my faith and trust in the Lord because God is always in control.

  24. Rick Adam 3 years ago

    That was Dag, Dag Hammarskjold…not Dog…haha got the point though.

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