QAnon – Dismantling the C!A

“Stay ready with your lamps burning, waiting for your master, so when he comes and knocks you may open to him immediately.” (Luke 12:35)

Redpill’s Book “QAnon and 1000 Years of Peace”

Redpill’s Scripture songs www.IWannaSing.net/Ecommz

Addicted to Trump

Trump ICE ICE Agents

Trump Train

America’s Secret Destiny – Rosa-Crucian

Matt Gaetz – Shiff is Captain Kangaroo of the Kangaroo Court

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  1. Ellen is one of those who are in the upper levels of the Illuminati.
    That is why Bush hangs out with her. He is too.

  2. The Vatican is the wealthiest place on Earth !

    They need to arrest Francis and put him in Gitmo awaiting execution !

    Police tried once to arrest him and Francis' guards nearly killed those police ! And the guards got away with it ! They should have been arrested for Obstruction of Justice !


  3. JUDY CASE 3 years ago

    OH Melissa….at 33:45 ish to 36:00 ish, you describe my current situation exactly. Also use the exact same words given to me today by my grown daughter on how to handle the situation. Put on my big girl panties, no time for pity parties, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law, devils minions trying to stop what I am doing, the other person does not know what they are doing, and I need to go forward in forgiveness….MY JAW DROPPED WHEN YOU SAID ALL OF THIS TOO!!!

  4. EllenIsBlessed 3 years ago

    ALL of my Christian Facebook friends are making such glowing statements about Ellen. I just can’t. They don’t get it.

  5. Kory Christopher 3 years ago

    [Juan Osaven]
    God Bless…

  6. Laurie Ashley 3 years ago

    Deplorable McAlister made a web page for all the memes she collected from the meme folders. She had downloaded thousands. She arranged them topic for ease of accessing them by subject quickly. It’s a free service for all of us to use. Just create a free account account.

  7. pat pelnarsh 3 years ago

    iam just like you. when it comes to looking at those nutie people.

  8. Jetson White 3 years ago

    Wow. Just realized I'm doing the same thing as the Trump singing guy. I'm rewriting the lyrics to popular songs. Whenever I drive or when I'm working in the yard, I practice singing my new lyrics. It's fun and inspirational.

  9. Corry Webster 3 years ago

    Amazing work!! Love your channel!

  10. Check out Schuman frequency- https://youtu.be/urF_u3DpWw0

    Days might be getting shorter too…

  11. John TAYLOR 3 years ago

    All pray to keep melissa FFB safe Q and Donald Trump and Family

  12. Donna A 3 years ago

    Melissa – just heard from RedPill78, New aggregate website that collects so many conservative bloggers on one webpage:
    You need to be on here, list under the Alternative History or have them make "Biblical Insights" section!
    http://Www.VeritasWorld.News, check it out!

  13. Sam Counsell 3 years ago

    Hello blessings from Canada we also have a Hillary right now in Canada as prime minister who is letting thousands of them in even illegals and the government is supplying them monthly with money and rents are hyped up so high Canadians can't afford stuff but these people get everything

  14. Millie 3 years ago

    I’ve been with you since the beginning…just want to thank you for everything you do…❤️

  15. Twisted Sister 3 years ago

    13 From heaven the Lord looks down
        and sees all mankind;
    14 from his dwelling place he watches
        all who live on earth—
    15 he who forms the hearts of all,
        who considers everything they do.

    16 No king is saved by the size of his army;
        no warrior escapes by his great strength.
    17 A horse is a vain hope for deliverance;
        despite all its great strength it cannot save.

    Psalm 33:13-17

  16. Karen Bush 3 years ago

    Melissa you knocked it out of the park again!!! I'm going to reread Luke chapter 12 myself. It really put into prospective the challenges we face especially with the division of our families. But one day the Lord will reunite us together, Amen!!!

    I also loved the part about the treasures. As of right now we are going through some stuff, selling stuff we dont need. Some we are going to donate to charities. Any toys that we sell we are putting the money into our daughter's savings account for when she gets older. All the other stuff we will get rid of. Thank you for doing this video, it uplifted me.

  17. Karen Reaves 3 years ago

    Kick it up! Praise our Creator for President Trump! Kim Clement prophecies God chose his Trumpet and they will say impeach impeach! I read all the wonderful books, OutLander so well written. Part of my history.

  18. Karen Reaves 3 years ago

    Getting pursuity love IPOT

  19. Chxllx Chxllx 3 years ago

    I know how you feel Melissa. I feel the same way.

  20. ElmoCall911 3 years ago


  21. Chxllx Chxllx 3 years ago

    I cannot find your tweet that said go back & look at this from 2 days ago.

  22. ElmoCall911 3 years ago

    It's Q O'Clock……..feel the QQQQQuickening.

  23. Beverly Pothier 3 years ago

    Thank you to much! Blessings to you! Where is your channel to watch your back videos?

  24. heather Forster 3 years ago

    Please Don’t insult kangaroos

  25. Anita Timmons 3 years ago


  26. Kathy Kimberlin 3 years ago

    Read the books…they are wonderful….7books…

  27. Where/ how do I get you more info. ?

    This is Moses Staff- https://wwwrealdiscoveriesorg-simon.blogspot.com/2015/08/has-staff-or-rod-of-moses-been.html?m=1

  28. Please check out October issue of Christianity Today.
    Syrian Christians beg POTUS not to abandon them. They fear being genocided because POTUS is going to pull
    our troops out. I can’t link it but I’m giving you the information-

    This article mentions Mike Huckabee- Pat Robertson- Mitch McConnel- Lindsay Graham and Pelosi as against his plan.

    Please elaborate more on this- I know God has a plan. I know Trump is a huge part of said plan. But he is a man. Not God.

    They are seem to think that pulling out will cause an even greater problem for Christians.

    I know God wants none to perish and all to come to him. I know He would be against the genocide of his people.

    So why were you calling out Pat Robertson on this?

  29. Whicket Williams 3 years ago

    stay away from the murder industry, study and be your own physician, food is medicine. this awakening encompasses EVERT ASPECT of creation, I started coming out of my stupor about 2000, really started in 2008…

  30. celso deguzman 3 years ago

    You always make my day…was asking myself if I am amused with your dancing to the music or the music that makes you dance. Either way..you are way soooooooo amazing!! Blessings!

  31. Thomas Longhway 3 years ago

    I pray to Jesus to ask him to help stop people truning on me for no reason i dont hurt others but i get it bad , Ty Jesus for being here with me , God bless you all

  32. Susan Riebold 3 years ago

    There is a strength and peace that can only come from Jesus….satisfied! Good Job Melissa ..The Great Q army I like hearing this the blessing of being in Gods army

  33. ShirleyQ 3 years ago

    I wish you could tell me more too!!! Just so you know on my tweets I go by Shirley Q

  34. ShirleyQ 3 years ago

    I should know better than to listen to your videos while I am working because they always have me in tears. Tears of joy. Tears standing. And tears of standing alone. Thank you so much for sharing! Love you like a sister!

  35. Constance Berry 3 years ago

    I have to search hard for your videos – they don't show up in my feeds 🙁

  36. Desiree Israel 3 years ago

    Our Father is so wonderful. You are so precious in His sight and in mine. I have said that scripture on division different times. One can sense there is something different in the air. Let us press in, pray and praise thru it all. Let us use the power of the tongue righteously. Our Father will not be mocked. Help us, oh Lord, to prevail against any weapons formed against us, our Beloved Potus and family, all our brothers and sisters in this great battle here and all over the world. God bless you precious sister and yours.

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All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

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