QAnon – Draining the Swamp – It's Going to be BIBLICAL 3608-3624

Show Notes: Q posts Analysis of 3608-3624

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  1. This foreign aid has got me so mad because seniors are struggling to make ends meat in their life on Social Security which is their money which they had to put into. And on top of that they moved the retirement age to 66 because of their stealing out of our fund. And on top of that they put a cap of 17,000 on how much you can make working while on SS. Why it’s our money!!! So it shouldn’t matter how much we make.

  2. Katie, you're good! I trust your gut. I have never trusted Pence. I have heard some horrible stuff related to him as governor of Indiana. I know the gop/rnc made Trump name pence as bargain for the nomination. People in the rnc are complicit with the coup too.

  3. Sure are a lot of bots in here. Weird. I know it would strike fear into the heart of the Deepstate to see a Trump/Flynn 2020 sign, but what if Pence is part of Q? Trust the plan?

  4. Remember pence’s wife got a note during the funeral. After that happened I started wondering about them. Not to mention how nervous he seems around the President

  5. 95% of all the corruptness being uncovered has the name Clinton attached to it. I see it and sure most of the people that watch these programs see it but I don't think the voters that back her see it. The Clinton's are just flat EVIL .

  6. Here is a question, how can the news stations broadcasters have the EXACT words or phrases, Not close EXACT, and all within 30 minutes of each other. Isn't that strange ?

  7. Hi Katie. You do great work, as always. I agree, the long 3 yr wait is near over… the signals are appearing … [wheels-up]…. WWG1WGAQ+ … the Patriots + President are winning … choo-choo

  8. That is why minimum wage is slave wages….To equal the ratio of wages to living expenses then min. wages would have to be $28 an hour to equal the same in 1950….. MOST of our work and labor is so undervalued and overtaxed that we are going deeper in debt and unable to pay it. Can't afford property..So have to rent for the rest of their lives…DEBT.DEBT.DEBT..due to GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION…

  9. All that aid $$$$ audit yes good idea!!!! So sad for the needy people in those countries. Yes Katie it is SICK. Control and POWER. AUDIT best idea hope it will be implemented.

  10. I trust Pompeo more than Pence. But if dropped it would not help matters unless Pence is exposed for serious stuff… there are burblings of some messed up stuff about Pence that I dunno if I can believe yet. But I want to think that Pompeo is one of the good guys… these days I just can't be scared to be wrong… I have certainly been wrong for a long time before… I supported Obama for good God's sake and it took a long time for me to realize.

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