None of this would be possible without anons worldwide working in a joint effort to rid our world of evil. All credit that is due goes to them. Where we go one, we go all. No one individual is greater than the sum.

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  1. Holden Caulfield 3 years ago

    Good resource

  2. mary grace 3 years ago

    I keep seeing that you posted a new video but there is nothing there. Last one Nov. 1

  3. NOTwith_her 3 years ago

    Dedicated to all those struggling in darkness and the warriors risking all to light it up…
    How fresh and close my own pain is still, that I might see it in the eyes of another and once again feel its familiar embrace. The tears I cry today as I sit here on this beach are their tears and their tears are mine. I am resting now, watching the waves and letting the sun warm my spirit. As I wait and watch I have cried several times for as many reasons. In just a short space of time I have felt joy and overwhelming thankfulness that I am alive and grounded, and sadness for those who will drown in despairs oceans today.
    I have swum most of my life in these dark waters, struggling against the crushing current, trying for forward movement but mostly just succeeding at keeping my head above the waves. How frustrating and humiliating, being in sight of shore yet unable to reach it. Day after day after day I swam against the pull of the riptide. How tired I was, how badly I wanted to give up.I was pulled under again and again and no matter how badly I wished not to, I always rose to the surface. I do not pretend to know why God would not let me leave this place. I swam on and on. Most days my only hope was that it must soon be over. The end was in sight and with it a conclusion to this relentless struggle. I just neede to use up the last little bit of strength I still had and then it would finally be over.
    At times I could hear distant voices yelling from the shore: "don't quit before the miracle happens". How utterly ridiculous this sounded, could they not see that I was dying? How close I came to quitting. How alone I felt on this vast ocean as the last of my light began to fade. In these last moments I thought of the colors I would never see, of the tears of joy I would never shed, and of the darkness and hurt that would be my only legacy for those who cared about me and had no knowledge of the peril I was in. I stopped swimming then and with a small sigh, let go and began to sink into the quiet darkness.
    It was sometime later that I awoke shaking, coughing, and tired beyond words. I had somehow been pulled from the water and dragged up onto the beach, the same beach I now rest upon as I write these words. I was spared. My miracle and the end of my life had run a close race to the very finish. Life won. I had survived a lifetime in the most dangerous waters imaginable without drowning. My elation was brief however, for my memory still holds fresh the eyes of those whom I struggled beside for a time, as their light died and they sank into the abyss for the last time.
    " Why " I asked God then, " have you allowed me to live"? He told me that one of my tasks now is to be vigilant wherever I may go, that I may help others struggling in the same stormy sea in which I nearly perished. " What words ", I then asked " could possibly exist in me that might shine light into such darkness, that anyone might swim even one more stroke because of something I have to say?"
    " Perhaps no words you possess or ever say will be able to alleviate the pain of any other. However, because you persevered my child, you are now an excellent swimmer. Strong enough to risk exposure in the coldest waters , and to chance being pulled under by the panic and thrashing of a person who knows they are about to drown. You now have the endurance and stamina required to swim out to another and even in the worst of conditions, tread water with them that they may rest, and swim on, or know that with my help, you are now strong enough to reach even the most weary, those who have discharged the very last of their strength, and pull them all the way to shore and out of the water altogether. Just as was done for you"…

  4. thepixelpusher 3 years ago

    Where can you get the wow scores?

  5. MrPdrury 3 years ago

    Dan Bongino thinks they will all get away with it…

  6. MrPdrury 3 years ago

    Were you aware Jr had a minor FBI level skirmish with 44s VP? Hmmm.

  7. MrPdrury 3 years ago

    Bingo? News unlocks?
    The Bridge 187. Post 184
    Crimea Navy interdiction?

  8. MrPdrury 3 years ago

    Also 827

  9. MrPdrury 3 years ago

    Someone needs to build a Pandora music station, "The Music of Dulcefoe in Q"… be enjoyed while kek'ing around in crumbs. 😉

  10. Peggy Landwer 3 years ago

    Just viewing this today…I'm subscribed but no longer receive notifications?? I went looking for you! Much has occurred that I wasn't aware of. Thank you for keeping us informed~ God bless us everyone and God bless our POTUS and Military

  11. MrPdrury 3 years ago

    Wanna have some fun?
    Why is it so necessary to discredit Q?

  12. great intel connections and LOVED the musical score.

  13. Chris H 3 years ago

    Went to a Christmas party in Boston for my company. Paid meter until 7:52 and no meter cost after 8:00. Company pays $15 an hour and no health insurance. Got a $350 cash bonus at party which barely covers me for the month. Got $80 in tickets from the meter maid for 8 minutes I wasn’t paid. This has got to stop. Drove home sad and angry with tickets on the seat. This is not the America I remember. They don’t know how much they are destroying the country with these money schemes to fund corrupt cities like Boston.

  14. Kyle B. Stiff 3 years ago

    Still the greatest and most wondrous channel on YouTube, thank you sir.

  15. MrPdrury 3 years ago

    New photos dribbling out? Or old photos now popping up?

  16. MrPdrury 3 years ago

    Over 1,015 indictments were unsealed! Was 69,415 ish. Now 68,400.

  17. Dwayne Carroll 3 years ago

    Who are the only individuals who can arrest a US Citizen for Treason?


  18. Runsontrails 3 years ago

    I am rewatching your videos. I love your presentation. Future proves past indeed. Thank youDulceFoe. I appreciate your service and effort towards the end game. Anxious for some divinely inspired retribution on these evil people. I am patient.

  19. Zelda Robinson 3 years ago

    Thank you .and God Bless Everyone and keep you all safeI hope all their symbols are destroyed along with them .

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