Qanon February 15 2019 – Night Crawl Active

After William Barr was confirmed as the new Attorney General, nervous chatter began among deep state players as they made plans to avoid prosecution.

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  1. lsrk65 3 years ago

    Has anyone ever asked Q about chemtrails?

  2. Jo 3 years ago

    The clock in China’s time was set on 7. I noticed that.

    Hey saw this by an anon. It hit me. Just jumped over here. 8:52 am

    The seven in the meeting.


    Could the number seven I noticed on the clock be in relation to the seven in the meeting?

  3. Billy Silva 3 years ago

    Q's picture there is a building behind the clock the other picture there isn't

  4. Chris Isabel 3 years ago

    @jill Barlow, adults can be cloned and there are two locations that have been discovered. When an adult is cloned they cannot produce children.

  5. Chris Isabel 3 years ago

    @linda b. -" they used a hologram for Hillary when she spoke at one of her " speaking tours"…….

  6. Firstly thank you for you work on Q posts and your new Q book.
    I just had a thought. The Lord is against those who would divide His land. Could that also refer to the cabal/dems who are dividing America ?

  7. Fa Bee 3 years ago

    Trump will use the Nat. Emergency order that hussein obama signed in July, 2011, where hussein specifically mentions 'the Las Zetas criminal enterprise.

    Executive Order 13581
    Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations

    Signed: July 24, 2011
    Federal Register page and date: 76 FR 44757, July 27, 2011 (Las Zetas listed in annex)

  8. youreckonso 3 years ago

    So many places, as represented in so many movies, are corrupt with Sheriff offices, mayors, making money on the sale of drugs. – the border is their life line, and their politics are anti American due to their greed. Need to bust em Q, but you DO know what's most important, and perhaps too, we are dependent on God't timing as is His prerogative throughout history, for His purposes, causing a need to trust in Him for His reasons.

  9. youreckonso 3 years ago

    Also, SO excited, hardly willing to believe it yet, about what is starting to be done about voter fraud! Please to comment Dave, thanks!!!

  10. youreckonso 3 years ago

    Question please? Could prayer perhaps be called for for God to set up a standard against the mass hypnosis of people who are Trump haters? Their hatred is strong, as we all can relate – Titus 3:3 Thank you.

  11. Patti Greenstein 3 years ago

    Thank you!

  12. Ian Kouf 3 years ago

    You are out of your mind not immediately saying something about the three 0 Deltas that happened today. It's a big deal. The probability is cosmic. Love your work. Two months in and this is probably the most interesting thing going on anywhere. Born and raised on GI Joe and Red Dawn… loving the idea of some real, old school "American-ing" in the near future.

    That tree, though.

    Looking thirsty.

  13. Pamela Lawson 3 years ago

    Thank you so much, Praying Medic. I hope the blanketing of our skies with cloud during the night stops soon. Everyone I meet is very concerned regarding heavy metals, especially if this is part of an attempt to create a 'lossy' medium for Tesla 'free energy' towers. I wondered if heavy metal clouds and -66C conditions were to restrict 'deep state' weapon options or even perhaps if the covering of the sun related to a star gate portal (something I would have regarded as laughable twelve months ago but I was never keen on Einstein or gravity anyway). This sort of attempt to make a 'wild guess' at what is going on demonstrates the need for authentic answers. I really cannot imagine that free energy will be proposed with barium, aluminium and strontium as the price; such a suggestion would be ridiculous. We all know the importance of trusting 'the plan' when others are putting their lives on the line for us. However, information regarding what is contained in those clouds, why the sun is being blocked out in favour of a high uv simulator (such levels of uv warrant a public health warning to wear proper EYE sun protection [notice I did not say 'skin'], the levels surely put people at risk who have no option but to work outdoors) and when we can return to blue skies and our yellow sun needs to happen soon as this is possibly the biggest barrier to the continuation of trust. Incredibly, I even saw a date of 2060 in a 'Q' related article hinting at the necessity to continue with these atrocious uv simulators for adequate crop yield. Love and sincere best wishes to all. I have seen for myself in real time, as it happens the minimization of the light source to a perfect round shape, the appearance of a small streak of cloud in front of it, the blue orb to the top right hand of the light and then the outcome of complete cloud cover – it all took about three minutes at around 3.55pm, UK time.

  14. John Cramblit 3 years ago

    At 21:21 time stamp: Q suggests Rosenstein was at the "plot meeting" just hours after the election. Rosenstein wasn't nominated until 2/1/17.

  15. John Tatum 3 years ago

    Border security and stopping drug traffic and other kinds of traffic seems to hit home with Dems..especially in CA and NM…?

  16. 23:00 – So it appears that the picture of the missile launch was NOT the threat, but was actually of a THAAD missile intercepting the threat…

  17. Victor Munoz 3 years ago

    Just a thought P.M.
    [Rosenstein and Bruce O.] Maybe?
    Also, I've heard a few "Reliable" Alt. Media reports…that claim President Trump convinced "Georgy Boy" to "see the light" and "Flipped" G.W. Busch. He agreed to
    "Flip" if President Trump would help with the "protection" of his Family.
    Anyhow..Bush agree to "Spill the Beans on All The Swamp CREATURES." If these reports are Real..Then no wonder "There is PANIC in D.C."
    That is why President Trump Chose Barr, cause he Knows if Bush is being Legit..and Barr knows who to go after.
    President Trump..sure knows
    His Moves…and Counter Moves.
    "QUEEN TO BISHOP 6?" Check mate.
    God Speed Patriots
    Good vs Evil
    Trust The Plan

  18. NancyJo1992 3 years ago

    Thank you!!!!

  19. David Mclelland 3 years ago

    I have been asking this a while now. Not sure why no ones has come back yet. Not to hard a question if we are all seeking Christian truth?
    I was really hoping all this was true and we were going to see real people who care for people and truth . Trump is doing exactly what obama clinton or any of the rest of the lying leaders would do. Trump is doing what they would do in Venezuela. I cant believe it. So it looks like to me that this is all lies again. Can someone please explain what is the difference? Keep in mind Venezuela has the largest oil reserves on the planet. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/01/30/2019-00615/taking-additional-steps-to-address-the-national-emergency-with-respect-to-venezuela

  20. Jimbo Conn 3 years ago

    So we are just going to let the fact that "Q" supposedly, posted w out the TC, and just act like that's not a big deal?

  21. Jimbo Conn 3 years ago

    You really believe Jordan Sather doesn't know what he's doing giving the WaPo attention? He just doesn't care he wants recognition anyway he can get it. If you ppl think this is ok ur not thinking at all

  22. Elaine Danan 3 years ago

    The Anons found on the Fired Meme bottom 3 people in column 1 are repeated at the top of column 3. They think placeholders.

  23. Chris Sproles 3 years ago

    Something is goofy with this video on my side. I can minimize any video to multitask and listen but i cant for this one. Closed youtube ect other videos work fine this one closes youtube every time.. wierd just thought i would share, guess i have to watch without multitasking for this one

  24. P.A.I.N =Plan is in Action Now

  25. Saratoga Pilot 3 years ago

    The posting of these photos and encoded messages by Q are extremely similar to the techniques used to give instructions to clandestine field operatives. Is it possible that Mr. Trump's loyalists are running various intelligence collection operations privately, or paid for privately, and these operatives are directed from a White House insider using Q posts as the communication channel?

  26. Cindy Majors 3 years ago

    Today God EXCEEDED our highest expectations when He declared freedom for
    Venezuela and ALL the Americas via Donald J. Trump and the USA! Thank you God! You
    are amazing!

  27. Carrie Peach 3 years ago

    Can someone please explain how the trip codes work? I've been following along since the beginning, but I still don't fully understand how Q can post without his trip code… As Q?

  28. Li’l Doogie 3 years ago

    The open Boarders increased for GHWBSherf, his plan is now so clear.!! Stopped drilling in 1986.. Amazing Traitor

  29. common sense 3 years ago

    Your Channel is one of the best sources, for current and useful information thank you fellow Patriot#TruthKnowsTruth

  30. Bat Lover 3 years ago

    Had a dream couple days ago.

    I was sitting at a long brown table. Behind the table was President Trump. I asked him if Q was real. I also mentioned if he could not say for whatever reason that he/she/they was/were then that was ok. The President said nothing but simply smiled at me. It was the sort of smile where someone is confirming what you are asking. It was also a pleasing smile.

  31. Jeffrey Loree 3 years ago

    You're being played dummy. This jerkoff isn't real

  32. S O 3 years ago

    After 16 months, Q is still posting and posting and posting….Thousands of posts.
    But so what?
    What has actually happened?!
    Has even 1 single Q prediction come true yet?
    Has there been even 1 arrest?
    Has even 1 of those "70000 sealed indictments" been opened yet?

    p.s. In this video, PM refers to Andy McCabe saying in a recent interview that he & RR met after Trump fired Comey in May 2017 to discuss Comey's firing. PM claims this as a "future proves past" of a secret meeting of 7 unspecified people Q claimed took place on the day of Trump's election win in Nov 2016 (7 months before Comey was fired). What the hell does one have to do with the other?! How the hell does McCabe's statement prove anything at all about what Q claimed?!

  33. Andy R 3 years ago

    Anyone notice similarity of map on illegals DL and governor's filing suit against admin?

  34. CED MITCH 3 years ago

    Why are the chemtrails going on?

  35. Jen Rockwell 3 years ago

    Where can I learn more about what God is confirming in the dreams of others?

  36. SetFree 3 years ago

    What's a shill?

  37. Mo Sa 3 years ago

    I have one question. Why Trump wants Ilhan Omar to resign only because she told that AIPAC is real in US? What is going on?

  38. Eric Dutton 3 years ago

    Nehemiah 3:14

  39. Fon Hollohan 3 years ago

    Is it just me, the text in these posts are really blurry.

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