Qanon February 21 2019 – A Traitors Justice

After years of waiting, Qanon has provided a timeline of events that will occur as the deep state is prosecuted.

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  1. @Praying Medic, at 1:24 runtime… I so appreciate your time spent my brother. Curious a bit for this meaning by Q… "For those who decide to save the taxpayers some money… There is NO Escaping God"… Hmmm… RINO's? The whole, (make that two thirds), of the congress is damned & rotten after 230 years. (U.S. Constitution 1789). CLEAN HOUSE! …& SENATE!

  2. Music to my ears, bigly, "LEAKS, BRIBERY, COLLUSION RE; MEDIA WILL FORCE RESIGNATIONS, FOLLOWED BY CRIMINAL PROSECUTION". They will be some of the first (to be called out), just as it should be!!!!! Hopefully, the mainstream people will be able to open up to the truth then!!! FINALLY!!!
    OH HAPPY DAY!!!!! It's seems like we've been waiting so long for this. Traitors justice !!! Thank you Q, POTUS Praying Medic & all truthful patriot news updates for keeping our hope & faith alive!!!!!! Darkness to light, yeah baby!!! Ann Coulter is annoying no matter who she's voicing her loud mouth about, annoying! On the other hand, Q is becoming so light hearted/funny; it's great being on the winning end!!!!!

  3. Enjoy your videos, but I have to disagree with your stand on the G5. This is the introduction to Global oneness. I'm not talking about Unity, rather … Submission of free will. If you take Quantum Computers , biometrics and G5/6 put them into a Petri dish of alchemy , what do you get? Total Dictatorship. China is already using it, and is blacklisting citizens fro transit usage purchasing a place to live ext. How? Algorithms are the new alphabet for every language. Dangerous? No Fatal! Watch you back.

  4. I thought I was gonna get truth. This is just a trump fanboy section? I dont understand why people put so much trust in DJT. The guy is a confirmed pathological liar thats going to fix DC? That makes no sense at all. You just put up a meme showing all these folks being prosecuted? This is clearly for those lacking brain cells

  5. Let me get this right, Trump wants to investigate Pelosi for doing the same shit he does in Russia. Well he would know who is doing it…This is my problem trump is guilty of everything people have accused him of, and if he points to everybodys dirt on the way down then cool. But that just makes you quilty still. Not some savior??? The admiration and nut sack sucking you people give to trump is just creeepy. Your life is not gonna change because of Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush. Wtf? You live in an Empire that is well established…only thing changes is the figure head from time to time, not the agenda. Control the Currency and the resources…thats the game.

  6. Love the work you do prayingmedic. I support you and Q and all the other anons. Take back your country one step at a time. You have supporters like me even in the Caribbean. WWG1WGA

  7. I did a search on YouTube for Q proofs and was "surprised" to see the first seven videos in the results were Q hit pieces from the media all posted six months ago.

  8. California is fine idiots, still the most populous state, 7th largest economy in the world, best weather and diversity of wildlife and ecosystems, Downtown Los Angeles is going through a boom right now. Yea got issues, but metropolitan doesnt have problems.
    PS Rest of nation stop sending us your homeless.

    Time to go and enjoy my life. Later folks.

  9. I'm starting to think Trump is the traitor this whole agreement with Canada and Mexico it's like worse than NAFTA from my understanding. His call for tons of legal immigration what the hell's the difference between that and open borders? Confiscating people's guns with the four due process? Who's the traitor? Right-wing speech still under the attack antifa runs rapid

  10. Can folks please help me out? Who has actually "gone down" so far? Who is on an actual trail? Who is actually in Jail? Any real evidence of actual legal ramifications for anyone?

  11. white Trump supporters and all Trump supporters should demand an apology from Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.  their actions to quickly blame white Trump supporters for being racist murderer's is in itself unconscionable.  why isn't their racist reaction considered a hate crime?   if this situation were race -reversed, this would have killed their political career, and it should now.  we cannot have racists people governing our country.  please give this air time.

  12. Qanon is the Russian Internet Research Agency. Don't trust those red pills from soviets who never question Putin or Russia. Q is a Russian disinformation campaign

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