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  1. This isn’t news . We as Americans need to demand separation from the federal reserve . The banks run everything . It’s time to change this

  2. So long as we have government we will be a slave to such. So long as I think of my needs first before your needs we will have war. So long as we have money evil will continue to prevail.
    Shamanic wisdom by White Owl.

  3. I waited all my life just to hear this everyone out there listen to this man he is getting our sovereignty back this is so important for the American people this is what freedom is working for our hard-earned money and being able to keep it no more hunger no more poverty no more homeless has I beg use please listen and keep an open mind

  4. Check out IntheMatrixxx 4 Part series on Utube about Payseur's family Trust who owns US! Start of the 13 Families. DL name is in all Caps, and they have all Controlled Central Banks the IMF, system. The Plan is to Take back USA for the People!

  5. "Global Economic Security and Reformation Act" – this just WREAKS of "new world order" lingo. I find dubious organizations that would tout "equality." There's a reason why France went with "Equality" and the (original) united States went with "Liberty For All." Equality wreaks of socialist ideology; whereas Liberty For All means that NO ONE is to be outranked, prejudiced, etc. over/under another… ESPECIALLY a non-living (corporate) entity!!! In NO WAY should corporations outrank a human being… PERIOD! Same if the corporation is actually the US government! Government should ALWAYS be subservient to human beings… especially the LOT of us! THAT was what was meant by "…and Justice and Liberty For All"!!! Nowadays, it matters how much money you have to spend in a court system to BUY your "justice" – where some are more "equal" than others!!!! It's ANIMAL FARM (Orwell) – which is socialistm – all over again! Lather, rinse, repeat. Socialism is what nations get when they refuse to be controlled, manipulated, and/or dominated by a tyrant (monarch, despot, dictator, etc.)! It's high time WE TELL THEM what WE WILL DO and not do… NOT the other way around! Our "courts" are a joke! You walk into a court as a corporation, NOT as a living human being! Yet your "human being" pays the price of whatever verdict is rendered. This is NOT justice. This system is an Administrative Law or Merchant/Maritime Law system… the law of the high seas. Um, most of us LIVE on LAND… so, we need the LAW OF THE LAND… NOT THE LAW OF THE HIGH SEAS!!!! To bring back REAL justice, bring back the LAW OF THE LAND!!! Educate yourself as to what these two distinctions are how we've been bamboozled for over a century with this Maritime Law crap. And, get rid of this "case law" stuff while you're at it! There are ONLY two lawful systems I know: Natural Law (that which governs nature) and CODIFIED Common Law… all others are UN-lawful; they may be LEGAL (man's laws; i.e., maritime/administrative law) but they are most definitely NOT lawful. (Lawful is a distinction as to what is REAL law; i.e., the Decalogue of Moses [The 10 Commandments]. The notions of Thou Shalt Not Murder [abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide] AND Thou Shalt Not Steal [taxation] means that this PRESENT governing "legal" system is in NO WAY capable and/or competent to be able to determine what IS and what IS NOT lawful!) "…wealth redistribution system" – are you kidding me? THAT is socialism!!! Now, if you mean to suggest that governments and corporations should ONLY be around to serve/benefit human beings (and, en masse) you more than have my support. HOWEVER, corporations and governments (as they are currently understood) should NEVER be in authority OVER human beings!!! They are designed to MANAGE systems FOR human beings… not OVER human beings!

  6. The birth certificate of every person has a number printed on it . This number is an account number on the stock exchange . It can be worth millions . When the person dies holding the number the funeral home asks for the original death certificate to collect the gains on the stock market under that number …Yes the funeral home gets a cut ……I myself have not gone beyond this …Can anyone fill in the rest ???

  7. Sorry, but my parents registered my birth with the state I was born in without being told they were turning me into a object ( a corporation) that was owned by the British Crown. Since that was not disclosed to them, then the Congress that made the deal to use us to pay off past debts, along with the Crown neglecting to tell us, both parties perpetrated a fraud on my parents and ultimately on me – – – and that makes it all null & void.

  8. You all need to not depend on Christ saving us. God gave us enough brains for a few to pull off this scam against humanity. We the people need to get off our arsses and bring them down. First we need to wake up and see the corruption around us. Then we need to bring them down and remove them from Gods earth. Physical not spiritual Jesus and God can have them after death.

  9. The 1765 NAZI British Crown is the satanic ILLUMINATI NWO Fed Gov Fed Res IRS CENTRAL BANK ROTSchilds. All the same Entity
    MONARCHS were financed by The satanic ILLUMINATI ROTSchilds, The FED GOV ROTSchilds.
    ROTSchilds were MONARCHS, creators of FIAT, FUEDALISM, SERFDOM. Communism, Socialism,

  10. So much time has passed and still nothing . So I guess I'll keep setting my alarm to continue my slave work for big corporations. And on top of all this bullshit the earth is flat . Welcome to the matrix . More money going to a fake space program . Oops theres that alarm again , beep , beep , beep ! Get to work scumbag , you all look the same to me ! Stay flat yall .

  11. Everything you receive in all capital letters actually belongs to your corporation. You can take the number on your birth certificate along with your SS# to any stock broker and look and see your worth. However you cannot touch those funds. Look up " STRAWMAN " it will explain it.

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