QAnon GitmoChannel on 8Chan Up Down Server Status

QAnon’s GitmoChannel does some tests, and posted to Twitter, to see if and when 8Chan may come back online or if it is being tested.(Creative Commons – Free to Share)

evidently GitmoChannel doesn’t seem to know what Non Authoritative Answer means… it means that the IP it has cached, was at one point in time that specific IP, but not that it is currently… in which it is NOT.

BTW 8ch was BANNED from using CloudFlare.

Google Search “non authoritative answer”

My Post:

Fredrick Brennan(8chan creator)(answer)

well…. it didn’t work out so well.. many followers of the QCult used his image to show that 8Chan is making progress and is testing out the server… but there is one small problem… it certainly isn’t this aged and stale DNS record.

he also plays it off like he don’t know what they are using it for… for someone that covers the QCult as much as him, there can be sure to be little doubt he doesn’t really know what they are using it for.

to say to me he is using it to “document” my response is kinda detrimental… he deletes anything that he thinks could prove his claim wrong and blocks me… well maybe he don’t know me so i… i document everything i can.

anyhow… this is just another example of how the QCult lies to people, by showing them false and misleading information.

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  1. They ALL speak with forked tongues and out both sides of their mouths. When did a bit of honesty and transparency become such a revolutionary idea? I'm so ready to just shuffle off this mortal coil. Thx Mister sIXXIs – you're one of the few that keeps it real and clearly lays out evidence. Much appreciated as always. You keep well & havva good one, ey?

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