QAnon Identity REVEALED! American Patriot or Deep State Shill…?

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Who is #QAnon? Watch this video to find out!

Conspiracy Guy takes on his biggest adversary yet… the extreme Left.+++

#DeepState #WWG1WGA

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  1. xyyd 2 years ago

    You guys somehow disappeared from my youtube feed for all of 2018 thus far. I really thought you had broken up until just now! Excited to catch up.

  2. Troll Masters 2 years ago

    That was epic. You guys never show up in my subs feed or on my home page anymore. Lame. Algorithmic censorship is out of control.

  3. Drunken Worlock 2 years ago

    The masses will not wake up. Orthodox Christianity is the only thing that can save you.

  4. Haz Matt 2 years ago

    I am amazed that the same people who claim (believe) that all media is part of the deep state are the same one that worship a golden calf from FUCKING 4CHAN the Mecca and birthplace of trolls. I was there. It was epic for a time.

    Qanon is a cult of illogical gullible and scared people looking for someone to blame. The group has attached itself via its stupid naming the ONLY, truely righteous movement that will EVER come out of 4chan:

    Q is a troll with a bunch if Meatpuppets doing it's bidding. IT IS A DISTRACTION.
    The amount of, and completely of the misinformation coming out of 8chan and q boards makes that clear to me.
    Misinformation is a weapon of war people. If this shit goes on, I believe it will lead to violence.
    Become media diciplined, be a skeptic, use logic and you will cut through the noise.

    Ignorance is the cause of fear.

    We are legion.

    — Old school /b-boy troll fuc (ret.)

  5. Veritas Invictus 2 years ago

    Trump is a puppet as Obama and Bush. When I see him take down the FED or NAFTA then I may change my mind but we need yo cease belief in the false left-right dichotomy. Trump is obviously initiated.

  6. James Hutto 2 years ago

    Q is a psyop telling folks not to act. He is a Trump ploy so ya Trump is using this mysterious figure. Maybe even tyler the ai
    A 'Q' is a slavecollar and leash.

  7. Ela Lamblin 2 years ago

    This is hilarious!!!

  8. necksugar 2 years ago

    Q Is an A.I.
    Very Smart.
    Super interesting.
    Pizzagate is Real.
    Sandy Hook was fake.
    911 was an inside job.
    My mom is right MORE than twice a day.
    Q will most likely not betray Trump
    Because Trump has Ressurected the Pheonix Program.
    The White Rabbit Project is a CERN datamining and storage
    SuperDuper Intel tool.
    There would be no Q without U
    But usually the Users of Q are open to learning something new.

    It still reminds me of CHANI

  9. Singularity Now! 2 years ago

    Q, like GLP, could be a creature of the Tav1st0ck Institute ~ R@nd Corporation.

  10. john leckie 2 years ago

    Excellent guys.

  11. Jewels Isawake 2 years ago

    Always good for a giggle in these truth mind fck times. Thanks so much.

  12. Powerful Lies 2 years ago


  13. tommy8715 2 years ago

    Awesome! Thank You!!

  14. Joe Sullivan 2 years ago

    Q’s first “prediction” still hasn’t come to pass. For every one thing Q ostensibly has gotten correct there are 10 instances where Q has face planted. There is no undercover savior coming to help us.

  15. LaDonynia Adams 2 years ago

    Great video on the Q-anon. Benny won the war competition debate! Also, the trolls love to send insulting vague e-mails to truthers to fester up debates and arguments online, to attempt to create cyber bully debates with truthers to attempt to shut them up for telling the truth about what's going on. Trolls are losers.

  16. Trooth Seeka 2 years ago

    Q is a psyop. Every person you see in the media is a puppet. BOOM

  17. Will Adams 2 years ago

    Props for the WOEIH sticker!

  18. Tim H 2 years ago

    I'm just glad you guys didn't sit down and order a pizza with walnut sauce or dominos. Awesome channel, glad i finally came across thanks to WOEIH. Also, what a terrific psyop to promote: think for yourself, research for yourself, trust yourself, NEVER let someone else DRIVE YOU. In my mind they are a great catalyst to get people actively researching their crumbs. IF you choose to sit back and "watch the show" that's on you. Or you can "play the game with us."#884

  19. Abecedarium 2 years ago

    Q tard psyop

  20. trmblingblustar 2 years ago

    I think you guys way misrepresented the coherence of the typical Twitter poster.

  21. Lmao hanks @Jeran for having pointed me your way

  22. Y’alls way

  23. Rya N 2 years ago

    Funny +++

  24. Debbie Stehlik 2 years ago

    First off Q is no conspriacy did you know the term conspiracy was coined by the Democrats who question the JFK Death !

  25. Debbie Stehlik 2 years ago

    Do you know the +++ is Rothschild and or ++ is George Soros!

  26. Dillip Phunbar 2 years ago

    This was +++ funny

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