Qanon Invesco at 17.17/ DNC case Against Assange Dismissed

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The case of the whole Russia stole the DNC emails and sent them to Wiki has been dismissed with prejudice, meaning it’s done and cannot be brought before the courts again, oddly enough a Bill Clinton Appointee has presided over this case, where the judge finds the DNC had no legal right to Sue. 💥 Also Remember the invesco QQQ trust QQQ? Well funny enough that the stock price at market close was 17.17. Coincidence? ✌🏼

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  1. Trust The Plan , Trump along with the Millitary knows what there doing.

  2. Maharajji NKB 3 years ago

    Personally, I'm not so much interested in the numerology interpretations. Seems to be much like picking faces out of cloud formations,. finding patterns where there are none. To counter 'Bible code' claims, someone showed that, using the same methods, it could be demonstrated that the Kennedy assassination was predicted in Herman Melville's 'Moby Dick'.

  3. Grahms Toker 3 years ago

    Question, space dude. If "Invesco (QQQ)" is Q, why did they insert themselves in the ticker on CNBC instead of the presidents favorite news station, Fox? No Trump supporter would be caught dead with their televisions on CNBC. So, what's the deal? Is it real or is it bullshit?
    Also, I have an intuition we're not going to see the 'mass' arrests we've been promised and waiting to see for two and a half years. I see it much more logical to expect there will be a handful of lower ranking, non-elected, bureaucrats grandstanded into a kangaroo DC court, given a slap on the wrist, and hired as contributors at Fox, while everyone else walks away unscathed. That's the way it appears things are shaking out. Come back?

  4. Cosmic Charlie 3 years ago

    We want to see a case against the DNC.
    And the pants anomalies are way lame.

  5. F.B.I. 2 3 years ago

    "all fully known and documented"

  6. Alain Michael 3 years ago

    Solution is simple. Deploy military at every establishment (profit and non profit including schools and universities). Watch the shootings disappear towards zero.

  7. Missy Moonwillow 3 years ago

    what a mess. It's all a mess. Really hate these times, I blame ALL OF US.

  8. Charly Truxall 3 years ago

    Probably unsubscribing to this channel. Just saying Q might be comey

  9. Gun Control?….no, just ban liberals, as they do all of the shooting, not the nra, and, the gun free zones, as all the mass shootings are there. Then , get real and take away thug guns so the hood will be safe again, and, of course, stop zombie marxocrats from lying about it all. So, cut the shit with gun control talk. We owe them nothing, the shoe is on the other foot.

  10. middy vanhoose 3 years ago

    *The powers that be, r being exposed to the people, the ones still asleep, sadly
    need to ask their Powers that be, (God) to open their eyes so they can c the
    truth before it is too late. Thank u, Lord Jesus, Amen … *Wow, and watch out 4
    the fake news, lol please watch how they twist the news u will c them admitting
    their own guilt … this is sad to watch, look to c who r the real enemies of
    the people!!! Never interfere with an enemy when they r, in the process of
    destroying themselves!!! Be careful and pray, this is a spiritual war and the
    enemy is very powerful! Trump 2020,

  11. intender4good 3 years ago

    They..them bastards are hiding all my Q channels..listen..anyone listen to stroppy me? Has been 5 days since he has posted

  12. MsBabs1964 3 years ago

    Did Trump say Toledo for a reason. Maybe something for ANONS?

  13. Cleanup Philly 3 years ago

    Spaceshot this is amazing. You did great work.

  14. Cleanup Philly 3 years ago

    Whatever you do, cache this offline STAT, ASAP.

  15. brendan McQ 3 years ago

    Assange is the key that will unlock all the DS crimes.

  16. lauren flanagan 3 years ago

    Glasses no pockets and people saw guys in black with masks on the inside

  17. lauren flanagan 3 years ago

    Pretty sure Oprah is Guro John of God just got busted with the biggest sex trafficking ring to Europe

  18. DarlnDar 3 years ago

    Use anything but Google also!! They have blacklisted **ANYTHING** we need to read!! **FREE ASSANGE!**

  19. Starla Patterson 3 years ago

    Omg, wow, this hasn't happened yet and the cargo pants!!!! Wow!!!!

  20. LOUIE D 3 years ago

    Thanks Mike

  21. Starla Patterson 3 years ago

    Report on epstein being dead please! I prefer to hear it from yall.

  22. Silver Fox 3 years ago

    Some people are guestioning the pictures of the men in those pants, and the broadcast by a local kfox14.

  23. nalvar82 3 years ago

    We need to declare the Democrat Cult a dangerousTerrorist Organization!

  24. nalvar82 3 years ago

    I thought "with prejudice" means that a case can be tried in the future. Anyone out there clarify for me?

  25. nalvar82 3 years ago

    We are in a verbal digital Civil War. We, the People, the Patriots, are so tired of the Democrats getting away with literal murder! We have woken up to their evil agenda and are mad as Hell! We Digital Soldiers are fighting with what is left of our Free Speech. The inaction and corruption in the DOJ and FBI has worked our last nerve!!! What do you expect us to do? Sit back and shut up and let the Muslims rape and murder? The people like Maxine Waters, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Presley and a whole long list of people calling for the assassination of our great President and his family and our demise, spewing violence against us? MSM inciting violence against us? Constant race baiting by the founders of the KuKluxKlan- the Democrats? The False Flags, School Shootings and massacres by the Deep State/ Democrats when they don't get their way? Traitors, Communists and Destroyers of God and America walking free, while we are left in the wake of their vile hatred? DO WE, THE, PEOPLE, KEEP TAKING IT?

  26. Big Rig Rich 3 years ago

    Where is Assange?

    There was a black out in New York.. Shortly after Epstein dies.

    Black out in a lot of UK….

    Where is Assange.

    They need him in GITMO under special security.

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