#Qanon, Lindsey Graham & Brett Kavanaugh Warn The Deep State: Gallows & GTMO for Traitors Is Coming!


Lindsey Graham and Brett Kavanaugh Prepare the Public for the upcoming military tribunals for the traitors in the Deep State and Shadow Government. Just like Q has been telling us since Oct. 31, 2017.

This video is my analysis and breakdown of the Lindsey Graham and Kavanaugh exchange about criminal law vs military law. Patriots Rejoice! 2018 Will be Glorious!

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  1. I just remembered that wild high school party when Diane F , she was drunk as a skunk, she pulled off her skirt, grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her genital area. The horrible smell stays in my memory to this day. Impeach her !

  2. I agree concerning Sessions I don't think it's wise right now to throw him under the bus and well I haven't been in that crowd. I don't know exactly what is going on there but I've just stayed out of all that and told myself Trump is doing the right thing and if that means keeping Sessions then so be it that's part of the plan you say to trust. If not then I'm confident Trump will get rid of him because sure he hasn't really gone after the Clinton's but then again let's not forget their BIG fish so give it time and well I think it's best to keep going after all the small fish first so they can give cough up more evidence that will eventually lead to Clinton and Soros and even the rest. I watched a video the other day and it said that on the 17th I believe the operating license of the Federal Reserve has finally expired and they no longer have a right to do business in the US. Be encouraged folks justice is coming as we all know it but keep praying for Trump and other's protection because let's not forget the deep state is cowardly enough to do something knowing their up against the wall and unable to do what they once could.

  3. Sessions is working on iron clad cases against the swamp creatures/cabal. Trump is smoke screening and the SCOTUS battle and everything else are a distraction. Trump card! The hammer will drop.

  4. Yes. I was floored by Lindsey Grahams behavior too. He was a total rhino and I disliked him. Now he is like a hero of sorts. I was amazed at his speech at the Kavanaugh hearing. Maybe he has had a serious change of heart after learning that No Name was put to death. OR, maybe he was acting like a rhino in order to learn more inside info from the Demons?

  5. Sessions is at work behind the scenes. He is called "The Silent Executioner". Just trust the process. Trust Sessions. They do not want the Left to think he is at work for us, but that he is also a traitor–which he isn't.

  6. I love that you are a Ptriot, but I'd love to watch the full interview from start to finish without comments every line. Maybe you could do your analysis at the end. With all due respect, it's just my opinion.

  7. Nice work Black Conservative for outlining those statements for us. I watched the testimonies and followed what Lindsey Graham was doing but wondered if I was hearing things. Thanks for affirming my understanding of his line of questioning.

  8. This current admin produced more military tribunals, it enables quick judgement s.

    Thought it issued 10'000's of sealed indictments same time Sessions took out one of largest dark web networks.

    IMO the world needs TRUMP, doing it for $1 a year!

  9. This si all new to me, so im going to back track your videos., to wee the implications of Hillary& Obama.. You are truly interesting.. Ty for your videos.

  10. So Trump just reiterated for a second time in television that he believes the F35 is literally invisible. Like wonder woman’s Jet..

    “the F-35 fighter jet, which is, you know, almost like an invisible fighter. I was asking the Air Force guys, I said, how good is this plane? They said, well, sir, you can’t see it. I said, yeah, but in a fight — you know, a fight — like I watch in the movies — they fight, they’re fighting. How good is this? They say, well, it wins every time because the enemy cannot see it. Even if it’s right next to it, it can’t see it. I said, that helps. That’s a good thing.”

    Is this all of an act to lull his enemies into the security that he’s functionally retarded so they don’t see him coming?

  11. FYI: Justice for Clinton and Obama is a underground concept. The drive by media is not talking about and the right wings media [Fox News] dont seem to think so either!

  12. …how can you trust a co-author of the patriot act, an enemy of the 4th amendment, no less, with summary discretion?
    …if you believe in the efficacy of military tribunals then maybe you should be brought before one.
    …excuse me, but you cannot be this stupid and call yourself a Patriot

  13. Great work, but stop talking, you're messing up your flow. Next time make a script and follow it so you can stay focused, because you interrupt and keep repeating what you have already said. It's very distracting and takes away from what could be a powerful presentation. This will set you apart from everyone else if you follow it. It's good work but could be much better.

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