Qanon March 30 2019 – Shall We Play Another Q Proof Game?

Q sets up another watch proof and highlights patriots at the Grand Rapids rally.

Twitter thread:

This broadcast covers posts #3230-3310 on

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  1. I don’t have an hour to watch can someone guide me to a more concise update page ?

  2. wuteva34 3 years ago

    THE STORM IS OVER !! Dustin Nemos has deciphered today’s top secret Q-drippings with his ovaltine brand top secret decoder ring !!
    Dripping #1. “Peekaboo we see you. Cages will be filled. Throw away the key. Every dog has his day 4 2 19”
    This translates to : “the top secret headquarters of the deep state criminals has been located and the 5,675 sealed indictments will be unsealed tomorrow. They will all be confined to cells in Guantanamo “

    Yay ! America is great again ! Thank you Q-anon ! Thank you Donald ! Hooray patriotards !!

  3. Mary Riley 3 years ago

    South Carolina love you Prayingmedic! Thank you Q we love you as well ! Donald J Trump Greatest President Ever! God Bless You !

  4. Katherin Keegan 3 years ago

    Praying Medic This is my second attempt to write this. My signal was dropped during my first attempt. POTUS has expressed approval for 5G and is pushing for it. There's a growing group of scientists and others concerned about the negative health issues associated with it.

    The Public Intelligence Blog in Florida is threatening to make sure POTUS won't be getting Florida's electorial votes if he doesn't stop the roll out later this year.

    Has anyone asked Q about this?? Do you know someone who can?? It has been reported that Isreal created it but refuses to use it. That alone raises concerns for me!

    If you have info on this or have done something on it please let me know. Thanks


  5. y2k1307 3 years ago

    What's with you and Defango??

  6. don dung 3 years ago

    The only thing you prove here is that you're a delusional puddinhead. You're applying for a job with an intelligence agency? Hahahaha, oh my gosh, too good. The only way you could possibly get a security clearance would be if Trump were your father or father-in-law; I don't think he is.

    I suspect that you will delete this comment and/or block me, but if you would like to know why you are not "proving" anything, just ask. Tedious though it will be, I'll take the time.

  7. Brian Miller 3 years ago

    Someone said in March something would happen now its April what is taking so long and when will the arrest come?

  8. Joanne Davis 3 years ago

    Man. Who ever figures out where the watch is sitting in the Oval Office etc. must be the best detective ever! Q is right, apply for a job in our secret service. Wow!

  9. Nostrudoomus 3 years ago

    That watch is probably worth $27K!

  10. David Hathaway 3 years ago

    You (they) can't handle the truth. WWG1WGA

  11. Gary Piantantida 3 years ago

    I was wondering if the reference to a bridge in his last drop has anything to do with the bridge incident in Fort Lee NJ and Chris Christie?

  12. Ben Grey 3 years ago

    Steganography expertise required. Proof within proof?

  13. SouthernDawg36 3 years ago

    Since I am a true Born Again and question things that go Against the Living Word of Jesus, here is a quote from a twitter account "Fulcrums crew puts David Hayes, aka Praying Medic, at profit of approx $1.2M from his q decodes, which he claims as a non profit church basically. Quite the grift if he is actually Q. Also hear the feds are all over 8 chan. This guy is not promoting the Doctrine of Salvation of Jesus but instead is promoting something to make him money! Question those you follow!

  14. Ken D 3 years ago

    re/football meme: I've seen the DS with the ball most of the first half. They keep getting sacked, and they are dying to score.

  15. April 19TH is a special Date…. Oklahoma city bombing other events happen on that day!

  16. Eric Fiji 3 years ago

    Trump is Q, or he was. Maybe military intelligence now.

  17. Kallista Eos 3 years ago

    Why am I not getting any new Q posts? Something seems amiss.

  18. idealsmith Reeves 3 years ago

    Most dumb down channel I've come across. They don't want anyone commenting against their narrative…not open minded at all ..if you want a chat with a bunch of psychic doomsayers this is your channel

  19. Derek Fogle 3 years ago

    Why are you pictured with maga coalition will you please answer this shit already.. if it was accidental ok. It wasn't gorka you were with . I agree gorka is fine it was the pac . But what everyone has a problem with is pics of you with mag co.. president … witch 100 would of knew what was going on there.. can you clear this up ?? Please that is all they want we want is for you to clear up wth was going on there this isnt a personal atk just a question

  20. RB 3 years ago

    WG1QTROTQWF…"Where goes one QAnus, the rest of those QAssholes will follow!"…WG1QTROTQWF

  21. Adrian Hope 3 years ago

    Where has Q been for a few days now?

  22. Michael Jones 3 years ago

    All the ones against potus , are so far up their asses that they cannot see the real world.

  23. games ohhh your so sick n ugly , the devil…… q is the way usa refers to standard rate of sucess for biological weapons….which represents the amount needed to infect neede to infect 50 percent of all humans in a one kilometer of territory….. nanos in chemtrails…..track us all n nano processers are surrounded by assures,, q is busted psyop. n you best know , i never play games, my truths no scavengerhunt till to late, you freedom is reduced to a scavengerhunt, usarmy youve now found your game turning on you all. q is as i state, be wise . beware.

  24. Jon Griggs 3 years ago

    Fucking fake ass cult follower.

  25. kctyphoon 3 years ago

    Has anyone given some thought into Q’s first post- “HRC will be arrested on Oct 30, 2017” – and thought this is how this ends for her? Thats shes arrested on Oct 30th – and the year was posted wrong on purpose.. how awesome would that be.

  26. kris brennan 3 years ago

    Do people really believe in O?

  27. Ginny Wilkerson 3 years ago

    On my iphone when I type in Qanon.pub I get two posts. I don't get a website.

  28. Sage Preaumx 3 years ago

    If a congressman intentionally performs an illegal act why are they not prosecuted and imprisoned? The rest of us are imprisoned at a drop of a hat; why the double standard?! The law does not apply to congressmen?! THAT is corrupt. The penalty should be even higher because of their obligation to and responsibility for SO MANY people.

  29. unpluged 3 years ago

    First watch is on Black paper, second on white. Maybe a change of power? Black Hat to White Hat? Also, maybe the shapes in photos are significant? Oval, circle, oval ? New Q fan. UK

  30. V1ctor 3 years ago

    qposts.online is what I read

  31. Angie Stewart 3 years ago

    New Zealand very interested in this…l would say a lot of us are just waking up to the world as it is….

  32. elainebebrown 3 years ago

    How can I get a Q shirt?

  33. Lizzie Luxe 3 years ago

    Can someone fill me in why the “Make noise for Q” sign caused trouble? He said that and I was listening while cleaning and think I missed where he explained that.

  34. searcy mcfly 3 years ago

    Someone has to help me with this. As a person who has done scientific research and statistics for 8 years I can tell you the 1st proof alone is 110% physically impossible without direct access to the president. It is not plausibly deniable at all. If you run the possibility of doing the post with the exact same time stamp and date stamp and just select that randomly?? Err basically, not possible, you could run the calculation but it would be something like literally the number of seconds in a day (since the time stamp is in seconds) times the number of days in a year (to get the exact same date) so this would be 365(days per year for date stamp)*24(hours in a day)*60(min per hour)*60(seconds per hour to get the exact second)=31,536,000. So there is one chance in 31 million! 536,000 thousand that you could randomly guess an exact date and time stamp. In other words, it didn't happen (not random, no plausible deniability). Its gets even weirder even if this was planned ahead of time as in Q is in the inner circle with PODIS and barr and he (q) is being fed information, how would it even be possible to time that announcement to to the second? You could know possibly the 5-10 min interval it would be released but to know the exact second would essentially be impossible without being the one who does it yourself.!! Wild stuff. I have to look at these Q proofs more closely.

  35. Cheryl Bert 3 years ago

    Let's all follow Q and Praying Medic… as always thanks for your info.

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