QAnon News: The Dirty Dossier Heats Up [SCHIFF]

Q News Today: Several new stories about the Dossier, Schiff and Matthew Whitaker. Where is Hussein?

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  1. The true, the information given along with a very classic funny way to presenting all your videos, it is a very fun to learn and be informed. I love this channel

  2. You think your patience are being tried now? Watch another year go by and we are still wondering about a declass. smh , lol..I get the feeling none of us will get the info until long after its over.

  3. I'm going to chime in on the Bernie Sanders point. I've listened to a few Bernie Sanders supporters and they are oddly moderate and well-informed. Most don't really believe he's a Socialist, even though he's came right out and said it. They think like old school dems ('80s and '90s) that there's nothing to fear from "a little more government." It's not "really" socialism. (Whatever. They'll learn.) Anyway, you're right. Not many choices, but they did have the good sense to know that Hillary was a bad apple. And many were seriously pissed about Hillary stealing the election. CA voter fraud. I think if anything, that explains why he was on Hillary's campaign and got the drive… Actually makes more sense than either him being a genuine Hillary supporter or a conservative plant. That's my 2 cents anyway. 😉

  4. Great report! I hope everybody realizes that even if this administration is able to show all the nastiness that we are hearing about as mere conspiracy and fantasyas truth and people are brought to justice, that this is just one layer of the nasty government system that has probably been corrupt for decades. DECADES… how many other things have happened in our lifetime that were not reported, or reported incorrectly? How many people have disappeared because of the deep state network?

  5. The exchanged small talk and lots of cash. Shiff paused because he could not remember if he paid Simpson with Cash or a check?!?!??!

  6. If you NEED Q, then don't pee pee your drawers while waiting for "?'s" next "clue", to lead you what to think. If READING Q has broadened your mind, opened your eyes to possibilities and truths. Then "?'s" job is already done. To many wondering, mindless sheep need to grow a set and learn to discern the truths and lies all around them. Stand on your own two feet! Become a leader, not just one of the led.

  7. Lol, I have watched a few clips from Matthew Whitaker's Testimony before the house judiciary committee, and my god I love this guy. He spends much of the time, at least from what i've seen, absolutely trolling those old dorks on the committee.

  8. DNC 'hack' HOAX CONCOCTED immediately after sotero/clinton/podesta assasination of Seth Rich & our beloved Justice Scalia was EXPOSED by Julian Assange. Classic CIA/FBI dis-information to redirect attention away from murder plots against our chief Justice! sotero was interviewing judges BEFORE he killed Justice Scalia. Now that the COUP has failed, when do the trials for Treason begin??

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