1. Sandra Herrmann 2 years ago

    The document looks like a process update document. This is done regularly so everyone is on the same page. I wrote process updates when I was in telecom as a quality process engineer.

  2. June Martin 2 years ago

    MOSSAD and SA own our MSM.

  3. Sandra Johnson 2 years ago


  4. Dianne S 2 years ago

    We ARE losing patience! Too many times we've been given dates that don't pan out. Arrests are coming! No arrests. I'm tired of listening to whats going to happen sometime maybe in the near future. I understand that it takes time to bring these people (?) down, but c'mon!!! Everything turns into a nothing burger only so many times before the people start to lose interest and turn away. Then we wonder if we've been taken yet again. ūüôĀ

  5. Keith Kinchen 2 years ago


  6. Robin Mead 2 years ago

    This is the first vid I've gotten from you for months. Good to hear u.

  7. Ezra Cohen Watnick…its funny this is your episodes subject matter…With the climate of current events;I had been thinking "what about that scif they set up right outside D.C?"…Trust God,Potus,the Q Team,YOURSELF,& The PLAN…#TRUMP2Q2Q!!!

  8. Gail Keenan 2 years ago

    Eyethespy saying that this is annual routine training. I don't know if his military sources are legitimate etc. I don't know much about that channel (??)

  9. Dan Martin 2 years ago

    Baddass's. Looks like the la helicopter crew


  10. Dan Martin 2 years ago

    When mark milley was recentlt sworn in, trump said it was Milley who encouraged and coached him to run

  11. Illuminati owns the media

  12. ziggy784 2 years ago

    pat robertson can suck on a free masonic dick and choke to death

  13. Im Naked 2 years ago

    Yo anyone listening please check into a qanon video about a guy named Jaun O Savin?
    I was listening from the bathroom and I heard it !
    Jaun O Savin
    1. 0. 7
    7 th

  14. james goodwin 2 years ago

    I’d better order more popcorn hahahahaha

  15. Geo Synchronous 2 years ago

    More facts in 20 minute than CNN has done in the last 3 years.

  16. Geo Synchronous 2 years ago

    Pat Robertson net worth: Pat Robertson is an American businessman and Christian preacher who has a net worth of $100 million dollars — Hey pat. Wouldn't that help feed millions of starving children ?

  17. BC R 2 years ago

    Is it too out there to say thst the Clowns own the media. Bc the media seems to be leading the d- party. Destabilizing societies in order to overthrow govts is the signature move of the clowns. Tgey are pure evil and worse, we are paying for our own destruction.

  18. Danny02585 2 years ago

    Last coup I remember Smedly Butler stopped it I believe.

  19. bizzwoofer 2 years ago

    Israel is part of God's master plan to judge and redeem the entire earth, however they have rejected their savior Jesus and today as a result have a wicked Anti-Christ spirit upon them and within them. But they will continue existing as a nation – not due to their own righteousness or any other fact other than God almighty himself will sustain them for HIS NAMESAKE ALONE right up until the end of days (and into the end of days_). Nobody can possibly change this and it matters not your opinions or feelings on the subject. It will happen exactly as foretold because God cannot lie, though every man be a liar.

  20. LUKE SLYTALKER 2 years ago

    How Lincoln saved our republic and the blueprint Trump will follow

  21. Nan Kidd 2 years ago

    Kurds have northern part of Iraq.peace place lots of nice cars safe,friendly.the rest of them could go hangout there if they need a place.haha true a guy that travels spend time there and posted.l agree with your info and you always give informed talk thanks.

  22. Bobby F 2 years ago

    Under Pres. Truman in 1950….He set up a program , using the CIA that He established in 1947, as " Project Mockingbird" to propagandise the average American people from ever knowing the real truth about anything, using stratege Media spokespeople. Todays Fake News is essentially the right arm of the weaponized CIA against …." We The People"…

  23. T. M 2 years ago

    D 5

    There are numerous other directives, policies and laws that shape the military's role in conducting operations in support of other federal agencies. Some of them are the¬†Insurrection Act,¬†Homeland Security Act,¬†Stafford Act,¬†Economy Act¬†and the Homeland Security Presidential Directive ‚Äď 5 . Each of these affect the way the military responds to a request for assistance from an interagency partner.


  24. T. M 2 years ago

    @7:36 not sure if this applies but:

    Military Governor of Tennessee
    Johnson's first tenure in the Senate came to a conclusion in March 1862 when Lincoln appointed him military governor of Tennessee. Much of the central and western portions of that seceded state had been recovered. Although some argued that civil government should simply resume once the Confederates were defeated in an area, Lincoln chose to use his power as commander in chief to appoint military governors over Union-controlled Southern regions.[90] The Senate quickly confirmed Johnson's nomination along with the rank of brigadier general.[91] In response, the Confederates confiscated his land and his slaves, and turned his home into a military hospital.[92] Later in 1862, after his departure from the Senate and in the absence of most Southern legislators, the Homestead Bill was finally enacted. Along with legislation for land-grant colleges and for the transcontinental railroad, the Homestead Bill has been credited with opening the American West to settlement.[93]

    As military governor, Johnson sought to eliminate rebel influence in the state. He demanded loyalty oaths from public officials, and shut down all newspapers owned by Confederate sympathizers. Much of eastern Tennessee remained in Confederate hands, and the ebb and flow of war during 1862 sometimes brought Confederate control again close to Nashville. However, the Confederates allowed his wife and family to pass through the lines to join him.[94][95] Johnson undertook the defense of Nashville as well as he could, though the city was continually harassed by cavalry raids led by General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Relief from Union regulars did not come until William S. Rosecrans defeated the Confederates at Murfreesboro in early 1863. Much of eastern Tennessee was captured later that year.[96]

    When Lincoln issued the¬†Emancipation Proclamation¬†in January 1863, declaring freedom for all slaves in Confederate-held areas, he exempted Tennessee at Johnson's request. The proclamation increased the debate over what should become of the slaves after the war, as not all Unionists supported abolition. Johnson finally decided that slavery had to end. He wrote, "If the institution of slavery¬†… seeks to overthrow it [the Government], then the Government has a clear right to destroy it."[97]¬†He reluctantly supported efforts to enlist former slaves into the Union Army, feeling that African Americans should perform menial tasks to release white Americans to do the fighting.[98]¬†Nevertheless, he succeeded in recruiting 20,000 black soldiers to serve the Union

    Johnson was also the 17th president btw.

  25. JesusLOVES You! 2 years ago

    Hey do a deep dive into Robertson's African mining partnership with Charles Taylor,
    using his charity's aircraft to transport mining equipment.

  26. Songbabe 2 years ago

    Nice! Glad I found you

  27. WeAreAnon 2 years ago

    Great video!..PLEASE NOTE: An aluminum commercial airliner can not go through steel beams. Trump said re 9/11 there had to be simultaneous explosions. Those were military drones(see bottom pod on plane 2). DEW Brought towers down..PLEASE SEE..video by Dr Judy Wood=Where did the towers go?..JAW DROPPING..To see steel turn to dust before my very eyes after watching it a thousand times. Dustification of steel via Directed Energy Weapon played major role in collapses.
    The deep state is evil. why no plane debris in Penn? nor Pentagon? Much evidence was destroyed..Not this time!
    We have God on our side!

  28. Arzeymah Raqib 2 years ago

    Why are Q people always talking military?

  29. Julie Roop 2 years ago


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Insider meeting and Military Police debriefed of next move!


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Vice Adm. John G. Hannink, Real Raw News has learned, has relinquished his role of chief prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay and delegated that responsibility to Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall, who is no stranger to the tribunal chamber….

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Trump On Dan Bongino 09/26/2021


Rumble¬†‚ÄĒ¬†Trump gave an interview with Dan Bongino this morning

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