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QANON Post 2683 Yellow Vest EU Globalism Open borders EU ARMY Future Proves Past The FIXX

Logical thinking #FactsMatter Planet Hollywood Nazism MS13 Democratics ANTIFA Socialism International Human Trafficker Dark to Light There are NO Coincidences #QANON Adolf Hitler visits Paris 1940 France Il n’y a pas de coïncidences Cameras in Paris The FIXX WW2 Vichy France German Chancellor Angela Merkel Nazi Collaborator French President Emmanuel Macron Deep State No Name ISIS EU ARMY QANON Post 2683 Yellow Vest Protests EU Globalism Open borders Immigration Future Proves Past The FIXX Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal Scam Arnold Schwarzenegger Climate Change Scam Franco-German Armistice: Hitler (1940) June 22, 1940 – Der Fuhrer humiliates France& all of the French for the injustice of 1918. Victory Over France – Surrender at Compiegne.
#ABELDANGER #WWG1WGA! QANON Dec 1944 Angela Merkel Says United States of America Must Give Up Sovereignty NWO Dec. 2018

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Would you know if not posted by individuals on social media?
FAKE NEWS attempting to ‘CONTROL’ the narrative by not providing coverage?
Do the protests in EU go against the narrative that majority of people are for globalism, open borders, and mass immigration?
1. Dilution of citizen voice
2. Dilution of citizen vote
3. Dilution of national independence
Police turned against its own citizens
Citizens turned against its own police
People v People
Controlled media prevent mass awareness
If the news doesn’t report the facts (ie, truth) – how do people get informed in order to be heard?
Silence the people.
Localize disruption.
Target leaders of disruption (quietly take action).
Deploy scare tactics & political cross-talk
Control volume.
The media no longer represents the will of the people.
Think for yourself.
Research for yourself.
Trust yourself.
Sheep no more.
French President Emmanuel Macron has sought to justify paying homage to Nazi collaborator Philippe Pétain during centenary commemorations marking the end of World War One later this week.

Mr Macron said Marshal Pétain was a “great soldier”, even though he had made “disastrous choices” during WW2.

Pétain was praised for the defence of Verdun in 1916, but he was sentenced to death for high treason after WW2.

Some French politicians and Jewish leaders condemned Mr Macron’s comments.
In 1940, with France under attack from Germany, Pétain was appointed vice-premier. He later asked for an armistice, upon which he was appointed “chief of state”, enjoying almost absolute powers.

The armistice gave the Germans control over the north and west of France, including Paris, but left the remainder as a separate regime under Pétain.

Officially neutral, in practice the regime collaborated closely with Germany, and brought in its own anti-Semitic legislation.

After the end of WW2, Pétain was arrested and sentenced to death for high treason. This was then commuted to life imprisonment given his age.

Pétain died in 1951 at the age of 95.

Profile: Philippe Pétain
France opens archives of WW2 pro-Nazi Vichy regime
Socialist Country Human sex traffickers ICE Arrests 21 Savage Deported ANTIFA Baby Hitler Did Arnold Schwarzenegger enter the country legally ? Build The Wall Defund The Deep State Trust The Plan President Trump Demolition Man vs ICE man There are no coincidences Planned Parenthood EU Nazi Deep State Enemy Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Tuesday for talks ahead of the R20 Austrian World Summit on climate change Donald Trump denies Climate Change Hillary Clinton 2020 No Name GHW Bush New World Order Open Borders MS13 QANON 2020 President Arnold Schwarzenegger Future Proves Past Hindenburg Disaster Son of a NAZI Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recall Running Man Arnold Schwarzenegger
TV MK ULTRA CIA Hollywood Fake News Subliminal Message Super Bowl Ad’s Deep State Brainwashing Assassin s Mass School Shooting Trigger words #ABELDANGER #QANON #WWG1WGA! Q Clearance Mind Control Technology Date with Death” (1959), actor Gerald Mohr explains the controversial” subliminal process known as “Psychorama.” ZBI ZIGZAG BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION
MK ULTRA Trigger Words OFF the RAILS Sleeper Cell Activation. CIA Press NBC Al Roker is CIA Q Anon CLEAN ACTION APPROVED. HIGHEST AUTHORITY. DELTA FORCE LINK Coincidence? NTSB Train Crash Investigation Point’s to Sabotage Assassination Blackmail Extortion governor California Arnold Schwarzenegger
Soros OFF the Rails Facebook Message 1984 Al Roker Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Deep Dream Twitter Jack Dorsey MKULTRA Trigger Words MS-13 FBI CIA Sleeper Cells Jan. 31 2018 AMTRAK
James Comey Tweet/Threat to Andrew McCabe
Qanon Post 645
DS Foreign & Domestic Socialist Enemy Combatants America Will Never Be a Socialist Country QANON

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  1. Mike 3 years ago


  2. Q: Why are the boulevards of Paris lined with such lovely trees?

    A: Because Germans like to march in the shade.

  3. Real Newsforever 3 years ago

    Next video could be Dokken's "Paris Is Burning"!

  4. Quail Crumbs 3 years ago


  5. 66 E 3 years ago

    Love your vids. Especially choices in tunes. Well done.

  6. Ronald Franklin 3 years ago

    In Virginia we Just say No to
    blackface !
    Addie Wolfs daughter A M
    Austrian have Sex w is Nazi !
    Frenchy have Sex w is Nazi !
    Slippery when dry

  7. If all key positions in Homeland Security are held by Dual Citizens, like Michael Chertoff (9/11 HERO!), it makes DHS smell more than a little VICHY!

  8. I applaud the yellow vests. It's what we Americans should be doing. If we weren't so stupid, apathetic, lazy, and brainwashed..we would be. Most Americans don't even know about them or they think they're just protesting a gas tax. Turn off the news folks.

  9. CagedLadie 3 years ago

    I'm officially lost. Dad was in WWII, but never in Germany.

  10. zbethleane 3 years ago

    I'm French.

  11. DJT 2Q2Q 3 years ago


  12. Great job Zigzag – love the Fixx music to it as well. Really makes you wonder how much they knew back then. Amazingly simple and so accurate when put together like this anyone can see the connections. I read thru Anon material awhile back and was astonished to see that Merkel is Hitler's daughter. Wow fricking Wow! WWG1WGA!!

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