QAnon Project Looking Glass It all makes sense!

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Did The Q Team Contact Him? Sure Sounds Like It Here!!

You can watch the rest of the interview here:

i just trimmed it down to get to the part it explains everything QAnon has been pointing us to.

Literally they cant stop what is coming. its impossible!!!

The Awakening!!

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  1. adi miclescu 1 year ago
  2. My jaw just hit the floor!!! Hands down the best video ever made! Mind blown!!!

  3. 30:00

  4. Right Man 1 year ago

    “Eventually, CHECKMATE!”

  5. Right Man 1 year ago

    Timeline 1 = God’s plan thru Jesus
    Timeline 2 = the enemy’s attempt to destroy Timeline 1

  6. Mike McKay 1 year ago

    Look at your open hand. Imagine each finger is a person. But what each person doesn’t realize is they are all connected by our hand. Our hand represents a consciousness we’re all connected by. That’s why they want to divide is by race and sex. Why they hate all religion. They don’t want us to realize all humans are connected spiritually/consciously.

  7. So this is why they activated the HAMR mass surveillance system in 2012, spy on everyone so u can try to figure out the one thing(person or person's to take out)that will change the future to their making. And is the yellow cube actually BLACK, black cube worship. Black cube of Saturn cult, the finders etc?

  8. Karl Johan 1 year ago

    Donnie Darko finally makes sense!

  9. Social Observer 1 year ago

    What is the name of this whistleblower?

  10. Wow.. just wow.. we all feel the tug of nuclear devastation and the tug of a new future of growth and possibilities! They want us to feel hopeless. That the cabal is in total control and guess what? They can't control this. They can't nuke their way out of this! We are living in the beginning of the age of aquarius! Remember this folks. Remember how it used to be and tell your children. They know they can't stay in control forever. And they'd rather see the entire planet be devastated by nuclear bombs than see the planet evolve and grow. Did anyone see the last series of American Horror Story? Well long story short, there is a "club" where you pay money and a flight in your town will fly you to a bunker before the nukes go off across the world. Also people unaware of this all, are chosen based of blood type and cognitive abilities to be used as apart of the new underground society or as worker bees for them. The show has an antichrist who is the most powerful witch on the planet. Pffft I for one am NOT going to feed into this doomsday bullshit. Forget the antichrist, forget ragnarok, forget the rapture, they are all negative timelines that THEY want you to believe in! Their ONLY option is destruction. For that is all they know. I believe and have hope that humanity will be ok, that the earth will be okay, and that we become awakened and see the TRUTH. That we are divine and are apart of a divine plan of which evil cannot control. Where there is light, darkness will vanish. Good will prevail, we are at the forefront of the new age! Many people will fight this reality until the very end.. and I hope they can awaken one day too.

  11. Ford Ford 1 year ago

    Who is this guy? And why should we believe him?

  12. His speaking and mannerisms are so much like Edward Snowden. This is crazy stuff. Epstein didn't k1ll himself.

  13. Sascha D 1 year ago

    Prince song:2020.

  14. HeyTrueBlue 1 year ago

    Wasn’t the end of 2012 (December) supposed to be the Mayan end of the world? Seems very coincidental.

  15. Daryl Wade 1 year ago

    Theories based in fiction are more than fact from first hand knowledge.

  16. Renny Zero 1 year ago

    Zeti Reticuli Yellow Cube.

  17. janlish 1 year ago

    I thank you!

  18. Elusive Eagle 1 year ago

    This guy's made a major blunder when he said that the government has vehicles that fly just under the speed of light, and it takes them a day to get to Mars.
    It takes around 12 minutes for the light of the Sun to reach Mars.
    According to that it should take less then 7 minutes for these vehicles to make the distance from Earth & Mars when they are in close proximity. Even if Mars was at it's furthest distance from earth, it should take those vehicles less then 30 minutes to get there.

  19. Mel Doomis 1 year ago

    Also, Matt Groening used the yellow cube.

  20. They are getting #2 no matter what they think or do, period. They are NOT getting #1 and are NOT being raptured out of here to escape the wrath of the Lamb.

    They were warned for years against abortion. Congress was warned by their own stenographer (besides myself) that (3x) " GOD (THEOS) will not be mocked!". Which they went ahead and did anyway that day.

    They just killed the top five physists in the world, after a woman discovered heaven. They can literally see "Peter Pan".

    I asked Jesus to delay "Peter Pan", even though I am steamed about special K, which is what the Mandela Effect of the Indiana Jones idol is about.

    This prison planet is going to pay for killing those tens of millions of babies by abortion and cloning centers, PERIOD.

    No matter how small they go at CERN you are NOT going to find the soul, so, they can have eternal life inside a robot.

    You may have mocked THEOS with Trial of a Time Lord, by calling a boy Peri a girl, and by saying nothing is eternal, but, the ancient of days is coming back soon.

    The two witnesses are here (IMHO) and you can ask all you want on the (former) 8chan boards for help tracking down the person messing up your reality. You are NOT killing them before their appointed time in Jerusalem. Period. The Creator must be laughing at your hubris.

    Divers divers divers

    Revelation 6 GNV
    16 And said to the mountains and rocks, [n]Fall on us, and hide us from the presence of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.

    17 For the great day of his wrath is come, and who can stand?

    I love THEOS.
    I love Jesus.

  21. Georg Frap 1 year ago

    2:30 Just below the speed of light, my ass.

    On average the light takes 28 minutes to travel from Earth to Mars and back again, not a day as he seems to believe, we know that so exactly because we control vehicles with radio on the surface there.

    This guy proved to be an idiot during the first minutes of this clip, and no one should take him seriously.

  22. Donna Oz 1 year ago

    " …fully awake and conscious [people] of this burning inside that says I am a lot more than what I see in the mirror."

  23. Victoria Nahum 1 year ago

    He is a child sex offender arrested by the Federal Government. His real name is William Brockbrader. Google him and see the real news story on him. And BTW he was never a Navy Seal.

  24. Valerie 1 year ago

    Wow – just wow!

  25. susan marconi 1 year ago

    This is the 2012 Ascension vibrational timeline split… and the NAA is working hard to use this to alter the timeline via trigger events specifically 9-11 which is the 9-11 dimensional harmonic density of the 9th to 11th dimensions that locks humanity down that road alternative and not our true light source blueprint into 12D which is the gateway into pure human Lyran ascension towards Godsource and the Aurora platform of our higher realms of the Guardian hosts. They want to cut us off from the 12D timeline with consciousness control.. this is the illusionati proxy to the NAA mission quest.

  26. Momma S 1 year ago

    They say there are two options…and both those options according to the Bible are going to happen. Option one will mask itself as world peace, this “great awakening” that will be brought by unmasking the lies and having the truth be told about the history of our world…but this will occur through deception when satan and his fallen angels appear as aliens here to enlighten us and save us from ourselves, and teach us “all truth.” But in reality it will be a great deception that God himself will judge shortly after and that judgement is where option two comes into play. At that point there will be utter destruction on the earth. Satan and his minions will be unmasked for what they truly are and God will judge them and all who were willingly deceived by them. Careful what type of “truth” you let yourself embrace…careful that 99% truth mixed with 1% lie makes it ALL a lie. Only God saves. And only through his Son Jesus by grace through faith through His work on the cross. Not by our own works, and not by “religion” (laws and rules). The Bible warns us that Satan/Antichrist will come and eventually claim to be God, – even the Messiah (for the Jews who are still waiting for Him) But this alien god will be false and fool the world. BUT the GOOD news is because of Christ Jesus we have the undeserving and incredible gift of salvation, and we will not be present for this alien theatric, fake world peace, and ensuing destruction on earth! Praise God that we will be taken out of the way! The body of Christ will not suffer this!!!!ACCEPT CHRIST JESUS TODAY! Blessings!!!!

  27. droidcrasher 1 year ago

    Now WHAT could have scared the GLOBALIST ELITE SO BAD…
    That they wouldn't tell ANYONE what that CONVERGENCE was about!?
    A solar event !??? NOPE !!!
    Cause we're passed 2012 now and in 2019, we've seen no such thing!!!
    Hillary in 2012? Well! We all know now that Barry Sotero was elected!
    SO….WHAT could have scared the GLOBALIST ELITE SO BAD!?
    The arrival of TRUMP…. TO EXPOSE THEM ALL !!!
    Someone OTHER than THEM to take control of and wield Looking Glass !!!
    Read: If you're NOT gonna be in control of looking Glass in the future…
    Then you're in control of NOTHING and…
    The FUTUR belongs to those WHO WILL BE… In Control!!!

  28. Armageddon…
    It is beyond politics….
    We knew this was coming…read your bible.

  29. Alan Spencer 1 year ago

    100 per cent confirmation brilliant interview he comes soon he knows more than he is saying he knows he can’t mention ABBA or his son yahushua or he will be killed. Give in to our fathers will let him take control xx

  30. Sounds like he doesn't know the information about the mini nova event is already out there (scheduled for about 2045-46), so he keeps beating around the bush about the unchangeable event that we already know about.
    (It was first published as The Post Lude, Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas back in the 70's or further back.
    And a very good scientific acct by Doug Vought of the Y.T. channel- The Diehold Foundation, and also explained by Penny Kelly and also The Oppenheimer Ranch Project, etc)

    The pole shift also plays into this.

    Going underground to escape the surface destruction of the mini nova, and the pole flip causes earth rotation to change, causing oceans to slosh over the continents, and about 30 years of ice age survival in the areas that used to be warm, but now are cold.
    Or… we can ascend into the other dimensional earth where the bad stuff never happens.
    The mini nova and pole shifts are a REPEATING cycle, every 12,000 years or so.à

  31. Sean Hallahan 1 year ago

    Interesting, believable, but good-news-around-the-corner is so old for me that I want to see very public results. I've seen lots of "less-public" positive results for Patriots, but I want to see Big Dogs arrested and put in handcuffs. Hope, we can always hope it is around the corner But according to Gordon Duff, whom I greatly respect: https://journal-neo.org/2019/11/17/russophobia-and-the-impeachment-of-donald-trump/ … too many pockets of resistance to count.

  32. The end of the dynasty of down wards

  33. Vicky Duke 1 year ago

    https://www.homefacts.com/offender-detail/IDSX27350/William-N-Brockbrader.html This is his real name. Do your research on this man. I was hoping he was legit.

  34. Sean Hallahan 1 year ago

    And, great thanks to Kerry and Bill for their wonderful contribution to humanity!

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