Qanon Q&A Why do we believe Crazy things Q for Beginners

Got some questions and comments I thought it would there will be fun to address them. I realize why people use wind screens. I’ll bring mine back in the next video. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Dwane Yocum 3 years ago

    Freemasonry. The immediate response when critics of the Fraternity are told there are no real secrets, and that it's not a subversive and criminal organization, is that I'm just not high up enough to be familiar with the reality.

    First of all, if I'm on the inside, and they're on the outside, how would they know this?

    Secondly, I'm not just a member. I'm a Past Master of my Lodge, Past District Instructor in the Ritual, 32nd Degree in the Scottish Ride, and a Knights Templar in the York Rite. I'd be glad to answer any questions anyone might have.

    Originally a guild involved with the building of the great cathedrals of Europe, Freemasonry today is little more than your grandmother's garden club. It's a social experience for mostly older men, and as they die off, it gets smaller and smaller.

    More than anything, it's a way of networking with the people in your community in the same way that you meet and become friends with the people in your church, or the National Organization For Women.

    It's also a place to improve your character. The best years of my life have involved the time I've spent learning "the work," making men Masons, and advancing them through the degrees on the lodge room floor.

  2. Dwane Yocum 3 years ago

    You can easily find a list of people in Congress and even Judges who are Freemasons, and you'll learn that they are of all political, racial, and religious persuasions. You wouldn't know the hand-shakes (we call them grips) unless you had a very close-up view, or if you received it. In truth, the only time it's used is when it's being described in the degree. Masons don't go actually go around giving secret handshakes, or whispering passwords at parties or on the floor in Congress.

    On that topic… You mentioned (I'm paraphrasing) a (Mason) judge letting people off when committing a crime. That's a mistaken idea some have about the Craft, and it's forbidden. A crime is a crime, and if you're convicted, you'd be booted out.

    A couple of years ago, my son received a ticket while driving. His intent was to ask the court for a reduction in the fine. I was the owner of the car, so I went with him to court.

    At the time, he was in Air Force ROTC and being proud of that, he wore Air Force clothing everywhere. That day, he had on a simple gray Air Force T-shirt, and the judge ask him about his affiliation with the military. After he responded, to our surprise, the judge pronounced him not guilt in spite of the fact that he'd already plead guilty to the offence. He went on then to praise my son for offering to serve, and to protect the lives of people like him.

    Is patriotism a subversive character trait?

    BTW, there is no single governing body in Freemasonry. In the US, each state has their own Grand Lodge, and the same holds true for other countries. Lastly, I often respond to the claims that there is organized corruption in Masonry by explaining how we have trouble organizing and gaining participation for a summer picnic for our members. There's no Masonic organization running the world.

  3. Dwane Yocum 3 years ago

    You're puppy made me smile. I also play guitar. No, I didn't add the "special" part. You can go to the link and read it for yourself.

  4. Dwane Yocum 3 years ago

    Thanks for the "Sandy Hook" story. I spent a lot of time discussing it with a YouTuber who called herself Laughing Swann. She's since removed all of her videos and no longer posts, but I'm convinced she was a plant of some kind. She was extremely intelligent, and I suspect she even could have been a Russian troll, but one of the theme's she repeatedly returned to was that the Sandy Hook shooting was faked and she knew this because she lived near by.

  5. Dwane Yocum 3 years ago

    I disagree with the notion that Q is about getting the facts for yourself. My impression was that Q was always feeding out disinformation. And the clever game-like quality… the sort of treasure hunt/secret code way it was dispersed softened the affect it had on people who might feel they were being lead in a certain direction. Nothing Q ever said was about some neutral position, or complimentary to left-wing, Democratic liberalism. It was always heavy-handed and supportive of Trump. And, if it ever returns, I expect it to be the same.

  6. Dwane Yocum 3 years ago

    On the idea of stoppage, interference, stalling… obstruction… What you're accusing the left of doing (as well as a couple of Republicans) is actually what Trump, the White House, and now the AG and Trump's Justice Department has been doing.

    I think you're a good and nice person and intelligent enough to comprehend what's been going on since the name Trump was first ever mentioned in connection with the presidency. I watch the news… all of it.. including Fox, which seems to have been brought to the light and the news department is now turning on the President. I see watch, read, and listen to it all, and the only thing I can conclude is there must be someone in your life who reflects the positions you've taken, and you find it easier to adopt the same views than to argue with them.

    I'm enjoying communicating with you, and I'm certain we'll find common ground. Tell me about the music playing in the background. And tell me if you like this.

  7. Dwane Yocum 3 years ago

    Hillary's emails. You made a lot of vague generalities about her behavior, other people, criminality. You claim to have read them at WIkiLeaks… give me just one instance of what you're talking about. The same for Podesta. I honestly haven't read any of them, mainly because she's out of the game, so to speak, and because I've been so focused on Trump, and there's just so much of it. Educate me.

  8. Lesia Aguilar 3 years ago

    The notion its only a few at the top is quite simply an abdication of responsibility, in a word a copout. It is a cheap trick. How do those at the top remain there without the knowledge and support of the lower ranking members? How could they not know as insiders what you as an outsider claim to know? It makes no sense.

  9. Thomas Alan 3 years ago

    I am intending to do a video about the people who are doing the youtube videos about Q and the great awakening!!! I was going to cover all the channels that I follow and some that I don't and explain why I follow and why I don't follow them. Interesting that you came up with that idea as well and at the same time!!!

  10. Thomas Alan 3 years ago

    Why is it that so many people who have left or been fired from the FBI and CIA all go into the main stream media? People who don't even investigate or ask these important Q's are the ones who are going to be completely terrified when the crap hits the fan and all is revealed. You really really should follow Serial Brain and learn the comms and the decodes because MUCH of what Trump says and does is coded in gematria which is an alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters. Serial Brain provides the decodes for Q followers who can't decode gematria. Trump is a maestro who is playing the MSM like a master and so many things are happening that most people have no clue about. Those who only see the physical things taking place and so not see the spiritual things that accompany those physical things, are lost. They only have bits and pieces of what is taking place. Try watching some of the "Shaking My Head Productions" videos. Disturbing but very eye opening stuff.

  11. Ray B 3 years ago

    I heard that crypto currencies are really the currencies of our lizard overlords.

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