Qanon site attacked/DOJHelped HRC Smash Devices/ Chicago Mass Event?

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We now John Durham has the video tapes deposition of Joseph Mifsud who essentially helped start off the fake Russia hoax, also gillard was helped by the DOJ and FBI under Loretta Lynch and Comey, by helping bleachbit her information and stash her devices. A mass shooting event in Chicago? Never heard about this one. Last night 7 people were shot in heavy democratic area Chicago. Never heard about this right? Only ones they want to try to link to Trump and Q it’s getting beyond ridiculous. Time to drop the FISA hammer.

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  1. Gwen Cassel 3 years ago

    ROBERT "O'Dork" O'Rouke is just that!; SUCH A DORK!

    Anyone who calls Trump "inappropriate," better stay FAR AWAY FROM "O'Dork"–I have yet to see this fool have one "appropriate" expression of emotion when he is speaking! Waving arms, snapping fingers, jerking motions, twitches, snorts, bends, giggles, etc.!

    OK let's question some truth here: Are these behaviors on his part a type of Tourette's that often cannot be fully controlled for which I would NOT PENELIZE HIM! Or, REALLY BAD IMPULSE CONTROL–WHICH IS OFTEN A SIGN OF EXTREME IMMATURITY?!

  2. Thomas Smestead 3 years ago

    Shootings in El Paso, and Dayton, lamestream media ALL OVER IT! Shootings in Chicago, crickets !

  3. Michael Russell 3 years ago

    Beto makes me sick!

  4. Thomas Smestead 3 years ago

    Q won't be stopped so easily. Nor will Q+ in 2020. El Paso and Dayton, FF ops. Anything to distract from Deep State and black hats.

  5. Thank you brother God bless you brother keep up the great work

  6. Tru talk brother great job

  7. Wm Luebbert 3 years ago

    Has anyone read about President Trump calling for Red Flag Laws across the Nation? The very same laws that violate DUE PROCESS, the 5th and 14th Amendments; and that this law PRESUMES YOU GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT – all based on an unverified report from anyone that calls the police and claims you are acting angry and have threatened to kill a bunch of people. Do you think Q will be able to fix this gaff that Q+ has made?

  8. Sterling King 3 years ago

    There was a live stream on fb and before it started there was 5 city officials in Dayton I believe laughing and giggling while trying to decide where to stand and seemed like they had no idea the camera was rolling yet. And we’re smirking threw it. The cop was sketchy talking and city councilmen and Mayor smirking .seemed so strange. I know why but I hope lots of sheep seen

  9. Your Awesome, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  10. Please, for people who are sensitive, the strobe effect near the end of the video makes it impossible to watch. Now if YT would stop changing this comment, that would also be great. Thank you for all your amazing work!!

  11. Babydux 3 years ago

    Beto/BeanO is a stinkie GAS BAG!!

  12. Babydux 3 years ago

    I know what would be a great gun control idea….NO guns for DEMOCRATS !!!

  13. Hope 3 years ago

    My Life has info on a number of women I know., States our age and how much money we make. None of us put the information out there nor is it correct. To remove the information we must register.

  14. Maxwell Ryder 3 years ago

    Get this Israeli cancer out of the White House now

  15. Blue Feather LF 3 years ago

    Black Hats Down has not posted on you tube recently. Is he going to?

  16. Shar shameonit5 3 years ago

    Have you heard of the new YouTubers Union yet please join us on Twitter Youtube or Facebook please see James red pills America full report it is important that everybody join this Union in order to protect our first amendment and our freedom of speech everybody needs to join this regardless of if you have videos up on your Channel or not spread the word immediately see James red pills report immediately this is urgent

  17. Sean I just ordered 2 tshirts. I like your qualify. WWG1WGA

  18. Diane Todd 3 years ago

    Beto is a sick sob

  19. Diane Todd 3 years ago

    I never heard of my life, this is a DEEP STATE act. I don’t believe how low these sick people will go, even MURDER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.

  20. skelton1623 3 years ago

    No my life account

  21. King Shred 3 years ago

    Q BABY

  22. John Surratt 3 years ago

    He laughed what a psychopath

  23. John Surratt 3 years ago

    Can I be a Qanon member

  24. John Surratt 3 years ago

    I thought the military used full auto not simi auto

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