QAnon – Super Jubilee – All Debts Paid & Captives Freed! JFK Jr on GESARA

“Every nook and cranny of Edom (New World Order Beast) will be searched and looted. Every treasure will be found and taken.
All your allies will turn against you. They will help to chase you from your land. They will promise you peace while plotting to deceive and destroy you.
Those who have been rescued will go up to Mount Zion in Jerusalem to rule over the mountains of Edom.
And the Lord Himself will be King!” (Obadiah)


GESARA -White Rabbit News



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  1. Okay, Mayflower is the prison barge Edith refers to Edith Wilson (Wife of President Woodrow Wilson) He had a stroke and was incapacitated. Edith did not want that info out. She took over running his daily business. Technically She was POTUS in an Unoffical capacity ( and she got away with it). Ergo, RBG has had someone do her Work for her and vote her proxy (technically illegal). RGB still may or not be alive (who knows).

  2. You need to investigate the Manna World Holding Trust…. the trustee of this trust will not allow the GCR…etc. This is a chapter you don't seem to be aware of.

  3. OK – this is all exciting, however, as I recall the Last Generation is warned that the anti-Christ will make the promises you just read (NASARA) and that "that" will be a clue to us that the anti-Christ is here. Please correct me if I am misinformed. Seriously, please. I want to do what is Right for my Soul and Eternal Soul. Thank you for any info. you can provide. This is a super informative and good video. So glad I discovered you. 9-)

  4. Is the location of the Corporation of the United States of America in Puerto Rico? I heard that from someone. I should check that out – if I can find any info. on that at all.

  5. I love your voice & excitement! I started listening to you wayy too late. Where was i 4 months ago!! Glad i found you a few months back! I have ashkinazi jew in my blood line & south african among my irish German Italian heritage. Thank you!!!

  6. I pray for the protection of our POTUS and all of God's warriors who will restore the people and destroy the globalist…they have been arrogant and plainly stated their goals and how they would accomplish them…I pray daily that God binds them in chains, and causes confusion and DISABILITY in their minds and bodies…WWG1WGA

  7. This is fake news NASRA, GASRA What ever you want to call it is fake, dont be fooled. It will be a death sentence. THINK! Kim Gogan owns the trust. Watch the Truth Honor and Integrity show with Thomas Williams for the truth.

  8. You know after watching this again reminds me of how full of shit u hack utubers are,getting people all pumped up…so u can make a quick buck, u lady should be ashamed of yourself…

  9. What is a constitution. From time "our" constitution(s) were written, "1732 The English Lawyer" by William Bohun. Constitution means commission. The Crown (HMS) was commissioned to perform 19 enumerated services. Look at the different parties in this land and their different rights. You have, "people of the United States" (British subjects remaining for "commissioned services" and the "American fishermen, American inhabitants" and "American artillery not United States artillery. The British never left. We had a large maritime fleet but could not protect it on the high seas, thus the commission.

  10. Police do this to people every day to day , yes police do this , they plunder, they seek , steal , kill ,and destroy, the PIRATES in black and white cruising the streets , doing whatever they please in the name of the law (legal system of codes and statuets) , they must be removed !

  11. I am seeing this five months after you posted it. It is July 3, 2019 AND I believe tomorrow, President Trump will announce information that will set us free! Praise be to Our Lord and Savior Jesus ❤️

  12. If Dems take the Senate, house, Congress next election there will be no gesara/nesara for anyone. Trump's administration needs to do it now!! ASAP!!!

  13. If Trump announced gesara/nesara he would be definitely elected for 4 more years. Dems would have no votes next election.

  14. Hey I am too rejoicing the Jubilee, but is it true that we will free of debt, and be free . Curious about the GESARA and NESARA act to see if it will help all those who have been held down.

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