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  1. Sam Fyrestarter 4 years ago

    They Couldn't Claim China Because Of Feinstien,But Why Would They Claim The Russians, Who They Had "Dealings" With

  2. Rae Hughes 4 years ago

    STOP SAYING 'like' when its improper grammar … its sounds like (used correctly) AOC !!! like you know (improper)

  3. Neil C 4 years ago

    The Nazis took over Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide the Russians prove that to us

  4. Paula Wynne 4 years ago

    Three years of this crap! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!

  5. Dawn Marie May 4 years ago

    What are all you critic's doing for humanity, besides spreading negative energy? SMDH.

  6. Don't have to hack an open server. Right China?

  7. Dawn Marie May 4 years ago

    Thank you. #MTWGA Makeing the WORLD Great Again. #WWG1WGA

  8. Darcie Marie 4 years ago

    Thanks for your research! Gods wrath is going to get them. They will suffer for what they have done.

  9. Patti Reznik 4 years ago

    Yes, outrageous that Clinton's have sold us out for years. Bill sold China cutting edge military technology while Bill and Hil sold the very White House—a night in the Lincoln bedroom to large donors to the DNC or Clinton Foundation! Ugh.

  10. Neesie Davis 4 years ago

    Good to hear you again Tesneme!! 🙂
    (Sorry about possible misspelling of name!)

  11. Pat Cusick 4 years ago

    This doesn't sound like Dustin but more like Tracey. Pat

  12. Shadow Boxer 4 years ago

    I don't want a lot…just JUSTICE!

  13. wehomitch 4 years ago

    LOL Who do we trust? The FBI or Trump and his military intelligence team?

  14. Vickie O. 4 years ago

    Are you typing at the same time you talk? I hear someone hitting keys.

  15. Who the &#@" r u? You are NOT Dustin Nemos. And you sound stupid!

  16. It is crazy to believe and to tell others that the "INSURANCE POLICY" was just the Mueller investigation…when are people going to realize the next phase, if Muellor fails to find an impeachable crime…when are they going to reaize they will KILL PRESIDENT TRUMP, if they have to, because they know another four years of Trump will do them in…I am afraid we will wake up one morning to the news that he has been killed….I know he is under all kinds of protection, but, how many others have we seen , who, though under extreme protection, died anyway???…I am totally convinced that there have already been several attempts, and the only reason he is alive is because God wants him here and is providing him with Devine Protection!!!

  17. neoplasmax 4 years ago

    Dustin, your voice has gotten much higher in pitch.. !?!

  18. ionizer bob 4 years ago

    What’s knocking and clicking? I can’t even focus on the content.

  19. Mazy my love 4 years ago

    I'm so over hearing about these people. It's redundant.

  20. Diana Howard 4 years ago

    Remember many years ago when so many black children were disappearing in Georgia?

  21. The cult's main direct source for children WAS Saudi Arabia, (not anymore), but there are many "freelancers" who know these people pay big bucks, and are always on the lookout. A worldwide business. I even wonder it these poor people are farmed. Populations closed countries ie SA..and from our war zones. Syria, Afghanistan.

  22. Charles Hull 4 years ago

    When searching for Smith/Haiti, use Airport, City, Hotel, ect. names.
    I'm a coder, not an investigator, but the programmers don't code for every possible avenue to filter.

  23. Linda Krief 4 years ago

    They did not prosecute Hillary because it would have implicated Obama. He had been corresponding with her on her unsecured server using a fake name.

  24. douglas mccann 4 years ago

    Libtards think all of this corruption was patriotic to prevent totalitarian trump

  25. douglas mccann 4 years ago

    I am suffering thru this long video….. but its excellent work…. thanku

  26. YOU SURE STAY JUST QUIET! Que. You try to explain “anything” people still will engage in, if you are GIVIBG warnings well let’s see who has the must potent venom! WORKED IN UPPER MANAGEMENT BUSINESS FINANCIAL CEO! GUVES YOU Much experience and leadership skills and, some of us are born LEADERS, and been honest if you try so hard to satisfy and ( EGO ) and/or make things better. My friend it does nicer work. Keep your self focus, humility ( IS A BUG WORD ) and ALMUST no body is and thing what really intels! Humility is PEOLE attack you let them be as long as, is not affecting your kids, Wife, or you. The real meaning of HUMILITY is not fighting back and pass your positive energy to whom, don even know. Now the Q MOVEMENT IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE BETTER DIE STANDING UP, THAN A GINGER ON THE BEHIND! That is been a coward! See the difference! I’m a 50 yo, that looks like in my 30s and people when they see my real picture there is a lock of respect, thinking I, don’t have the experience nor the age. You Be SURPRICE many like me that their grand parents have live over 110yo, and just give up, because they are tired but never sick. I guess my point all I have gone true, help me to EXACLY ONOW and do a autopsy to my wording and wording things better! JUST A HUMBLE OPINION! DONT SAY YOU HAVE HUMILITY AND OR SAY ALSO, HEY ALSO IF YOU BUTE ME I WILL BUTE BACK (( zero humility)) NONE EXISTENCE!! Take care and hope all you do will do well!!

  27. Daniella Thoelen 4 years ago

    actually, you're not telling anything new…

  28. Valeria C 4 years ago

    Good job young lady

  29. MrCigarTruth 4 years ago

    Tasneem, I believe any prosecution of Hitlary or higher will not be pursued UNLESS the peolple re-elect President Trump. The Deep State slime has obfuscated the investigation long enough that those in FBI/DOJ are now scared to start anything a new pro-Obama/Clinton POTUS would extract from them out of revenge. Election Inaugeration less than 2 years away. The sacrificial lambs may be FBI/DOJ personnel or essentially this college/sex trafficking illegality that everyone knows will not implicate the real criminals at the top. The voter fraud/MSM propaganda push funded by RINO/Never Trump/Demofascisociacrat non-citizen slave labor tyrants ( Koch's, etc. ) is in warp drive. Add the fact that they will NEVER allow POTUS to replace RBG, dead or alive, and will use this campaign issuse on the SCOTUS to gather steam to flip Senate, along w/ Presidency. It is not a fantasy that a Nazicrat Senate, w/ House still left, will change rule to majority and pack SCOTUS if things look like they are not going their way and the House would flip back right in 2022. If Trump loses YOU KNOW the Senate will be flipped. There are more dire warning signs, but once again I wish to be wrong and just a siren as to the rank obscenity that exists as the left wing. If these guys got Shep Smith it would be beautiful! Nice reporting!!!!

  30. Storm Ranger 4 years ago

    While the elites were having sex with the children (and prostitutes) it was being filmed for blackmail.

  31. 903boater 4 years ago

    Where is " Ruth Bader Ginsburg " ?????

  32. FLCC 4 years ago

    We are all 100 million % in support of launching a network of intelligent conservative media/political savvy ORGANIZERS using the combined  PAC PLATFORMS to attack the left Marxists on every point/issue!  We must launch this attack network NOW!  Please RSVP through all your messaging!

  33. SamE 4 years ago

    Nemos New Network? Would be great if you could put a link. (I don't see one). Is it YT or a website? I'll take a look for it anyway.
    Excellent report.

  34. Stephen Flowers 4 years ago

    The only way anyone like Clinton or anyone associated with them ever are held accountable is if the American people do it ourselves. Our government will NOT hold them accountable. I can guarantee you that.

  35. Richard Smith 4 years ago

    not just XBOX , there are several games on facebook that have private chat

  36. Perpetual Youth 4 years ago

    We welcome you to DN2, and thanks for your service in this field. God Bless you all !

  37. Valley 56 4 years ago

    Why would we care if illegals are afraid to fill out the census?

  38. kali koka 4 years ago


  39. Rae Hughes 4 years ago

    PS I liked this video 3x's now and YT removes it. FYI

  40. Mary Sheilds 4 years ago

    Really ReallyReally

  41. Renee Bauer 4 years ago

    Wow, yes. Around 9-10 minutes… I remember this – BC was selling tech access to China. It was briefly mentioned in MSM, but then the entire impeachment process focused on silly stupid baloney like BJs given by interns, cigars, and blue dresses. During that time, we called out and asked "what about the treason?" Almost pre-internet days, Deep State buried it down the memory hole.

  42. Renee Bauer 4 years ago

    It's treason and also things like FFs that we want exposed.

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