“Believe in me, I’m with the High Command!”

On October 28, an anonymous individual calling himself “Q Anon” began posting a series of cryptic messages on a /pol/ thread titled “Calm Before the Storm.” “Q” claims to be a high-level government insider with Q clearance (hence the name) tasked with publicly posting military intel drops — which he called “crumbs” — straight to 4chan, an anonymous message board. According to Q Anon, President Trump has secretly enlisted an elite military task force currently busting up an elite Washington D.C./Hollywood financed pedophilia network. Recent events, including the helicopter crash over the Rothschild estate, Trump’s sudden “White Hat” visit to the C.I.A. and the Marine RECON Base, as well as the Atlanta Airport blackout, suggests a secret military force is in operation. Q Anon calls this countercoup operation against members of the Deep State., “The Storm” and uses Alice in Wonderland imagery in his drops. For verification of his authenticity, “Q” often foreshadows Trump’s tweets on Twitter by minutes. Once “Q” posted a photo on Air Force One while Trump was flying back on his trip to Asia. Q Anon revelations often alert the public to upcoming events that won’t be known publicly for weeks, sometimes months in advance. The Storm is Coming.

Millions of people today are following daily Q” Anon revelations, including Rosanna Barr, Jerome Corsi, and Lionel Nation.

Alice turned on her laptop, “Why sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” she exclaims!

With Q Anon, Mike + The Mechanics “Silent Running” Julian Assange, Alice in Wonderland and a very special guest, Donald Trump!

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  1. Joadun 3 years ago

    Great video, J. Daniel !!! Keep 'em coming…it does my heart good. God bless America!

  2. Alan Buettner 2 3 years ago

    God bless Q and our GREAT President Donald J Trump. #WWG1WGA!
    Al n Ashlee

  3. Lucky Luchiano 3 years ago

    The swamp creatures are quite…

  4. Won Mai 3 years ago

    Loud and clear
    We the people
    Where we go one we go all

  5. Patricia Jean 2 years ago

    AWESOME! A powerful video!

  6. Robert Copeland 2 years ago

    Please Lord protect everybody that arrest these pedophiles

  7. Shirley H 2 years ago

    WWG1WGA..I STAND AT THE READY. Enjoy the show. This is a great video. Thank you for your hard work patriot.

  8. Shirley H 2 years ago

    I found this link in Patriot Soapbox 24/7 discord. TWO THUMBS UP for a great video. My heart is thumping and racing…I'm ready for this to roll

  9. Peggy Norton 2 years ago

    Love it!! WWG1WGA

  10. Robert Copeland 2 years ago

    We are the storm we are Q!!

  11. Someone here… https://voat.co/v/GreatAwakening/2897866
    [–] flatbush71 0 points (+0|-0) 36 seconds ago


    …just linked to your video. Glad they did. Nice work. 🙂

  12. Kathy McLoughlin 2 years ago

    Great video!

  13. Gloria Sundquist 2 years ago

    I'm catching up Bodhi!

  14. Joseph Potamkin 2 years ago

    ALL BULLSHYTE, nothing has happened yet

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