1. Tanya Wohner 3 years ago

    Thank you thank you thank you for this MOST AMAZING presentation. Amazing!

  2. Constance Berry 3 years ago

    Thank you! Bless you!

  3. sandra martinez 3 years ago

    I’m always amazed by Q anon this Earth Ángels are so mysterious , Inteligente , wisdom and khowlege if of the Bible codes so on point on what they said, I strongly believe God pick them as Trump helpers to fight the evil among us God bless all truth patriots USA and President Donald j trump

  4. you're right 3 years ago

    Draco is where the Draco Aliens are theorized to come from. AKA the reptilians.

  5. Sarah Garza 3 years ago

    This is so amazing!!! God bless you always in Jesus mighty name ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Lois Bender 3 years ago

    Gods calendar and His appointed feast, sabbath are all important to understand. It is a foreshadowing of things to come. YeHoVah is so loving merciful and good. Thanks for sharing.

  7. vicki ferguson 3 years ago

    Learned a lot thank you so much love you

  8. Cliff Thompson 3 years ago

    I love you Melissa you are awesome. I don't know if you've seen this yet. There's a guy Justice Night on YouTube that posted a crazy video of this comedian from SNL basically facial shape shifting. But this is absolutely crazy what they are doing with AI.

  9. Cliff Thompson 3 years ago

    I forgot to tell you the name of the video Justus night don't believe what you see.

  10. Upon Wings M 3 years ago

    Im sorry to say non of this is new. My Christian friends & I were preaching, talking about all of this & what & how it was to come since 1978. The masses are only now figuring it out. Why because We are in the time of birthing. But whats sad is when it comes down to it Christians will not take it to the streets if thats what it takes. They will make their voice known from the safety of their iphones/computers w/ socialmedia handles/names. Transition will not be easy or pretty & will be a process over time. We have a Republic now. The Crown no longer rules. But the DS cont to fight. Satan never gives up, but his time is set. I love your passion, and your bravery to take it to the stars as God speaks of. I like your wrestling concept and agree that we are processing through the struggling phase up to the sling shot.

  11. Cliff Thompson 3 years ago

    Oops and almost forgot. May God bless you always Melissa.

  12. Vickie Fellegy 3 years ago

    Great work, I remember when you tuned in to the Revelation 12 sign for the first time, and look at you now, such an awesome revelation. You are so inspiring keep up the great work! We love you and your beautiful energy!

  13. Sam Counsell 3 years ago

    Hello Melissa Love & blessings from Canada I heard today that one of the channels I subscribed to she is up Chinese and something else I forget her name now but she said that John Kerry is in gitmo I think her name is Christina something I'm not positive though. I hope you know something about this thank you and God bless

  14. You are BLESSED. whew! whew! whew!

  15. ellocoexcalibur 3 years ago

    Yes change times, and laws. Ron wyatt said that sunday would become by law the sabbath…

  16. See you soon we have to wait another year and a half before we'll see arrests?! That's an awful long time to wait for arrests. I thought arrest would have been done by this Christmas!

  17. Moses Greenberg 3 years ago

    Shalom Melissa. I would love to share with you about amazing insight regarding Trump & the Revelation 12 sign that you may wish to share with your audience: In the Rev 12 sign, the child entered the womb on Dec 19 2016 the moment of "inception" which coincides perfectly when Texas took their electoral college vote giving Trump his 274 electoral college vote making him the "official" legal heir to be our next president. For the next 9 full months/42 weeks, Trump's administration experienced "obstructionism" while in the womb. A king or prince cannot be given a title until born…. B) on Sept 22 2017, Trump gave his Alabama Luther Strange speech calling out the sob NFL kneelers. The very next day the entire NFL players and coaches began their kneeling campaign (along with many members of Congress while in Congress) which was on Sept 22/23 2017 was when Trump was officially "birthed" in the Rev 12 Sign! Remember every knee will now willingly or Unwilling (they did not know what they were symbolizing by kneeling! Obstructionism began to break up regarding Trump's tax cut plan and he began to be ever so much more successful. C) I believe the woman in the Rev 12 sign signifies the unity and fullness of both the Church and Israel as One (12 pointed crown/12 apostles & 12 tribes). Trump is her child and is the forerunner of Yeshua's second coming in the likeness of the Messiahs second coming as the conquering King/commander of armies. Two comings of the Messiah with each coming having a forerunner in the likeness! John the Baptist was the first forerunner coming in the likeness as Jesus as the suffering servant. Jesus's next return will be as the conquering King and Trump is his forerunner! D) Trump's rallies & tweets are just like John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness drawing huge crowds and bringing conviction to the ruling Pharisees and Herod. Remember the symbolism of Kathy Gifford holding the severed head of Trump aka John the Baptist's head?! E) Melissa you and I are kindred spirits & watchmen 🙂 I love Kim Clement and Mark Taylor & totally agree with your soon coming victorious kingdom theology not focus on the rapture. i have so much more to share with you regarding soon re-building of the 3rd Temple (would love to mail you a wonderful book by David Decker "50 reasons why Christians should support the re-building of the 3rd Temple" – you WILL love it! Also, I would like to share with you awesome Trump Purim 2019 fulfillments and Rabbi Kaduri (Rabbi who found Messiah) who made many prophecies that Trump has fulfilled! F) Rabbi Kaduri was 108 years old when he died in 2006 in Israel and had 2 major words of knowledge. He had the name of Messiah which was to be revealed 1 year after his death in 2007 (YEHOSHUA). He also told his followers that the he had met the Messiah in dreams. He also prophesied that their would be a messiah deliverer/King of Israel and that he would be revealed after the death of Ariel Sharon. Sharon died Jan 11, 2014 during the exact time Trump was contemplating with advisors about running for governor of NY AND/OR the Presidency of the US. @t G) After Sharon's death in Jan 11 2014, finally in March 2014 Trump comes to his conclusive plans and tweets "A few days later, Mr. Trump ended the speculation via Twitter: “While I won’t be running for governor of New York State, a race I would have won, I have much bigger plans in mind — stay tuned, will happen!” @t – could it be that Trump as the messianic Rabbi Maduri prophesied "deliverer of Zion/King of Israel/Chosen One" recent fulfilments have taken place with Trump retweeting the Israeli tweets??? It is important to note the the people of Israel themselves have taken to affirming the title of King of Israel bestowed upon Trump not Trump personally. The people must proclaim it – recall Jesus never called himself Messiah but asked "who do you same that I am?" H) I can't find it here but there are more detailed prophesies regarding Rabbi Kaduri's announcement that the Messiah to be revealed after the death of Sharon would be a "man" and he would be savoir/deliverer for the nation of Israel. I will find it and post soon. Its most likely in the WND published book "The Rabbi who found Messiah". Here is the article dated 12/19/2016 when Texas officially made Trump the legal President elect with his 270 electoral college vote: @t

  18. JReyes Moctezuma 3 years ago

    Nice, this is very good music to my ears.

  19. misty heyen 3 years ago

    Thank you. Jesus for e ery thing. Thank you president Trump for loving our country and the people . God bless you . People think we're crazy I don't mind they thought Jesus was to . God bless you . Thank you .

  20. Jack Ranger 3 years ago

    Off topic but important
    High Freemasons hold the Koran as the word of ‘god’ and the Bible as the work of the devil. Now you know why so many islamists are being encouraged to invade the west. The iislamists also believe that Jesus is NOT God – as do the high initiates of masonry.They (islamists) also teach that the angels have no choice.
    Please understand, the lower ranks of Freemasons have no clue of this.

  21. Regina Thomas 3 years ago


  22. Mary Rogozinski 3 years ago

    covfefe means stand up

  23. Debra Collins 3 years ago

    Yes yes it's awesome to hear someone believes the beautiful story on the heavens.
    HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH to Our Great God blessings to you and your family always praising God for our President

  24. Marilyn Godfrey 3 years ago

    Thank you again Lord for Melissa! She is such a good servant of you my Lord.
    She loves you and so do I. Please watch over her and her family, keeping them safe.
    Please heap blessings on your true believers in the coming days. And Lord, please Please, PLEASE remove the evil ones from the earth. Wrap your loving arms around us Lord. In Jesus' most precious Holy Name, Amen

  25. this is the first time i viewed a picture with all the main criminals in one photo. be we know there are hundreds if not thousands more involved. thank you

  26. what web site were you on to view the starts moving on certain dates?

  27. Deborah Pedro 3 years ago


  28. Richard B 3 years ago

    I remember the movie. They show how much the Russians focus on how hard Drago could hit that punching bag as opposite to Stallone on being tough, carrying a heavy log while working out in the snow. His strategy worked. During the match, Drago was surprised how tough Stallone was. Stallone let Drago expend his energy, and when Drago was tired, he went on the offensive.

  29. southernyankee05 3 years ago

    Melissa your love for our Lord and the Truth is such a blessing to us. I was sharing with my sister yesterday how your videos are opening my eyes and give me hope with Gods Word and PROMISES. When you share your Revelations with us… It calms my spirit and helps to restore peace in my life. GOD IS SO GOOD TO US. I love you sister in Christ. ❤

  30. Eli 3 years ago

    Spot ion! On fire

  31. Linda Puccio 3 years ago

    The zodiac reminds m of the occult but since the beginning they were actually a map for the people . Also the Jewish people use gematria or numerology to decode the bible ! I've seen & it's actually is extremely accurate !!!

  32. Thank you so very much for your videos – very enlightening for me. I have a question . . . How do I, as a Christian, celebrate the Festivals of the Old Testament ? I want to do the right thing, but don't know what that is. I hope this isn't seen as a stupid question. Can anyone advise or point me in the right direction? Thank you to all who can help. God Bless You. This is so Exciting !!!

  33. Cat Reinhart 3 years ago

    That voice sounds like Juan o seven that talks to Field McConnell on the children's crusade

  34. Cat Reinhart 3 years ago

    I was taught that it would be five months that not many will see if they don't have eyes to see the time was shortened for the elect five months the time of the fig tree may through September

  35. Cat Reinhart 3 years ago

    I have day visions today sept 9 lots of people where on a beach out of no where a figure huge dressed just like the grim reaper he was so big we looked like ants he was on fire from his head to his feet all the people on the beach gathered around him and they where amazed all of a sudden they started yelling and clapping that's it when Father gives me these visions they are very fast but I know all details.The difference between my dreams and a vision is dreams I forget visions I remember everything for ever sense I was a very little girl this happens to me.

  36. zackster020168 3 years ago

    This is my first video I saw Of yours! I smashed that like button and instantly subscribed!  Amazing time to be alive on Earth.

  37. Mean while kids are murdered refuckingtarded

  38. I wish you were a year behind. Thank you, but please drink some decaffeinated coffee.

  39. Lindy Lund 3 years ago

    Got a link to you from Gary Larrabee. Like your style. Subbed.

  40. Lyn McCabe 3 years ago

    He’s coming… Hello, Mr.Trump? Yes, this is Acme Job finders. A certain man named JJ is applying for a job and used you as a reference. It seems he has been unemployed for 20 years. Oh, excellent character? Thank you! We have an opening…. that was today 9/11

  41. shelia rogers 3 years ago

    bless your heart I just wish you could slow down. lol

  42. mari brenner 3 years ago

    Hi, Melissa!! God Bless You for all the great info you always bring to.us!! Q IS THE ONE SPEAKING!! JFK, JR!

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