QAnon: Timeline (Part 2) – Phase 3 – Wrestling Power from NWO. Phase 4 – Arrests & Tribunals

“Rejoice over her, you heavens! Rejoice, you people of God! Rejoice, apostles and prophets! For God has judged her with the judgment she imposed on you.” (Revelation 18:20)

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Timeline Video 1



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  1. shannon templeton 3 years ago

    So often, hearing about the evil that abounds just breaks my heart and makes me so sad. And then I sit and watch your visits with us. Your excitement and joy and the good news you bring lifts me up. You have a gift.

  2. Pam Penttinen 3 years ago

    Happy rebirthday!!! Many blessings to you.

  3. Susan Ralph 3 years ago

    today mcGee preached on Watchmen on the wall….1) responsibility 2)visibility….you are doing both. Good job.

  4. Susan Ralph 3 years ago

    Revelation 9:6 they shall seek death and not find it….they shall seek death and it will flee from them. does that mean our blood samples are being used for years???? so we can't REST IN PEACE? as long as some system has our DNA? this is nightmarish.

  5. Mahutwe 3 years ago

    So what's to make of the 10-12 weeks between each of the sets of 42 weeks?

  6. richard T. 3 years ago

    Amazing Melissa – Just amazing!!! Solved: The mystery of "Times, Time and Half a Time" – All being played out in the "Heavens Above" – Wherein is "The Sign of The Son of Man" – For this is "The Great Day of The Lord" – Again, God is showing you great and marvelous things Melissa and all of us too!!! Praise the Lord!!!

  7. paulette downing 3 years ago

    Thank you for your you tube. September 8th is the birth of Mary, mother of our Lord Jesus.

  8. I saw something last month, and I was going to go through your videos to see if you ran across it too..

    But you got a lotta videos, lol.

    I think I saw a star sign, and I wanted to run it past you & see what you think. Can I send it to you?

  9. Robert Martin 3 years ago

    Does anybody remember the Gates funded Common Core? It just took on a creepy new dimension.

  10. Eli 3 years ago

    Happy RE-birthday ! God bless

  11. Eli 3 years ago

    I like the praying medic also, what other sources do you like?

  12. Iowa Grams 3 years ago

    If you had to guess, how long would you expect the parents will be coerced into getting their children vaccinated against their will so they can go to school. In other words when will the truth of the vaccine industry be brought to light? This is my main concern at the moment. Thank you!

  13. bhedrick16 3 years ago

    Happy birthday! ❤
    What date is your real birthday??

  14. Jon Anon 3 years ago

    Happy birthday Melissa my b day was on the first we're virgo's chosen one's to spread the lords good word whether anybody believes us or not god bless you

  15. Hi Melissa, I happened to be watching Area 17, & those yellow curtains, plus the colour blue have something to do with the Cincinnati Society.

  16. kristi glinkaj 3 years ago

    God bless POTUS, God bless our military, and God bless America! THanQ Jesus #Winning

  17. kristi glinkaj 3 years ago

    Trump time travels. Tesla technology and that New Yorker hotel his uncle snatched blueprints for. Also time machine is in that hotel and used as a jump room, truth be told. Dive deeper sis. We can Q this!

  18. Daniel Cunningham 3 years ago

    Thank you, Melissa! I share ALL your VIDEOS with everyone I have in contacts! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS! WE SEE THE SIGNS OF THE SON OF MAN! COME LORD JESUS, COME!

  19. Lj Smile 3 years ago

    I love you! I need some assistance please. Can you keep an open mind and watch this all the way thru and let me know what you think. Happy re-Birthday! God Bless

  20. Karen Lewis 3 years ago

    Happy Rebirthday Melissa! <3

  21. SototG 3 years ago

    SO awesome that Brexit will happen October 31, 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. SototG 3 years ago

    Melissa are you on Twitter? Please look up any astronomical significance of August 13 1930? I need to send you a screen shot in Bible Code of who that pertains to. Thanks

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A long, beautiful Show from Charlie Freak and his Clan of Spiritual Patriots. They think on such a deep level and display their insights through decoding the deep, hidden meanings in the Lyrics of the Music of the 70’s, which I can relate since I was a High School Grad of ’74 and that was my Party Music. A Blast from the Past with the Lyrics explained in a way I would have never imagined. I never paid much attention to the lyrics of songs when I was young, so this is very exciting to know the Truth has always been right under our noses. Enjoy! – Laura Mae


Tuning into God’s Rock and Roll ~ Episode #2 ~ The Storm is Upon Us, Christ is On His Way…

Tuning into God’s Rock and Roll ~ Episode #2 ~ The Storm is Upon Us, Christ is On…

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1999… and the illusion continues.
One begs 2 ask – “when will it end?”
Unnatural disasters happen seemingly every week. Train crashes, shootings, nuclear accidents; is there any place of refuge one can flee from this insanity? Very few of mankind’s creations r designed 2 make u feel good, unless u get pleasure from seeing the human body desecrated by guns, explosions, fights, and any other things these so-called “artists” create. In the name of freedom, many have used art as a means 2…

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Brian Stelter Executed


Former CNN host and convicted pedophile Brian Stelter was hanged to death at Guantanamo Bay on Friday, just hours before the facility locked down in preparation for Hurricane Ian.

Sources on the island told Real Raw News that guards roused Stelter from bed at 5:00 a.m. and told him to prepare for his big day. Stelter gorged himself on scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage patties, and whole wheat toast—his final meal—with one source saying the breakfast could’ve fed five inmates.

No sooner had he finished eating than he began sobbing uncontrollably and rambling incoherently about how he, a world-famous broadcaster with millions of fans, was a victim of malicious prosecution whose only crime was endearing…

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