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  1. Margaret Hamm 3 years ago

    Make me glad that my family was never one of the elites, or even in their field of vision. Thank God.

  2. Lester Lepore Sr 3 years ago

    Fionna barrett

  3. Mo'reece Tatupu 3 years ago

    The Murrah Building was the site of the OKC bombing, Mac.

  4. James DeGray 3 years ago

    Watergate tapes not only evidenced breaking and entering, it held national security secrets, such as location and nature of assets a field both people and technology, not to mention the water gate tapes had evidence that EBE's are real and the government knew it. They caught watergate because they were looking for what is now known as pedogate…

  5. James DeGray 3 years ago

    I hope everyone gets on the same page with the truth.

  6. merlekay 3 years ago

    These evil vile people make me so iii and pissed they all need to die !

  7. merlekay 3 years ago

    what about mike pence ?

  8. Intbel 3 years ago

    Who owned the Watergate Hotel at the time?
    Or at, least was co-owner?
    A li'l research will prove "All roads lead to Rome".

    Also, remember the Dunblane school massacre which was the reason for massive gun confiscation and almost total gun ban in the UK?
    The records of that gig were, in the interests of 'national security', sealed for 100 years.
    Why? Another Paedophile cover-up is why.

  9. Linda Currie 3 years ago

    I wasn't ready for this.

  10. G Hart 3 years ago

    Same here with my Mom on Billy Graham-

    NO amount of evidence would ever convince her that Billy Graham was a pedo-

    In fact, my Mom gave Billy Graham $10,000…that's right $10k

  11. george cirelli 3 years ago

    No watergate was about them trying to hide the fact that they knew bout our great president Kennedy murder

  12. G Hart 3 years ago

    I believe every word of this…and it's much worse than one can even imagine

  13. MiniJellal 3 years ago

    Watergate and Hillary being fired makes even more sense since this video. WOW WOW WOW. Thanks Linda for another great vid. "What's all the buzzzzzz" 🙂

  14. Margaret Finnigan 3 years ago

    Hi Linda. I am an artist and would loooove to paint your birdy!!! Any way I could get a copy?

  15. lucy ellen 3 years ago

    Fiona Barnett is also known as Candy Girl. Very brave lady indeed…

  16. Troy Jenkins 3 years ago

    Use duckducgo search engine darlin

  17. era hymne 3 years ago

    What do you think the OKC bombing was all about

  18. shill dozer 3 years ago

    32:45 putin quoting ad rock from beastie boys sabatoge

  19. Darker Sandman 3 years ago

    Look up the camps of Bő|h|ě¡M¡ăn Grő|V|ě ( Ťhěy have a hierarchical society) ě|ite above ě|ite, sec|rets_aBővě sec|rets_Bělővv_.. just because Ťhěy are in the _¡.ll.ųm¡ňă.Ť¡__ does not mean _Ťhěy _ know it all ~(dě|[Čőmp|părT|měn|Ťăl¡z]|ěd)~ .

  20. lizzy nicholas 3 years ago

    The rich love to have alabret parties and they love to have celebrity chefs cook for them. Why do you think Anthony Bordain was killed. He would know who was cooking for the super rich Satanist. Let's face it a chef would know how all these things are done in detail. They would know where the bodies came from and would have even been involved in butchering the bodies. Lets face it they would know what race tastes best and what cuts are the most tender and how to cook it so it is not tuff and ruined while being cooked. I mean if you did not cook it just right you would not easily be able to go out and buy another body to cook. It is not like someone can run a mile down the road to the grocery store and get more ingredients. I am sure their is an art to cooking human meat. Gross to think of but I bet it is very complicated in producing such a meal and then matching fine wines to compliment the meal as the rich would expect. The expectation and standards are high for the super rich when it comes to food. The chefs would know it all right down to who, where, what and when was being procured they would even interact with the procurers of the bodies at the hand off. They may even have seen the kids before they were murdered, as they were murdered and then taken the kids off the alter and brought them to the kitchen to be butchered and cooked. They would even be involved in what to do with the remains that were not used for cooking. Even doing the cleanup of the cooking area to destroy all the biological evidence. They may even have been involved in the clean of the hole ritual sight the big wash down to ensure no evidence was left on site. Think about it if you hire a chef and his staff it is to deal with all aspects of the event they run a full catering services that includes clean up and trash removal. The chefs know it all every detail. Now we know Bordain's girl friend is a Satanist she claims to be a witch and has Satanist tattoos all over her body. She probably recruited him and talked him in to participating in rituals at first. Then she talked him into cooking. "Oh what a great job you could do and you would cook much better then what is being cooked today. An as a member you need to pull your weight and provide you expertice to help improved these events, that the least you can do." You can just imagine how a real witch who wants soming can manipulate people into doing something awful. Then he agrees and begins to learn all the details as well as who else cooked for them and probably contacted those cooks to learn how to butcher and cook the meats and then what wine complimented the dishes. He would have found out everything when he became one of their chefs. Or if we give him the benefit of the dought he would have heard through the grapevine of chefs who was cooking for them and most of if not all the details. They share their trade secrets I am sure. Why did he hate Hillary so much? Why would they have killed him? He would know the key people who headed up the rituals and Hillary has always been known to be a witch and if she was incharge of actual rituals and throwing a dinner with the remains their is a good chance if he was a cook he would have cooked for her. Remember he even had a Twitter rant about Hillary and how much he hated her. People do not attack people so viciously on Twitter for someone they do not even know. Their is a lot more to the story. Clearly Bordain was not just complaining about Hillary's friendship with Weinstein. If they killed him it was for a reason and that generally is because you know too much and that information can bring them down. What could a chef know about the crime of politicians and the super rich? How and why would their paths cross? If having a chef cook for you a regular meal with regular ingredients from the grocery store why in the world would you ever find a need to kill him? No you would not. But if he was cooking your human sacrifies for you at a big party of the super rich and powerful and they got scared thier religious practicies were going to come out in the press. They would be terrified all their secret grotesque beliefs and practices were going to come out to the public. They would then proceed to kill off all the people who knew their crimes and the details of how it was and is being pulled off. The chefs would be the very first to go because they definately know where all the bodies lye. This makes Bordain death make sense and the red tie around his neck as a sign to other people who have information keep your mouth shut or we will shut it for you, it was a big red warning sign to them. The satanists often use red ties to kill and as a threat to others to keep their mouths shut.

  21. Patrick Daugherty 3 years ago

    Maybe you don't know this, but when birds appear to be looking left or right, they're actually looking at YOU. They'll look at you with one eye and then the other. They're like horses that way.

  22. Franco M 3 years ago

    Rat Fink was a creation of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth… His son had tried to perpetuate it but hey, its old… I knew Ed from the Hotrod world…

  23. Hemlock 3 years ago

    Paedophilia is the ultimate entrapment. You've got them for ever to do your bidding. One big recruitment club!!

  24. Hemlock 3 years ago

    They split the mind into compartments by various methods of torture, so each compartment can be controlled. You can only torture information in, to programme the victims.

  25. heybratender 3 years ago

    Thanks for another great interesting informative video!

  26. Bri Cro 3 years ago

    Make no mistake…the Judiciary from the village on up are stacked with Pedos on the bench

  27. Angela Yount 3 years ago

    I absolutely love watching Birds. They have to be the most interesting specimen our Lord put on this Earth. But of course my favorite of all is the bald eagle I always thought if there was such a thing as reincarnation I would love to come back as a bald eagle. One reason they're protected and can't be hunted in shot doesn't mean that some people don't unfortunately do this but as a rule you're not supposed to be. And secondly they mate for life and they're just one of the most beautiful things to watch fly I truly hate flying and airplanes and if I was an eagle I could control what happened and fly through the air just loving life

  28. Angela Yount 3 years ago

    Oh hey I know girlfriend my mom I told her about Billy Graham and she's like no way not Billy Graham and I said Mama it's some pretty reliable sources so I'm sorry he's a bad man

  29. Jim Hightower 3 years ago

    It was Fiona who talked about going to AF1 and Nixon. She or Kathy O'Brian talked about Billy Graham

  30. MrJrsdts 3 years ago

    Did you see the photo with Adam Schiff with that little black baby girl on his lap from Haiti? One of the comments in the thread said something about,, looks like you’re going to have fun at the Standard Hotel. McAllister TV did you see this photo? Adam Schiff said it was their adopted child.

  31. Omg. Heres what i dont understand. I know all of this stuff is happening.
    But how is it after all of this information, and all the evil we see happening coming from people with money.. how on earth could you trust Trump (not BECAUSE he is trump,but just bc hes the current president) after all we know about people of power??
    And those dumb ass comments about if youre a democrate your family will kill you if you vote republican. What a dumb ass comment. Even as a joke. You seem to be an extremely intelligent woman, but youre not getting the full picture. Youre picking and choosing based on emotions.. the full picture is YOU CANT TRUST ANYONE WITH MONEY. YOU CANT TRUST ANYONE WITH POWER. YOU CANT TRUST ANYONE IN POLITICS. Money is the root of all evil. Not to mention trump is just a puppet , just a face to look at, a voice for our ears, while the real people in power are controlling the world. And again, not bc its Trump, but anyone who happened to be a president. We need a saviour to get us out of here. Especially the children.. how do we keep them safe from the men and women in power?
    I dont trust ANYONE…. and neither should you. Look at your own information.. ridiculous.

  32. Mill Stacka 3 years ago

    Pope is evil

  33. Mill Stacka 3 years ago

    Oprah has a island and had a pedo school in Africa

  34. WADIBIG 3 years ago

    Fiona Barnett names the names of the people who sexually assaulted, raped and tortured her:

    – Antony Kidman (actress Nicole Kidman’s father) (Nicole Kidman is a victim of the ring too, but was nasty towards fellow victim Fiona);
    Dr. John Gittinger (Lithuanian Nazi concentration camp guard and CIA agent);
    Actor Bruce Spence;
    Former US President Richard Nixon
    Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam;
    Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke;
    Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating;
    Former Australian Minister of Education Kim Beazley Sr.;
    Former NSW Premier Bob Carr;
    Former Australian cricketer Richie Benaud;
    US Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham;
    Ted Turner (CNN).
    Barrett also mentions the brave Aussie politician Franca Arena, who got up in Parliament under parliamentary privilege and said there is a large pedophile ring involving politicians, judges, doctors and media moguls. He named Kerry Packer, Bob Carr, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Robert Menzies, Alan Jones (radio announcer), Bernard King (cook), Molly Meldrum (TV presenter), Elton John (musician), John Kerr (Whitlam and Kerr were homosexual lovers) and Justice Lionel Murphy.
    She also recalls being at Bohemian Grove. On one occasion she was in a pink bubble room and raped. On another occasion she had to participate in “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” a child rape hunt party, where children were hunted like animals and raped (as also happened to Kathy Collins and Cathy O’Brien).
    George Pell (Australian Cardinal) is not just a pedophile. He is a Luciferian who ritually abused multiple children. Cardinal George Pell ritually abused James Shanahan. Further, Pell was in the audience during the Luciferian ritual I attended at St Mary’s Cathedral when I was 14 years old.
    People ask me why they never see evidence of VIP pedophilia and Luciferian ritual abuse in Australia. Well here’s why! We are watching the Australian government bury the crimes of one of Australia’s most famous VIP pedophiles, and one of the most senior members of the Luciferian pedophile child trafficking organisation known as the Vatican.
    How is anyone supposed to know if there is a suppression order, or whether a court case is finished, or if another is starting – when the public are completely uninformed and are not being told anything in our press? All else is rumour and fake news, right?
    My trauma therapist felt vicariously traumatized by my description of these rituals, and stopped the session short. He said he couldn’t process any more images in his head.

    I commented: “How do you think it is for me, on this side of the couch?”

  35. Monica Elliott 3 years ago

    Have you researched Hugh Hefner & ‘honey pot’?

  36. Think also about Nestlé apropriating Our Natural watersupplies to Bottle iT
    Asif iT is theirs while iT naturally belongs to US all
    Love from France +!!!!’

    Monsanto-Monopoly my-Saint= Satan apropriating whole nature by changing just a gene

    Think about the multiple effects of glyphosate
    Putting litterary everybody in the box SEE Dr Stephany Seneff Monsanto and Autism

    SEE water and fluoride calcifying the Epiphyse Which is the Gate Gland to Heaven

    SEE shamanism and Serotonine-via de Epiphyse

    Glyphosate and the destruction of immunity= the WALL!!!!!!

    The Keystone is secretly Biochemical

    People become depressed everywhere autistic Or violent

    Many neurodegenerative diseases comes from this Chemical Warfare on own people and all over the World

    Even the vaccinations come from cultivating on gelatine from pigs full of glyphosate

    This All cannot be done without water !!!!!’

  37. Bone Z 3 years ago

    alan dershowitz, knows about it all . he was implicated because he defended epstein . both sides have pedos

  38. Jackie Wagner 3 years ago

    Super job!
    Thanks so very much.

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