QAnon: Who or What is it?

Who is the mysterious 4chan and 8chan poster QAnon? Is it someone in the Trump Administration? Is it someone with high level security clearance? Or is it a just another conspiracy nut job? Either way, Q has made a splash in the mainstream media and with Trump supporters with his/hers/its thoughts on everything from the Russia investigation to the deep state. Find out about Q on America Uncovered!

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  1. Confirmed: This episode has been permanently demonetized after appeal. This is why your support on the crowd funding site Patreon.com/americauncovered is so important! We can't afford to make the show for nothing. For as little as a dollar per episode, you can make a huge difference helping fund truly independent, unbiased reporting about the US and the Trump Administration.

    (a bad mix for us all)
    Fight disinformation with your own mind and critical thinking
    -Vet your own news sources
    -Don’t accept so called “Expert’s Opinions” as factual information
    -Compare opposing points of view before you decide what’s true
    -Examine “Alternative Independent Media” that is uncensored by Google, Facebook, Youtube and other biased, controlling forces that might be manipulating and oppressing us
    -Follow the money, who benefits from acts of violence
    -You can become the Resistance to this kind of misinformation
    If you want to know, have a look at these recent videos on youtube before they are censored and removed:
    “FALSE FLAGS:FROM 911 TO SANDY HOOK” by Jim Fetzer
    “911 Psy Opera” by Ace Baker (1 hour version)
    “Where Did The Towers Go?” by Dr. Judy Wood
    “False Flags:Staged,Scripted,Mass Psy-Op Events” by noliesradio
    “Surviving Project MK-ULTRA & Psychiatry – CIA Mind Control Experiments In Vermont” by Alpha Mind Control
    “Ultimate TV Mind Control Documentary|Media Manipulation” by ODD Reality

  3. I really thought I'd actually found ONE journalist, ONE decent site that told the whole truth. Until you stated Clinton and Obama wasn't involved in child trafficking. I can say you really need to do more research. It's like IN YOUR FACE, especially Hillary Clinton being involved. Think Hati? Trying to sneak 30 something kid's across the border. Yeah I know wasn't her personally, but if you follow that rabbit trail far enough, her dirty money grubbing hands are all over it. Who paid the bond for the so called missionary that was caught and jailed with those kids? Yep you guessed it, THE CLINTON'S. Oh and read John Podestas emails or research why the NYPD guys who viewed Winner's laptop content went out the door throwing up they were so sick. There's tons of information out there about her and Obama's involvement in child trafficking.. Good luck but I will not follow you anymore. You showed me your true colors on this report because I don't believe for one minute as good of a researcher as you are with other reports you couldn't find a thing to verify that. If you don't want to be added to her suicide list, just say so, don't lie to the American people, we are sick of it.

  4. I am confused but I will agree with you on one thing – up is down, right is left, right is wrong – oh wait, that's more than one thing isn't it? signed by an awake but asleep quack who is never wrong but always right!

  5. I enjoy your work. Please consider doing a followup segment addressing the "Q proofs," which at this point seem to indicate something is, in fact, happening. What that may be still remains to be seen , but should be documented for the impact it has had thus far. .

  6. This video makes mockery of Q instead of wondering if it is a valid threat to rich, privileged powerful men.     Q-Anon has uncovered more information on Jeffrey Epstein than any other source.  Do you have an agenda – or, are you just scared of the people Q is going after.  It's way past time someone went after the core evil that has been ruling America for a long time.

  7. who or whatever Q is it is working great child molesters are getting busted everybody in Congress is getting caught for taking bribes and Hillary Clinton is going down

  8. the regular mainstream media is the real fake media or they are talking about nonsense, or just negative fear and hate prey aganda … never really is positive or just something fun or funny. and the media in the western world has also been checked because first everything is conspiracy and after 15 to 20 years it is ooh it turned out to be all different. everything is based on faith and whoever makes the lie big and powerful is finally believed so it goes day in day out all news channels talk the same shit so press freedom applies only for your gut

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