QAnon’s Triangle of Puppeteers: The Rothschilds Part Three: Vatican Connections

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QAnon’s Triangle of Puppeteers: The Rothschilds Part Three: Vatican Connections

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  1. Kris Sol 4 years ago

    Please listen to Brendan O'Connell.
    Rothschilds want to replace Goyim with Golom robots= technology.

  2. Remko Jerphanion 4 years ago

    Briliant video, scary though….

  3. Nat Fitz 4 years ago

    P= Payseur's. Either you are disinformation or just full of shit. Misinformation.

  4. John Henry 4 years ago

    The DOJ has NO RECORDS of the FISA COURT hearing !! BECAUSE there WAS NO HEARING. The DOJ has admitted the FISA Application was simply RUBBER STAMPED!! NO QUESTIONS WERE EVEN ASKED. It appears the Court thought " WHY BOTHER" Hillary IS GOING TO WIN ANYWAY. So, there WILL BE NO INVESTIGATION ! That is HOW BAD JUSTICE HAS BECOME IN THE US ?

  5. Youtube 4 years ago

    Francis is not because he is not A real pope!
    He is the false prophet in the gospel of John 21:11 he leads the 153 United Nations against Israel – Jesus cooks this big fish and feeds the apostles after a long night of not being able to catch fish because of Vatican II!
    So it’s His third appearance after the resurrection and He is cooking the fish to feed the apostles who were not able to catch a fish the whole night! He has bread on the fire also. He takes out the fish that was leading the 153 fish astray or keeping us from catching the 153 fish. The fish that is on the fire is burned just like the false prophet,
    And then Jesus tells them to cast out the net on the right side of the boat! The 153 great fish are the seed of Ishmael the 153 United Nations born were born on the many waters, caught without breaking the net. Francis broke the net! Clause 351 took the Desirable Bread Away by accepting adulterous union to receive The Eucharist!
    Jesus gives them the bread! The Eucharist is re-stack established after 42 months!
    Agenda 21 and sustainable growth also have the Mark of the beast which is 351 the opposite of 153!
    153 is heaven’s plan the number of people Jesus met in the gospel, The number of fish caught at the end of John,
    The number prayers in the rosary Or the life death and resurrection of Jesus through the eyes of his mother as Simeon’s prophecy foretold – and your soul to a sword shall pierce so that the hearts of many may be laid bare-and the number of days between the first and last visit of Fatima and the miracle of the sun!
    October 13, 1917!
    That globe thing in the opening of the video is the blueprint artwork for Bell and the dragon that is going to be thrown down in Isaiah 46:1 by Cyrus who is also in the blueprint of the Guadalupe map joining north and south or heaven and earth!

    1531 was the year the Guadalupe image was given to us as a blueprint of Gods Kingdom Here and victory over Satan!

    It stopped human sacrifice because it showed that the sun and moon would fail it was there god system under their mother earth god the god of weather and heavenly inspection.

    Their god has two heads or to fake lights to follow!

    The black moon and the rays falling off the sun represent the two golden calves or wandering adulteresses!

  6. global terroil 4 years ago

    That Vatican stuff does kinda look lizardly.

  7. woden20 4 years ago

    Pope on a rope.

  8. Misty Jenkins 4 years ago

    Wonder why Trump doesn't call out Soros' Pueblos Sin Fronteras 'people without borders' bringing migrant children to the US border. Instead, Trump writes leaner US migrant laws. Funny Trump didn't call out Soros funding the gun ban marches either, rather wrote laws restricting 2nd amendment rights. Wonder why Trump doesn't call out Soros for interfering in local US elections as other countries have kicked Soros out and severely limited his activities including his home country. Guess Trump has invited Soros to be at home to run a muck in the US as Soros' Lucent technologies were in 666 5th New York in Kushner's building. As Trump bombed Syria on flat out lies proved as lies through the UN for Genie energy board. Some of the same names and Wilbur ross that were involved in Trump's bankruptcies and bailouts.

  9. jukebox Ian 4 years ago

    Siener Nicolaas Van Rensburg's Visions about England

  10. Sally Lacey 4 years ago

    We are of a similar age and I have followed you for a couple of years now! Your post on the opening of the Gotthard tunnel, together with other stuff viewed on youtube, brought me back to Christianity! I really wish you could objectively watch this one: https://youtu.be/GQhW9vAwCqM

  11. Andres No 4 years ago

    True satanists are atheistic. Devil worshippers are just inverted catholics.

  12. Q Anon is a psyop. It's not for the people. It's a controlled opposition.

  13. Trump is a New World Order puppet. The Rothschilds own his ass. All Presidents are puppets.

  14. The Zionist Fake Jew Bankers and the Jesuit Papacy rule the world. Including America.

  15. XavierKatzone 4 years ago

    Great piece! The sphere in the Vatican Museum courtyard is titled Sfera con Sfera, translated as Sphere within a Sphere, by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro.
    The Milwaukee Art Museum has a similar item called
    "Sphere No. 5" (1965) by Arnaldo Pomodoro (Italian, b. 1926) …

  16. Bat Moji 4 years ago

    Every one of these ilk of people need executed using the force of the state that they weild against societies throughout the world. No hyperbole whatsoever in that statement. Execution, publicly, is the only cure for the planet. If 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000 of these degenerate snivelling cretins need to be tortured and executed via live stream for all to see, then so be it. Their evil is sick.

  17. Francess Lindeer 4 years ago

    From lookn at that golden globe looks like they want to try smash the moon into the earth..

  18. Homa Simpson 4 years ago

    I am sick of the inaction and all talk

  19. Just Smashing 4 years ago

    Round up the Rothschild cabal and hang…slowly

  20. Super Dave 4 years ago

    Thank you for the truth and glad I found your channel!

  21. Ashish Patel 4 years ago

    gas the deep state.

  22. Myrmecia 4 years ago

    Regarding Revelations and the 7 (or 8) popes. There is a tendency to interpret prophesies as if they apply to our own place in our own time. Guard against being "blinkered" in this way. I wonder what people said about these two verses of Revelations 50, 100 and 150 years ago.

  23. Myrmecia 4 years ago

    Regarding the charges against George Pell. Before you link Pell directly to paedophilia, it would be well to sit back until the charges are specified. I say this because one of the charges against Pell could be interpreted as no more than Pell – when he was a sports master – flashing his willy jocularly for just a second to a group of teenage pupils in a swimming pool changing room after a regular swimming session.
    We think of paedophilia as being brutal, coercive acts of sexual penetration against frightened, unwilling children by powerful men. But we know from #MeToo that many victims have exaggerated the magnitude of the "offences" in order to get on the band waggon.

  24. Shaun Sim 4 years ago

    That monstrosity looks like the Borgs star ship out of star wars and like the Borg they all work for the collective for their own gain, I say hang the bloody lot, After all i don't hear them speaking out about their religion anymore, It's like they have lost the meaning and don't frigging care what goes on round about them, As long as they are ok in here little bubble. Ignorance is bliss! And will be their own downfall. Nazi little helpers!!

  25. rupert pupkin 4 years ago

    Great stuff mate, subbed.

  26. Mad ABOUT THE GOY 4 years ago

    Built and designed that way on purpose…. What better way of convincing people to believe in the religion they designed and have controlled with by fear.

  27. dogstar167 4 years ago

    I echoed your sentiments a few years back, the real worry is not whether satin is real or not the horror is that the people that control economy, law, religion, war all do.

  28. Ken Johnson 4 years ago

    That gold orb looks like an Eyeball and a world being born from another i.e. A New World.

  29. Sergei Pavlov 4 years ago

    Simon, I hope that one day you'll understand that by supporting the independence of Catalonia and the dissolution of Spain, you are playing into the hands of the Zionists. If you study the History of the Spanish Empire, you'll discover the seed of regional secession was planted by the Jews as far back as 1552 during the reign of Charles V. They don't forgive the expulsion of 1492, and want to tear Spain apart as revenge. It breaks my heart you can't see this.

  30. Spanish John 4 years ago

    wow that snake building is nuts wtf

  31. SiLLy HuMEN …

    iz OverwHelMing …

    tHe Faint presence of Natural Being
    w/in tHe BlAnK Absence
    of Any sucH living Consciousness
    Intelligence & Relevance
    iz Agitating Debilitating & SligHt

    UnwortHy on tHe Hopeless
    BrinK of FORSaKen …

    Irreversible Destruction
    of lost wasted sQuandered
    HuManity Renderz MEN

    uPon tHe LAST/DAY
    of Its DEMIZE
    tHis Inconcievable PatHetic
    DEgradation wAste
    & Utter Ugly sHAme

  32. Jip John 4 years ago

    The bank of England is "owned" by the British state… not that it makes any difference since it is run by banker and private banks can create money anyway.

  33. louis walsh 4 years ago

    White people must be recognised as the indigenous people of Europe………Anne Marie Waters best speech yet………….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLATVm_1IY4

  34. Dim Rigami 4 years ago

    Revelation 13
    The Beast from the Sea
    (6) And the beast opened its mouth to blaspheme against God and slander His name and His tabernacle—those who dwell in heaven.
    (7) Then the beast was permitted to wage war against the saints and conquer them, and it was given authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.
    (8) And all who dwell on the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who was slain.…

    – The Roman Catholic Church blasphemed against God by their statements and dogma.
    (like to claim that they are the only one who can forgive sins, and that God must to obey their decision on the forgiveness and the change of laws.)
    – The Roman Catholic Church made war against the saints during the inquisition.
    – The Roman Catholic Church are welcomed and worshiped by most of all the nations and tongues.

    The 7 heads from the beast represent a political/religious power :
    1) Babylon -> lion -> 1 head
    2) Medo persia -> bear -> 1 head
    3) Greeces -> leopard -> 4 heads
    4) Rome -> the beast with iron mouth and 10 horns -> 1 head

    Revelation 17
    (9) And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
    (10) And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
    (11) And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

    – Five are fallen -> Babylon, Medo Persia, Greeces, Rome, Papacy ((538 AD to 1798 AD) = 1260 years from the prophecy)
    – One is -> The papacy deadly wounded (1798 AD). (NB : working behind the scene with the jesuits to destroy heretics)
    – is not yet come and when he cometh, he must continue a short space -> The healed papacy that was deadly wounded (1929 AD to nowadays).
    – And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven (refer to the papacy wounded and healed), and goeth into perdition. -> New World Order (with the one world religion).

    666 is the number of the beast but also the number of a man (Rev 13:18) :
    The pope wear a tiara that say VICARIUS FILII DEI (that mean In the place of son of god).
    If you place roman value for that statement (VICARIUS = 112) + (FILII = 53) + (DEI = 501) = 666
    -> http://biblelight.net/666.htm
    It's not for nothing that the vatican's telescope is called "Lucifer".

    Antichrist can mean : 1) against christ or 2) in the place of christ.

  35. Tonio3136 4 years ago

    Here is one way in which you can get Google, Facebook, Instagram, and your mobile carrier attention. File a complaint (class action lawsuit) about possible criminal and nefarious actions by the above which collectively make you a victim of interstate and global unauthorized and unwanted data spying and theft of diginity, emotional peace, privacy, personal data and intellectual ideas and words which were not meant for public viewing or scrutiny by government contract social platforms, by communist China, by North Korea, by Saudi Arabia, by Germany, by 5 Eyes nations, and any other individuals willing to buy your thoughts, expressions of emotions, and religious preferences:
    Hi Tonio,
    Thank you for your submission. Your request has been received and assigned Ticket No. 2716620. Throughout the complaint process, you will receive periodic emails updating you about the status of your complaint.
    If you have information to add to your complaint, please respond directly to this email.
    You can view a list of frequently asked questions about the informal complaint process at: https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us/articles/205082880.
    Your submission provides the FCC with important information we can use to develop policies to protect consumers, remedy violations of the Communications Act, and encourage future compliance with the law.
    Thank you for your help in furthering the FCC’s mission on behalf of consumers.
    This email iscz a service from FCC Complaints.

  36. Liam Ashton 4 years ago

    What the hell is that monstrosity behind the pope? 100% Satanism.

  37. Paul Sharrow 4 years ago

    Reality is not subject to unreality, precisely the opposite. What we see is affected by our own learned i.e. programmed bias.
    Case in point; one man's observation of fossils from the deluges of near antiquity is another woman's observation of rocks in the present, but both obsevations depend on perspective, or the way we use our sense yet, one is correct in absolute perspective and the other negates true absolute perspective.
    So it is with anomalous forms in the ether above which indeed exist as physical realities, whether photonic or corporeal, the only difference being tricking of our natural given senses as sleight of hand behind the wizard's veil.
    I took a picture of a chem/con trail once back in about 2010 or so, of a contrail being sprayed by a jet,, or so it seemed, with a Mavica 3.5 floppy and 1 megapixel digital camera and was rather surprised that instead of snapping just another of the several thousand pictures of jets which I have taken since 2009 onwards, there was a jet flying just ahead and to the right of a cylindrical shaped object flying alongside the jet, which this cylindrical cansiter type rocket was the apparent exhauster of the trail i saw by reviewing of this one photograph.
    Since that day, I reason that many aerosol injection methods are used to disperse degradents into our earthmosphere, and without doubt there are experiments occuring worldwide which have trickery of hocus pocus, and those that have incontrovertable truth of physcal reality at hand, witness Santa Rosa and directed energy weapons real time systems testing.
    In the same way, there are V.L.E.O (very low earth orbitiing) objects which are now in abundance through the technology unspoken of by mainstream fakery, having star-like appearance to the untrained concious of programmed masses. These are nothing more than floating light barges, decked out with digital energetic lighting systems set there to perform the functions of surveillance, wave propagation, weather modification and mind control.
    These appear as messengers of light (though they really are not in truth), to further the feeble agendas with strong delusion put in place by those wanting to rule all aspects of human thought and exsitence here upon our earth and obfuscate reality outside of the influence of one creator who formed all our natural cycles and systems which blossomed the earth to become His garden and this is what fights against His power, the spiritual wicked..
    Indeed He it is who owns the whole of this earth and each and every living spiritual being about his earth and the whole of the universe.
    He has given His own sacriicial lamb to condemm the laws of darkened human reasoning.
    Most cannot break out of the trancer's paradigm to see the real truth.
    The gods of this world are in contempt of the true creator of you and I because the power that exists to sway humans one way or another makes some drunk with the elixir of folly, mopolizing control to Lord it over us, in toto.
    This elixer of trickery is sought after as is a fine wine by the system slated to perish in true light making it very difficul to get to a meeting of Hellaholics anonymous when only prostitutes are running and runing our spiritual systems and our common earthly natural realms and created resources. Time to step away from it is now.
    Much Love to the chosen truthers in righteousness. MUCH Love to those who are coming to a perfect knowledge of truth; even much love to the others who will not listen or see and so be transformed by the grace of real truth of the Ancient of Days.
    No love for liars, thieves, and murderers with seared consciences who perpetuate the traspiracies of wicked drunkeness in their slick and lost estates with internal spiritual habitations of hidden hands in the darkness. Let us look beyond their impaling dogma.
    Rest assured, these ones are marked for refuse to be thrown out upon the appointed times of the visitation of His messengers and warriors, and shall not be remembered or lauded beyond the motif of the downing time to come up on the ways of darkened spiritual lights.
    Seek truth and peace from a very pissed off creator and it will be yours for free in newness of spirit and purpose and abstain from the lust of this world so you be made whole for eternity, is my asking for you.
    Awaken the right to be alive beyond this veil of evil time… Even now speak truth, one to another… Peace can be internal, but external peace and serenity is caused. The wicked perish. Goodness rules, not evolving abject hates for the common ones who are going to be the inheritors of His righteous Kingdom. Quit killing Our earth. That's what time it is.

  38. Sukhee D 4 years ago

    ThanQ Simon

  39. abrasdwe 4 years ago

    And I’ve got blood on me hands

  40. Have really enjoyed your videos on Q and the triangle. Thank you so much for all the effort. Speaking of Rothchilds, there is a "Rothschild" in this "art project" at the end of frame games recent video ( soon to be black holed I am sure)
    source ? https://artmuseum.pl/pl/archiwum/archiwum-7-berlin-biennale/1980/112576

  41. Garth kightlinger 4 years ago

    This makes me ill of course my response was " an ounce of lead is worth a pound of cure" !

  42. Anonymous 4 years ago

    O Fortuna you're doing this, Simon. Thank you. WhiNats gotta pass thru the final gate, jewgate/fakejew gate to Hades to eviscerate.
    "I want to know the name of EVERY one of these wicked famous people. No longer do I want to enjoy their movies, songs, etc. Shocking for the general public to learn that these satanists and pedophiles have infiltrated every part of our society and must be purged. It’s time we went to war, bloody, gory war on the bastards of demons and spawns of Satan. Their souls have long been sold, now it’s time to destroy their bodies and send them to Hell."
    To quote the genius of Terry Davis, "We must kill the vile people." One third of the population has got to go.
    You've been credited for this series in the comment section, Mr. Harris:
    God bless. Gott mit uns.

  43. Aethelflaed 4 years ago


  44. Ceridwen 4 years ago

    The recurring numbers are not by chance they are very significant. You should look up Gematria – these elites do everything according to this. Look up a channel on YT called Gematria Effect News .. it will blow your mind and you will see just how evil these people are and how they mess with us every single day. Especially in regards to the news and all these sudden and rather strange deaths which all occur according to Gematria. Gematria Effect News .. and Gematria Effect Sport – yes all the sport is fixed and arranged according to Gematria. Im not kidding!!

  45. lochyes 4 years ago

    Believe pedophilia is the preferred tool of control by the globalists. Whenever there is widespread pedophilia in any organization, it is possible, if not probable, they have been corrupted.

  46. Stephen Duranleau 4 years ago

    Bravo M Harris !

  47. Patrick McCarthy 4 years ago

    It's all in plain site. We, the people, scratch our heads when we see such strange occurrences. Then we go about our business and back to sleep. The world is sleeping so takeover by a group of highly organized Satanists or whatever isn't far fetched.

  48. Schlafes Bruder 4 years ago

    Interesting. I was not aware Q had something to say about Religion, Jews and Churches.
    I thought Q is all about the swamp in Washington.

  49. Sidney Harris 4 years ago

    The Rothschild's finger in every pie. They helped to kill Cock Robin. They lent the sparrow money at usurious rates so he could buy the bow and arrow.
    They also lent money to a fellow called Goldberg who hired a tug and towed an Iceberg into the Atlantic and sank the Titanic. The list of their Dastardly deeds is endless. Talk to any decent anti-Semite and they will enlighten you.

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