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REAL RAW NEWS: What is Your Thoughts? by Michael J. Penney


Our Website (TTQ) made Mention in Michael J. Penney’s (never heard of him) Video Debunking Real Raw News, and he either Red Pilled himself in the process, or his goal was to make it APPEAR as that was his Objective; However, he made some good points, such as, why is RRN super slow loading, not loading, etc., while other sites load fine? Why do people go out of their way to make sure no one takes RRN serious? So many questions when one just decides to snoop around a little bit. Just try and Debunk us!


He ends up reading several Articles and sounds like he is really a Believer. Those of us “Copy/Paster Content Stealers”, or whatever he called us (TTQ was mentioned along with Rumormill News and they are not one I specially trust), but even bad publicity is better than none, right? 🙂

But, For The Record Mr. Penney, TTQ ALWAYS gives Credit and a very OBVIOUS Link to the Source, and Never Steal! A Patriot, such as TTQ, gets the Truth out as best as their abilities allow, and I don’t do Podcasts, like You do, but you are just as guilty as the rest of us sharing RRN’s news! Be nice Michael, We are all in this Together, Remember Michael! Laura Mae


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  1. PLEASE don’t publish stories that are not 100% verifiable, I got egg on my face by a couple of your articles!

    1. Please Verify just ONE WaPo Article Falsely Slandering President Trump. Just ONE! Maybe ask your AI Bots to do the same, then get back to me. Thanks and God Bless! PS) The Washington Post has an Entire Database with nothing but LIES about President Trump! Why is no one Demanding CNN or MSNBC Prove their FAKE Accusations?? Just because you feel you are Not Well Versed and Educated enough on how to Defend the Best President this Country has ever been Blessed with doesn’t give you the right to Shoot the Messenger, does it? Good Luck with your Further Research on how to become a Better America First President Trump Supporting American Patriot!!

    1. Thank you Michael for making such an effort to produce a Video that investigates RRN and poses logical questions to the Viewers so these Sleepy Heads start to Critical Think and awaken from their Apathy and Propaganda induced Bias. I watched your Ted Talk and I cried watching it, and now, just thinking about it! Very Emotional these days, but that’s OK. It just means I am Alive and Aware and that God is Blessing our Courage and helping us stay on His Path to our Enlightenment! God Bless you for all you do for Humanity! LM

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