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Rebel Alliance Leader Trump Proclaimed “Dynasty Killer” After Darth Vader Warmonger Obliterated

August 17, 2022

Rebel Alliance Leader Trump Proclaimed “Dynasty Killer” After Darth Vader Warmonger Obliterated

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin factually stating that the socialist Western colonial powers are “desperately clinging to their vanishing hegemony” but the unipolar world order is becoming a thing of the past, and him correctly assessing the West needs conflicts in order to stay in power, so the United States and its allies are actively meddling in the affairs of other countries, “whipping up all sorts of provocations and civil wars”, says in near immediate confirmation of this assessment, the German Luftwaffe deployed six Eurofighter jets, four A400M multirole aircraft, and three A330 tanker transport craft in its first-ever mission to the Indo-Pacific Region to confront China—a socialist Western colonial war move quickly responded to by Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, who defiantly declared: “China’s People’s Liberation Army is not afraid of its enemies, and it is ready to fight for the country’s sovereignty amid attempts by the United States to undermine stability in the Asia-Pacific Region”.

With the Russian General Staff now warning: “America’s strike potential is growing…The possibility of the deployment of medium-range ballistic missiles on the territory of Asian nations, first and foremost Japan, is being worked out”, this report notes, it caused Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu to issue the grim warning: “The AUKUS union security deal between the United States, Britain and Australia  has the potential of becoming a military-political alliance…It can’t be ruled out that NATO’s joint nuclear planning and joint nuclear exercises would be brought to the region…The bringing of the practice of conducting nuclear exercises from Europe would detonate the region”—a grim warning quickly joined by Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, who gravely observed: “Washington and Beijing are leading the world into dangerous territory…The leadership on both sides understand this…But as they say, no one deliberately wants to go into battle, but we sleepwalk into conflict, and that’s the biggest problem and danger”.

At the same time Germany moved its Luftwaffe forces to the Indo-Pacific Region to confront China, this report continues, German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck fearfully declared to his nation’s under socialist siege citizens: “Germany developed a business model that was largely based on dependence on cheap Russian gas…This also meant dependence on an enemy of international law, liberal democracy and its values…This model has failed and it is not coming back”—a fearful declaration followed by already bailed out German electric utility Uniper reporting more staggering losses up to $12.5-billion—then it was reported: “Facing a cold and dark winter without enough energy sources to heat homes and businesses, Germany is poised to postpone the long-planned shutdowns of its last three nuclear power stations”—all of which has now been shockingly joined by Director Adam Glapinski of the National Bank of Poland warning that Germany has plans to subjugate Eastern Europe and has designs on the lands that it lost in World War II, and stated as fact: “Since the reunification of Germany in 1990, Berlin’s strategic goal is to regain in some form their former lands, which are now within Polish borders, and subordinate the entire belt of countries between Germany and Russia…Germany’s vision for the future of Europe is “the cooperation of two empires: Russian and German, with countries in the middle falling into the spheres of influence of both powers”.

After openly attacking its European Union and NATO member neighbor Germany, this report details, Polish Deputy Minister Jaroslaw Sellin of Culture and National Heritage declared that the mass murder of Poles by Ukrainian nationalists during World War II meets the definition of genocide, and stated as fact: “A political decision was made and implemented for ethnic cleansing, the extermination of the entire national minority that has lived there for centuries…This is genocide, it fits all the parameters of the definition of genocide, so there is no discussion here…Sooner or later, the Ukrainians will have to recognize it”—in quick response to Poland’s declaration of genocide, it saw Ukraine posting a government order to all of its Russian Christian Slavic peoples who make up nearly half of the population declaring: “Russian language and literature courses will no longer be taught in Ukraine”—a demonic racist move joined by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin factually revealing: “Ukraine has lost its financial independence as it cannot meet its obligations to its citizens without Western help…Collected taxes form only 40% of the country’s budget, more than 60% of which covers military spending…Ukraine’s monthly deficit amounts to $5 billion…Ukraine is bankrupt”—a factual revelation explaining why Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba just bemoaned: “I often get asked in interviews and while speaking to other foreign ministers: how long will you last?…Such questions suggest that everyone is waiting for us to fall and for their problems to disappear on their own”—and as for why the more sensible Western colonial powers want to be rid of Ukraine it’s documented in articles like “Zelensky Fires Security Chiefs Amid Crackdown” and “How Zelensky is Losing His Halo, May Soon Outlive His Usefulness for West”, wherein American news outlets CBS News and Wall Street Journal, along with the German newspaper Die Welt and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, are exposing the truth that Ukraine is a criminal enterprise, not a country.

At the same time the Western colonial powers in Europe are self destructing and turning against each other and Ukraine, this report notes, Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden has slammed the American people with a beyond staggering $3.8-trillion in additional debt since he seized power—a staggering debt that includes the comically named “Inflation Reduction Act” just signed into law by Biden—immediately after Biden signed this joke of a bill, it saw socialist Democrat Party lawmaker US Senator Joe Manchin openly admitting it won’t tame inflation—an open admission quickly joined by the stunning news: “The Inflation Reduction Act signed into law by President Joe Biden on Tuesday will saddle middle-class Americans with about $20 billion in added taxes over the coming decade, the Congressional Budget Office has revealed”—in this joke of a bill it gives Americans a $7,500 tax credit to buy electric vehicles, but immediately after Biden signed it into law, General Motors raised the cost of its electric vehicles by $7,500, and Ford raised the costs of their electicric vehicles by $8,500—and to the horror of American green energy advocates, buried deep within this joke of a bill was a hidden provision Biden just used to steamroll under every climate regulation so he could approve the largest oil and gas lease sales in United States history.

In assessing the  socialist Western colonial powers wasteland fast emerging, this transcript sees Security Council Members noting the correctness of their Anti-Mimesis viewing of present day America, that presents a near exact “life imitating art” comparison to the American epic space drama “Star Wars”, wherein it depicted the Galactic Republic, often referred to as simply the Republic, waging a battle-to-the-death against the Rebel Alliance—leading the Republic is Darth Vader, who has been listed among the greatest villains and fictional characters ever, and is the father of Princess Leia—while leading the Rebel Alliance is the Jedi Order, that are powerful guardians of order and justice, who, through intuition, rigorous training, and intensive self-discipline, are able to wield a supernatural power known as The Force—and whose “life imitating art” counterparts sees President Donald Trump being the Rebel Alliance leader, and warmongering former Vice President Dick Cheney being Darth Vader, who previously exclaimed: “I was honored to be compared to Darth Vader”.

In a move eerily reminiscent to when the Galactic Republic struck out against the Rebel Alliance, this report notes, yesterday it was shockingly reported: “In a joint intelligence brief obtained by Project Veritas, it revealed that the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation have begun to paint conservatives that have taken issue with the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago as “domestic violent extremists”, warning of future violence from the group….The bulletin states that it is being shared in an effort to help local and federal partners in “effectively deterring, preventing, preempting, or responding to terrorist attacks against the United States””—quickly after which it was further stunningly revealed: “The Department of Homeland Security also warned the agents that the public should not be aware of the information in the new bulletin”.

Shortly after tens-of-millions of ordinary Americans learned to their horror that they were being targeted for extermination by the socialist Biden Regime exactly like the Rebel Alliance was targeted for death by the Galactic Republic, this report continues, articles began appearing like “DOWN GOES CHENEY! WARMONGER SPANKED AND SENT HOME TO DADDY! Wyoming 2022 Primary Results — RACE CALLED FOR HARRIET HAGEMAN!”, wherein they revealed that Darth Vader Cheney daughter Princess Liz Cheney had been obliterated by a President Trump favored candidate—an obliteration that saw Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk proclaiming: “Trump has now defeated the Clinton, McCain, Bush, AND Cheney dynasties”—a proclamation of truth followed by President Trump posting the message: “Congratulations to Harriet Hageman on her great and very decisive WIN in Wyoming…This is a wonderful result for America, and a complete rebuke of the Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs…Liz Cheney should be ashamed of herself, the way she acted, and her spiteful, sanctimonious words and actions towards others…Now she can finally disappear into the depths of political oblivion where, I am sure, she will be much happier than she is right now…Thank you WYOMING!”.

Following this latest victory of “Dynasty Killer” President Trump and his Rebel Alliance over the dark and godless socialist Biden Republic, this report concludes, the leftist Washington Post, in their just published article “Liz Cheney’s Loss Is Suddenly An Afterthought In The GOP Embrace Of Trump”, acknowledge that the Mar-a-Lago raid extinguished the last bit of hope Princess Cheney could win, then assessed about President Trump: “It wasn’t just that he wanted to beat Cheney for voting to impeach him on Jan. 13, 2021…He wanted to destroy her career, to have the moment he’ll have on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning in which he loudly proclaims his victory… (Update: It came Tuesday night.)…He wanted a proverbial head on a pike to plant outside the gates of Mar-a-Lago as a warning to anyone else”—an assessment countered by former top Trump political strategist Steve Bannon, who more factually observed about the obliteration of Princess Cheney: “Most importantly is the end of the ancient regime of the Republican Party…The McCain faction was taken out two weeks ago…We now got Alaska with Murkowski…And, of course, the Cheney junta up in Wyoming is about to be brought down by the people of that great state about MAGA policies…It’s not just that she’s going after Trump but she’s a neo-liberal, neocon…This party, 85-90% of the people who vote in this party are not neoliberal neocons…They don’t want to fight forever-wars…They don’t want a burgeoning administrative state…You know Cheney and Bush had every opportunity to cut that…They increased it”—and most astonishingly, President Trump antagonist news host Megyn Kelly reacted with fury to his treatment by the socialist Biden Regime with the withering statement:

This is about January 6. 

If you believe this has to do with classified documents, having to do with bullshit Trump took with him when he left office, your head is in the sky.

This is about January 6 and the never-ending desire to get Donald Trump on something.

They don’t want him to run for election again. 

They’re mad that he did not get convicted on the first or second impeachment, they are mad that he did not get pursued criminally by the New York D.A.

They are mad Russia-gate fell apart and they are mad he is ahead in the polls, crushing DeSantis, and that his candidates of choice all won primaries last week, and the Democrats are prepared to play dirty.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is clearly willing to go along with that.

He’s been moving in, in concentric circles toward Donald Trump over the past several weeks, going after his top advisor with subpoenas, we’ve seen close Trump advisors in handcuffs, dragged away as if they’re like mobsters.

This is really getting alarming and the American public deserves answers.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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