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Remember Remember The 5th Of November – SUPER V

This was my FIRST episode PRE-Recorded for the Radio Station.
I was told it was TOO “Kewy” and that is a conspiracy so… I saved it.
Episodes from : 11/5/2019 — 11/5/2018
You keep me able to keep doing what I am doing.
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  1. No Mercy For Traitors Never Bend The Knee To Communist Dictatorship Don't Be A Cowards Fight Them To The Finish Trust Me It Will Be Satisfying And Fufilled To Stand Up For Ourselves. Better To Die Fighting Then Die Bending The Knee In Submission To Tyrants.

  2. Can you help me out. What the heck, or who and the heck was I communicating with? If I was SB2, I know way to much but Jesus is protecting me. I turned down the money even though I really could have used it. I believe we defeated it/them.. I hope I did the right thing and God bless the 17 team.

  3. "Penny for the GUY" ? Popular chant in the UK on November 5th by kids at train stations with staw stuffed men in suits laying next to them or in wheel barrows to get money for fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up the houses of parliament in a foiled attempt to assasinate the king.

  4. Bioweapon sounds like COVID19. We have to fill out health forms every day. We found out no one is checking them…lol. What fear mongering propaganda these idiots have done to this country. Trump 2020!

  5. When Tore mentioned the plans to create a North American Union, it reminded me of back during the time Bush was president, and Lou Dobbs was still on CNN and he was exposing the North American Union plans on his show. Seemed like he was the only one on tv at the time in the msm who was doing it and I believe that was why he was forced out and ended up at Fox. But it seems Fox won't let him report on the North American Union because as far as I know, he hasn't reported on it there.

  6. Watching on Nov. 4th to make sure I didn't miss anything. As of this writing, you have disappeared from Twitch. I/We Trust ToRE for Sooo much as well as Our President! I'm looking forward to the 5th of Nov. I guess you can say I'm traveling Forwards and Backwards at the same time. Let's Do This Thang!

  7. I feel like we are being played from both sides. If we have known or know the corruption exists and do nothing about it, then we are complicit. When does it ever end? Saying “we know everything” and doing nothing, means nothing. Why are you showing us all the different ways the Dems are cheating with sharpies, and then we do nothing about it, I would rather not know. It is worse knowing you live in a world of corruption, but nothing is done about it, then to be ignorant.

  8. I just listened to this today Nov. 5th on purpose…..Tore…after listening to you now for the past few months, I know I shouldn't be surprised by the info you had in here…but I'm blown away.

  9. "THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE is Fear, but whats ALL encompassing has NO OPPOSITE !"
    "Nothing Real can be Threatened…..Nothing Unreal Exists…..
    Herein Lies the Peace of GOD" Quote from the Introduction to: "A Course in MIRACLES"

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