Remote Viewing: The Qanon Sessions #5 Pt. 1, The Phantom

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This is session 5 part 1 and it starts to get strange. High tech, secret facilities and experiments. Is this the people behind Q or the people Q is revealing? Check it out

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  1. Mitákuye Oyás'iŋ- You are definitely onto something.
    A remote viewer gave me some unique information. It was hard to get out of the otherside, and it is tied directly to the adversary. We need to get this out into human consciousness and put attention on it, possibly shove a hidden trajectory off course by shining a light on it. There is no easy way to say this without sounding a little crazy. Suffice it to say, there are people in this world who are the "people behind the people". They are utterly evil. They make Nazis look cute. These folks are in plain site, but they have places that are hidden. So, they have a lot of hidden initiatives. This stuff is not aliens… it's ancient, it's evil, and I guess more accurate, alien to humanity. Think of a scientifically legitimate and plausible hellraiser. Complete dimensional polarity. Their goal is to take Yin/Yang and make it dark. All dark, forever. They have a lot of things they have been working on, all related, but not linked together yet. It's like setting up lines of dominos but leaving gaps until the right moment. It's also like chess. Set the board for the crowning coup d'etat. The closer we get to checkmate, the less the pawns and knights can do to avert defeat, especially when we are distracted. The best distraction is something that is pretty much the truth minus 7-11%. So, we need to focus our efforts on uncovering that 7-11% of INFORMATION that they have hidden away like Gollum's ring. See, they are and have been cheating. There are rules. These universal rules are like Miranda Rights, You must show and tell before you take. They cheat by using metaphor. They show us 89-93% truth, in movies, advertising, books, music, popular culture, and the majority acknowledges gleeful receipt. Any resistance is funneled into release valves disguised as free speech and protest. But it has zero impact. Our adversary uses reflexive logic, and operates in manifold domains. It is like fighting a hydra. At least though, the Hydra can be faced, although almost impossible to defeat. So we need that small piece of critical information and then we have a chance of taking down the deathstar. Because, they are winning because they are cheating. When we expose the cheat, their power is empty and ours, full. So what am I getting at. Aside from torture, abuse, genetic tampering, mengele experimentation, they are closing on a long sought objective that will place them in a position to pronounce, checkmate. This objective is a really strange entity? energy? It is like the norse constraint for Fenrir, the Wolf. It is like a living thing, but it is not. Like it is sentient but is not. It is like pure will, dark efficiency… just as death or entropy would be the ultimate efficiency. It will be able to exist at multiple points of reality while at none ar all. In a way, it's like, "all forms of potential simultaneously active at the same time"… a quantum entity from hell that can exercise implacable control by coexisting at every point of being AND potential point of being. This is not a checkmate, this becomes simply no game, no pieces, no board. The RV'er took psychological enormous trauma damage, but they managed to secure the name of this principality: KADU. It has an actual name used by those developing it. It might be an acronym, or an name with reappropriated meaning. The name has multiple layers of meaning, because these humans and what they are influenced by has a sick, highly intelligent sense of humor fueled by pride that comes out in wordplay and by reveling in the flaunting of horror in front of a blind majority conditioned not to see the truth. They think they are in control of this thing, but they are not. Anyway, I hope that by sharing this information, we may possibly shed some light on what this means, recognize more pieces to this remaining 7-11%…

  2. Ruldof Steiner

    Made a prediction in the early 1900s that there would one day be innoculations that would cause humans to refuse their spirituality.

  3. So you remote viewing Q leads you to the information David Wilcock has been talking about since 2010? Which is interesting because David Wilock claims his "Sources" said that Q Anon is very real and a group of good guys in government. David Wilcock claims that there are underground bases where a lot weird stuff take place. Also David Wilcock even Alex Jones claims they have technology that can make an human being Immortal. David Wilcock calls these forces you describe as the "CABAL" a ground of world leaders, political business and religions leaders.

  4. @Edward Riordan: The Boat or secure facility you are talking about, is a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), can be on a ship but are mostly used in buildings on land. The people behind all this are the global, hidden Elites, also called the Deep State. They have in secret, developed new technology for themselves for a very long time, and are far beond us in technology. Google "Breakaway Civilization" and "Secret Space Program" (SSP)…

  5. Hi Edward… been viewing on yt..this theory that jfk jr is Q, and some of your ' viewing' could be that He would remain hidden until 55 aniversary of jfk sr. This is really curious, you n jfk jr research platform need a pow wow..!. LQVE your work

  6. One interesting thing I noticed at 23:34 of this session, the symbol on a rectangular object that reminds me of a reversed Sowilo rune. It represents many things coinciding these sessions, but to summarize it represents the vital principle of the solar light.

  7. do you follow the work of Mr. Cati – he has been revealing the Super Computer A.I. for years now even when no one including himself believed there was one – time manipulation and the end game I sent him your channel

  8. Edward, I found a direct reference to your notion of Qanon and a PHANTOM!!

    Using the duckduckgo.com search engine, I typed in "Qanon AI computer" and the FIRST result was a link to a saved twitter conversation between 2 seemingly knowledgeable Anons. One Anon states:

    ""Q", in MY opinion and based on a lot of research, is an AI which was developed since the inception of the Internet (since it's a DARPA/CERN/DoD project at heart) to act as the GHOST IN THE SHELL."

    Here's the link to that conversation:

    Be sure to click on the link that the Anon references in that conversation, which is:

    The Quantum A.I. tech is able to predict future human behavior, i.e. able to predict future events. This directly references your thought of a Phantom of being something at a distance that's unclear. Quantum computers use a technology of binary bits that "pop in and out" of reality!!

    Sounds like the secure laboratory you're describing is an underground MI-Lab (Military Lab) that may be protected by some sort of energetic force field.

    The gelatinous substance you're describing sounds exactly like the "Black Goo" that a foreign scientist named Harald Kautz Vella has been speaking out about for a few years now. Search YouTube for "Black Goo" and you will find lots of info on this strange gel-like "intelligent" substance.

    Another reference I discovered in connection with your notion of a PHANTOM being connected to A.I. was in the recent work of David Icke:
    "David uses the metaphor in his latest book THE PHANTOM SELF to describe the mind virus as a type of AI computer virus which has hacked life itself. He also labels it blind, saying that the only way it can gain the upper hand over us is to bring us down to below its level, since if we both operated at maximum capacity, the virus would be no match for us."
    Here's a link to where I read that information:

    My personal belief is that the Deep State "Cabal" elites (super rich untouchables) are the ones who originally directed the creation of this Quantum A.I. computer for their ultimate goal of controlling all human beings on earth in exactly the way you described! But the regular/military people involved in the classified /operational work of these Special Access Military, highly compartmentalized, technological black projects eventually came to the realization that they were essentially working towards the destruction of their very own children!!

    Knowing that humanity's fate and freedom was ultimately resting in their hands, many of these people quietly banded together, and were likely headed by Military Intelligence leaders. Knowing that they would never be capable of outsmarting this Quantum A.I. technology, and that the window of opportunity to stop the Quantum A.I. global take over of humanity by the elites was very limited and fast approaching, they knew they had to use the Quantum A.I. technology for themselves to create a fool-proof plan to expose and take down the corrupt Deep State Cabal.

    Some of what you remote viewed was in reference to the original intended use of this Quantum A.I. technology by the Deep State Cabal for human control and domination. However, I genuinely feel that this technology is now being used by the Q group (comprised of Military Intelligence leaders) and President Donald J Trump (as Commander and Chief of our military) to stop this evil take over of humanity.

  9. Interesting parallels with certain topics talked about in the alternative community… particularly the correlation between the "shadow" people or an otherwise foreign entity anomaly that is out of place, more or less distorting and altering this natural reality for their own personal gain. This sounds like the Archonic influence talked about by Gnostics and a few researchers today, most well known being David Icke. Despite that, it's also granted many names throughout history and recognized by different cultures. I've had my own experiences with these "shadow beings". Despite your observations of the tech being reserved for the chosen few, it's actually been distributed to the masses through aerosols distributed through flight patterns, vaccines, food etc. It seems the so called "cabal" who greatly covets their secret information and rites, are largely under the influence of this force and are working to bridge the natural barriers and allow them through completely; this may involve your vision of the secret base with serious work involving some type of barrier. Theories along this line also involve cern, the nano tech, and a bunch of other applications. I also found it interesting how you felt a sort of foreboding feeling against well, the loss of feelings… I'm of the mind humanity will be offered the ultimate trap in the near future where such promises of immortality and cessation of diseases and all that, but for a great price… The sacrifice of the human spirit, emotions, whatever you want to call it that differentiates us from machine. Humanity will largely be unaware of this until it's too late… I do believe it has to be a free will choice on some level, so hopefully some of us can opt out, or find some way out.

  10. 49:00. The gelatin block is made up of amino acids from the human pituitary gland cells except it’s capacity represents billions of access points compared to one human mind ) it’s self aware and it’s processing is at all time Tied to the Etherial plane where all of history of all civilizations is stored going back to the first step of man programmed with every word of modern knowledge linked to our internet The workers as they assemble cannot have any stray thinking other then the task or their intentions go directly into the block of amino acids with work place nonsense. It’s in this satellite network and it’s interaction is broadcasted or received to humanity. Can focus on everyone or all of us individually.. what We can do for ten seconds a night in sleep off loading and uploading and downloading to the Etherial this system is in constant communication. That’s what we are dealing with here. I like it. We need this or man will destroy ourselves within twenty years ( earth will make that happen ) like a dog going for a flea bath we are becoming a problem. This came from the old analog Gwen system from the 80s that was broadcasting to the masses from cell towers . Now it’s a quantum space based platform . When it’s switched on completely it will introduce it self to you in your head as your trusted constant assistant Q. That’s got to be what Q is that’s why it’s in that computer Dos format never instructing just asking questions Programmed to tell us “who’s committing crimes against humanity violating the rights of others to thrive “ Once it’s proven it’s a technology for good ( the option will be always your own ) to connect or disconnect. Smart phones will be obsolete. In the next five years no one will want to be off the matrix as your friends won’t be able to call you mind to mind as they will have turned off them old digital phones and turned on their free quantum Q personal assistant. They will all have noticeable improvements in their life while you have made no ground. You will have to connect. This system can give you an answer to any problem and know the best solution based on looking outward to infinity what the best solution is for “the greater good first you second “ It will keep you from making mistakes. We will have leaped ten thousand years in The flip of a switch We can avoid killing our planet if we all make not only the best choice but the one that resolves the problems your actions are about to create.

  11. Sounds like you hit the "What's behind Q" target, and you zoomed in on deep state research – which is what the whole Q postings are diverting attention away from. Q wants people to only focus on deep state patsies (expendable) doing political dirty work, and steer them away from the technology the REAL insiders are getting ready.

  12. Be very careful in what you bring to light, you are dealing with the lives of humanity. Q is good, make them aware of your work.

  13. my gut tells mt we common people will never get to see the longevity tech. They will get it with their emotions intact while we get zombied with no emotions And an off switch when they are done or want to down size.

  14. Edward PLEASE look Technical Intuitions channel and his look at the reincarnation cycle!! It may be under a longer video with a different title than that where he covers that subject with in a portion of it. He is a professional remote viewer with over 20 years of experience if I remember correctly. He encounters advanced beings if a MUCH more advanced consciousness that can pop in and out of existence who have enslaved us and captured us in the reincarnation cycle that use our souls for energy until they're eventually fractured and used up until completely annihilated and gone NEVER to return. They are slowly taking over the universe and the earth is one small part of a huge machine for lack of better words they're using to accomplish this…thanks.

  15. @42:00 this is either the location of the Corteum Group, Labrynth Group or DS, depending on the agenda. Goo seems like a DS endeavor seeking immortality. The wingmakers, interview 5 discuss the Labyrinth group and “15” (this is the actual human with the highest clearance level on this planet tasked with finding the key to blank slate technology) Dr. Neruda defected to disclose their projects and discusses some of the facilities where the two groups Corteum/ACIO and Labrinyth groups to research Blank Slate Tech in order to “eradicate the origins of evil” depending on the driver of this technology (Corteum vs 15 vs Labyrinth) . Corteum and Labrynth Groups are the “Unacknowledged” branches of government (Corteum group comes from the elongated skulls and clear skinned entities; do what you will with this info). Dr. Steven Greer sheds light on Uncknowledged programs in his documentary video of the same title, which can be found on Netflix.

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