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Report Dated October the 8th 2022 by Anna von Reitz

Report Dated October the 8th 2022

By Anna Von Reitz

This evening I am able to positively assure everyone that we have avoided a banking
and insurance industry collapse. We have not been able to keep the real estate bubble
from bursting and the related fall-out from that, which could mean that up to 30% of the
workforce in the United States and Europe will be out of work for some time.

It is also uncertain whether or not we will be able to prevent another illegal and immoral
“Mercenary Conflict” that certain Parties are attempting to mount against Russia, but we
will keep you all posted in hopes that our combined objection and intercession will put a
stop to it.

The American and Russian Alliance of 1858 is a Treaty between the Russian people and
the American people, guaranteeing peace and mutual aid between us. This important
Treaty between our two nations has never been broken, and we do not intend that it ever
shall be.

The so-called Biden Administration has no permission to act against Russia so long as
the Russians honor our 1858 Alliance, and any actions taken by Biden or by Perpetrators
acting under his orders as the “Commander in Chief” of a commercial corporation are to
be recognized as private, unauthorized, and illegal activities.

It disturbs us that so many people have forgotten the fact that Mercenary Wars are illegal
by nature, and that the Perpetrators of Mercenary Conflicts lack the standing to declare
war (which is why such :”wars” are never formally declared).

Thus, we see the puppets of the western oil cartels sabotaging the Nordstream pipelines,
callously blaming their victims, and acting against the principles of the free market that
they are supposedly championing — until and unless it threatens their own stranglehold
on American, Chinese, and European energy markets.

These actions which they have undertaken in a private capacity need to be recognized as
the crimes that they are and prosecuted to the fullest extent of our Public Law and the
Code of Military Justice.

Mr. Biden has no authority to ignore, bypass, or abrogate our Treaty Obligations and we
strenuously oppose all and any “orders” issued under our Delegated Authority to any
contrary effect. This includes orders to the military that would trespass against The
American and Russian Alliance of 1858.

This Treaty stands and has never been replaced nor trespassed in over 160 years. We do
not accept any proposal to transgress against this venerable Treaty nor do we provide
any acquiescence allowing our employees to disrespect the peace between Russia and
The United States of America.

If, as it appears, Mr. Biden has self-interestedly ordered the destruction of key pieces of
Russian and Western European gas pipeline infrastructure so as to force Europeans to be
dependent on Middle Eastern – North American energy resources and also forcing them
to pay exorbitant “Climate Taxes” for the privilege, he should be recognized as a felon
engaged in promoting an illegal Mercenary Conflict and also recklessly undertaking
damage to the environment.

Because of these ill-considered and unconscionable attacks against the Nordstream 1
and 2 pipelines old coal-burning power generation facilities will have to be cranked up,
bringing back the spectre of acid rain destroying European forests and meadowlands,
black smoke polluting the air, and all leaving behind a legacy of poisonous coal fly ash
to dispose of. Because of these criminal actions against the Nordstream pipelines, vast
amounts of natural gas have escaped from the damaged pipelines, destroying the ocean
flora and fauna in proximity to the ruptures. Because of these criminal activities
millions of Europeans face a winter of uncertain energy supplies and rising energy costs.
Once again, human suffering and damage to the Earth’s biomes has been the result of
unchecked corporate greed and power-mongering.

How much longer is any thinking being supposed to put up with this malicious
mismanagement and abuse of corporate privileges? How many more homes and jobs
have to be lost and how much more of the natural environment prostituted as “collateral
damage” before we all rise up with one accord and say— enough!

No more illegal Mercenary Conflicts. No more sabotage. No more illicit foreign
occupation of sovereign nations by commercial corporations. No more commodity
market rigging. No more job losses. No more bail-ins, bail-outs, or other mischief
perpetuated against the Public by private corporate interests.

We call upon every sentient being on this planet to condemn the damage done to the
Nordstream pipelines and ask for a full investigation and prosecution of the criminals
responsible for these acts of commercial and biological terrorism.

Let us next turn our attention to how best to soften the collapse of the real estate
speculation bubble, remove illegal mortgages, and retrain millions of workers for more
satisfying and productive occupations.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America

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